serie de televisión el diario de los vampiros Favorito! Season 2 Episode?

Pick one:
2x01 - The Return
2x02 - Bad New World
2x03 - Bad Moon Rising
2x04 - Memory Lane
2x05 - Kill o be Killed
2x06 - Plan B
2x07 - enmascarados
2x08 - Rose
2x09 - Katerina
2x10 - The Sacrifice
2x11 - por The Light of the Moon
2x12 - The Descent
2x13 - Daddy Issues
2x14 - Crying lobo
2x15 - The cena Party
2x16 - The House Guest
2x17 - Know Thy Enemy
2x18 - The Last Dance
2x19 - Klaus
2x20 - The Last día
2x21 - The Sun Also Rises
2x22 - As I Lay Dying
All of them (:
All of them (:
 janeywaney posted hace más de un año
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