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 Joseph morgan aka Klaus
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OMFG i can't belive that he is our Klaus!! is gonna be so good, VD BEST TV SERIES EVER!!
el diario de los vampiros
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It shows why Elijah doesn't have the same accent as his family
el diario de los vampiros
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el diario de los vampiros
elena gilbert
stefan salvatore
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1. Saved her from the car accident
2. Damon danced with Elena so she wouldn't be embarrassed
3. Damon warned Isabel to leave o he will kill her
4. Damon went with to Isabel's work place to help her find about Katherine's past, and learn más about what's she's planning.
5. Damon saved her life por blocking the arrow.
6. Damon torched mason to get as information as he can to protect Elena
7. Damon tried to kill Katherine
8. Damon sealed Katherine in the tomb
9. Damon "killed" Elijah and saved Elena
10. Damon went with rose to find out más about how to stop the sacrifice
11. Damon went to get Elena back...
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