serie de televisión el diario de los vampiros Which female name meaning fits their personality the most?

Pick one:
Elena: The bright one, wicker, reed, shoot, torch o basket
Bonnie: Beautiful & cheerful
Caroline: Free man o joy
Jenna: White, fair o small bird
Vickie: victorious o conqueror
Anna: Gracious o lovable beauty
Katherine: Pure (lol)
Katerina: Blessed, pure o holy (bigger lol)
Pearl: Jewel o precious gem of the sea
Carol: Joy
Elizabeth: Consecrated to God
Kelly: War
Isobel: Concecrated to God
Rosemarie: amargo, amargos flor
Emily: Rival
Jules: Downy Haired
Alexia: Protector of mankind
Sheila: Blind
Andie: Courageous, valiant o manly
Rebekah: Bound
Meredith: Great lord
Esther: estrella
Abby: My father rejoices
Sage: Aromatic herb o wise
April: Open
Hayley: heno, heno, hay clearing o heno, heno, hay woods
Tatia: Fairy queen
 Katherine-P posted hace más de un año
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