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la elección de los fans: John & Astrid
John & amp; Astrid
Stephen & amp; Cara
la elección de los fans: John Young
la elección de los fans: 5
la elección de los fans: Yes
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violinisbae7 dicho …
I don't know if the people behind CW sees this, but, the series really needs to be picked back up where tu left it and continued. There are people, such as I, for example, who still watch shows from many years back. This show's first season might've been from 2014, but I binge-watched the entire series in 2017. I absolutely loved this show, and I expect more. Here's an idea: please let Luca break out. Thank you. publicado hace más de un año
HaleyDewit dicho …
So, is there going to be a segundo season? The ending of season 1 suggests there will be. publicado hace más de un año
drewjoana comentó…
Oh no no sorry I confused it was cancelled damn, sorry sorry made a mistake! hace más de un año
HaleyDewit comentó…
Oh, crap. hace más de un año
Articuno224 comentó…
Let's hope someone else picks it up for a 2nd Season! :) hace más de un año
Articuno224 dicho …
Anyone wants to registrarse the "Stephen Jameson" spot? I noticed there are no character spots yet so I thought I would create one because the characters deserves it! It would be great if tu wanted to registrarse :) publicado hace más de un año