Sophie Oda in Spaz Fu
Remember Barbara Brownstein from Suite Life? Where is she now? Well I found her! She's online with a brand new concierto and it looks really funny.

SPAZ FU is a new comedy web series starring none other that Sophie Oda, Barbara from Suite Life. In SPAZ FU Sophie plays a 15 año old kung fu master named Sam. There's a ton of info on the website about the concept but basically it goes something like this:

Sam is on the web to teach tu self defense. She's producing these homemade instructional videos and they're really cheap looking, but that's obviously part of the joke. The special effects in her first video are hysterical, very low-tech.

Supposedly she's got this ancient scroll that holds all the secrets to her kung fu. The scroll was dado to her por her grandfather and "it's the oldest document in the world" o so it says on the website.

Best part in the first lesson video is when the evil sensei from Karate Kid shows up at the back door for his lesson and she disses him. Too funny.

Spaz Fu looks like its leading up to something, maybe a movie, I'm not sure but I can't wait to see the siguiente Spaz Fu lesson. Looks like there are several más planned.