serie de televisión el diario de los vampiros TVD Quote Contest {Round 36 | OPEN}

OTHjovana posted on Dec 21, 2011 at 12:22PM
Hi everyone! :)

I saw this quote contest on some spots here on Fanpop and I thought it would be fun to have it on TVD spot, cause the show really has some awesome quotes.
According to this link I made, there are fans who would like to participate, so here it is...

1. There's going to be a theme for each round. Theme can be an episode, a character, a couple... or something like funny quote, sad quote, love quote...
2. You can post only 1 quote per round.
3. I'll make a poll and then you will vote for your favorite quote.
4. Don't vote for yourself.
5. The winner gets props.

About the quotes:
-Add quotes from the show, not from the books.
-If your quote is too long to fit in the poll, you can tell me which part should I use. The whole quote will be in the comments, of course.
-If the quote you want to post is in dialogue, don't post more than 3 lines.
-When posting the quote, please, if you know, write the number of episode in which it was said and the name of the character who said it.

Participating -> 1 prop (for each round)
2nd place -> 3 props
1st place -> 5 props

1st place: 10 props
2nd place: 7 props
3rd place: 5 props

So, that's it, I think.
I hope you'll have fun participating in this contest and good luck to all of you. :)


Round 35 CLOSED
Theme: Episode 4.20 The Originals
VOTE: link

Round 36 OPEN

Theme: I LOVE YOU - quote || any quote containing the words "I love you/her/him" or "I'm in love with you/her/him" or it can be something containing "He/she loves/is in love with you/her/him"
 [b]Hi everyone! :)[/b] I saw this quote contest on some spots here on fanpop and I thought it woul
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