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 The Simpsons Turns 20!
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editar Steps1Work on your look. Get some gel and spike your hair as often as possible. Rigid spikes are so Bart Simpson! Keep the clothes simple-just T-shirts and shorts.
2Get a skateboard and practice, practice, practice! Practice when tu get inicial from school, on the weekends, and in every spare minuto tu get. Try getting help from a person who's really good at it, and be patient. When you're good, teach yourself tricks like jumps and stuff. patinar, skate to school.
3Be mischievous, cheeky and witty. Have smart comebacks to everything, an "innocent" look and voice, and ways of entertaining the class,...
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el espacio Coyote, a talented female artist on deviantART created this very cool anime-ized version of the Simpsons. Here's a link to más of link.
My parte superior, arriba Ten Simpson's Episodes. These are what I think are the best of the series.

10). Treehouse of Horror XI (Season 12)

The Simpson's exit their house in a Munster theme and are killed por an angry mob except for Lisa who whistles away. Homer dies from choking on brócoli and comes back as a ghost to do one good deed to get into heaven. Homer must rescue Bart and Lisa from a witch in a fairy tale way. Lisa lets a delfín go free which rules Springfield with its delfín sea friends.

9). Replaceable tu (Season 23)

Homer's new coworker, Roz Davis, steals his job and makes it miserable for him. Meanwhile,...
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Homer sings his version of tubthumping
drinking tubthumping
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