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I was watching to see who was going to be on the new Sonny With a Chance episode and they called my name! When I got to Hollywood Demi Lovato and Tiffany Thornton was there they took me to the studio and told me the new episode is Tales From the apoyo House and I was going to be on it! I got the script and rehearsed my lines until I remembered them before the taping of the show! Demi came to my dressing room and told me to go meet Tiffany and the rest of the cast at the stage when I got there Tiffany showed me where to go and to have a great time! I loved working with the cast of Sonny With a Chance! After the mostrar they told me I did a great job at it! That was the da I was on Tales From the apoyo House!
posted by MsPropHouse
One día I was listening to Demi Lovato and then the phone rang it was the Sonny With a Chance cast! They told me I was gonna go to The apoyo House and do the episode Tales From the apoyo House with them I was so excited! The siguiente día the Sonny With a Chance cast came and they took me to Hollywood in a limosine! When we got to the studio they gave me a tour when they showed me The apoyo House I literally screamed! I reheaesed my lines for Tales From the apoyo House before doing it then it was time to do the show! Demi Tiffany Allisyn and the rest of the cast told me what to do and I had an awesome time! After the mostrar I told Demi that I loved it and I would never foget it! That was the día I went to The apoyo House!