serie de televisión el diario de los vampiros What's your favorito! Elena quote from The Hybrid?

Pick one:
If he was gone, he wouldn`t have called.
Yeah, but he`s still holding on to his humanity, which means
Because I`m not the kind of person who checks out.
Look, he would never give up on me. I`m not gonna give up on him.
What? You`re the one who told me that I could handle things on my own now.
A boy scout, slash vampire slayer.
I`d feel bad if I got tu killed before happy hour.
You`re not a lost cause, Ric. You`re just lost. But so is
Can tu just give me a minuto to appreciate that you`re not dead?
Damon, stop being such a caveman
I didn`t want to see tu get hurt, ok? I was, I was worried about you.
 mrssalvatore6 posted hace más de un año
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