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Hey, guys!
You may remember that last año we voted for favorito! Season 3 couple and character. I plan to do the same thing this year, after the finale airs. But before that I wanted to remind tu of the way of voting and also the last year's results.

How we voted:
>In every round we voted for our favorito! couple/character.
>The one with the least votos would go out.
>If there was más couples/characters with the same % of votes, then there would be an elimination round, in which we would vote for our least favorito! out of them.

And now here are the results of last year's voting for ♥...
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Kelsey watched how Stefan and Katherine took off from behind a tree. It had been this close before she got busted. She came from behind her árbol and walked further into the woods in the direction of the hotel Klaus had kept his prisoners. At first sight the place seemed to be deserted. She entered the hotel and covered her mouth. The bodies were lying there for a little longer than a mes now.
“You get used to it”
Kelsey startled. She recognized Klaus’ voice.
“Don’t be rude” Klaus said. “Turn around. I can’t compel you, so I’ll have to trust on your manners”
Kelsey slowly...
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“Could tu get that?” Alaric yelled from the cocina when the doorbell rang. “Sure” Jeremy replied as he walked to the front door and opened it.
Kelsey lay her finger on her lips as a sign not to speak. “I need your help” she whispered. Jeremy looked over his shoulder, then walked outside and shut the door “My sister’s dying. I bit her and now she’s dying unless I can find a cure” Kelsey continued. “There is no cure” Amber mumbled. She was leaning on her sister. “You know that. It’s over. Better dig me a grave already”
“Shut up” Kelsey said.
“Okay, so you...
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Forget the details. The devil will soon be in Mystic Falls.
According to E! News, just as one Gilbert is leaving town - Jeremy, of course, another is scheduled to arrive.
A series fuente says Samantha Gilbert will stop por in the near future, describing the character as kind and warm... but also in possession of a "devilish side." What might cause is to be unleashed? And who the heck is Samantha Gilbert? Both good questions. Let's tune in and find out, shall we?

UPDATE: Julie Plec says we will not meet Samantha in the present day. She'll mostrar up via flashback.

Credit ~ ://
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Chapter 4: Arguments

"Damon,look at yourself!",Stefan and Damon were argueing about how Damon was actuación these days.
"Would tu just stop Stefan,you have Elena,let me have my bottle wisky".Damon turned around to look at Stefan,"what;did I do something wrong,again?.Didn't tu just hear what I dicho to you!"
"Damon just forget Katharine,you're going mad!"
Damon looked at Stefan across the cocina and before tu knew Damon was right beside Stefan.He placed his hand on Stefan's neck and pushed him against the wall,"Don't tu tell me what I can o can't do!"
He removed his hand from Stefans neck....
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Sad endings and new beginnings

This story is based after Damon got into the tomb and got the shock of his 154 año young life.
He tried so hard to get into the tomb and when he did Katrhine wasn't there to be rescued.

"He,little brother how are you?",asked Damon drunkly to Stefan.
Stefan looked at him and shooked his head.
"Damon tu have been drinking to much don't tu think tu had enough!"
"No way,come and registrarse me!"
Damon mostrando with his hands that Stefan should come and registrarse him.
Stefa walking towards Damon and looking concerned.
"Not the'what are tu doing with your life'face!,
Don't be...
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ou know what they say about "The Vampire Diaries," when one character gets killed off, another one is just waiting in the wings (okay, so maybe only we say that).

Just yesterday, we brought tu the news that a character on the mostrar was getting axed, but today we're getting word that another one is set to registrarse the cast—and we've got a feeling, she's going to be trouble!

Zap2It is reporting that Lauren Cohan ("Supernatural") has been cast as Rose, a "tough, sexy" vampire who will likely catch Damon's (Ian Somerhalder) eye (we feel your pain Dalena fans, but it's about time the guy got a legit...
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