Here are a few ideas for Simpsons episodes, tell me what do tu think, and can tu come up with names for them if tu don't mind?
1. Idea 1:
After Mr. burns starts lowering people's salaries, Homer finds out that he doesn't have enough money to take care of his family, so he decides to take a night job, he decides to become a DJ because it's the easiest thing he could think of, so he decides to take lessons, but he needed a trainer, so he asks Carl if he knows someone, but Carl doesn't, but Lenny tells him that one of his best friend was a DJ, named "DJ Slice", so Homer calls DJ Slice and asks for lessons, DJ Slice accepts, but he has to listen to a few things, one of the things was that Homer should believe everything he says, Homer accepts, so in every lesson, DJ Slice relates being a DJ to real life situations, and after 3 weeks of training, Homer thinks he's ready, goes to DJ his first party, buy messes up really bad, and decides to never DJ again.

2. Idea 2:
Homer and Marge, notice that Moe and Selma are both very lonely, so Marge and Homer set them up for a blind date, after the date, Selma and Moe find out that they both have allot in common, and they start dating, so Moe stops working in his bar, and Selma stops hanging out with Patty, so then Patty, Lenny, Carl, and Barny blame Marge and Homer, Marge refuses to do anything because Moe and Selma are in love, but on the other hand, Homer decides to help them, because he wants Moe back, so they all set up a plan to make them hate each other, but that plan doesn't work because Selma and Moe decide to get married, so Homer, Patty, Lenny, Car, and Barny think of a plan to ruin their wedding, they do the plan, but it doesn't work, so then Moe and Selma decide it's better for them not to see each other again due to their "Hooligans(Patty, Homer, Lenny, Carl, Barny).

3. Idea 3:
A "7-11" store is opening right siguiente to the quickie mart, after a mes of lacking costumers, Apu decides to start an army out of his family and friends, which includes Homer, Bart, Sanjae, and more! so they all attack 7-11 and destroy everything there, so all the costumers go back to the quickie mart, so the store Clerk of 7-11 decides to fight back and he does the same thing to Apu and the quickie mart, and it keeps going for a while until one of the two stores shut down.

4. Idea 4:
Bart pulls a huge prank on Homer, so Homer gets so mad, that he takes Bart to an orphanage, so after he takes him, Marge starts wondering where Bart is, and Homer tells her that Bart is an Milhouse's house, so Marge believes that, then two days pass by, and Homer starts missing Bart, so he tells Marge the truth, so Homer and Marge both go to the orphanage to get Bart back, but then they find out Bart is adopted por a person that lives in Seattle, so Marge, Homer, and Lisa all go to Seattle to find Bart, when they go, they look for him for a while, and find out a rich guy adopted him, and he never wants to leave, so Marge and Homer try to win Bart back, it doesn't work but at the end Bart releases that he misses Marge and Homer, and moves back with them.

5. Idea 5:
Bart runs for student body president against Martin, but Skinner knows that Bart would win the election, and because he was in the army, he wouldn't want to get someone out of an election, so thinking that if he makes Millhouse run against Bart, Bart would leave the election, but actually, things get very competitive between Bart and Millhouse, and they end up hating each other.

6. Idea 6:
After getting fired from the nuclear power plant, Homer searches for a new job, he tries a few, then finds party planning available, so he tries it, luckily his first client was Barny, so it was a success, but then comic book guy's brother calls and wants Homer to plan a surprise party for comic book guy, but he plans it all wrong, the party becomes a failure, and Homer is fired.

7. Idea 7:
After Bart discovers a rare plan, Lisa decides to protect it, and while searching in the internet, there are a group of people that protect that plant, it is led por a man named John Davis, but at the same time, there is a group that tries to destroy it, lead por John Davis's brother, so Lisa and John Davis' croup has to protect the plant from danger.

8. Idea 8:
After being mistaken with his exact double, Homer is drafted into the NBA, in the Boston Celtics, after being drafted he got injured in the 1st practice, then Homer announces that he's gonna miss the whole season, and takes the time to practice, when he comes back in the seventh game of the NBA finals, and messes the whole game, so the other Homer Simpson shows up, and Homer is kicked out from the NBA.

9. Idea 9:
After getting drunk in a party, Ned Flanders thinks he's losing faith in god, so he goes asks every religious person for help, but no one helps him, so with no choice, he asks Homer for help, so Homer makes him worse, so Ned starts actuación like Homer and his alcoholic friends, but late in the episode, Rod and Todd convinces him that he diddent need any help in the first place, so Ned believes them, and becomes the same as he was.

10. Idea 10:
Mr. Burns loses all his money and his mansion gambling, so he needs to live with someone, Smithers surprisingly turns down On Burns, so Burns lives on the calle for 2 days and gets treated like crap, until he finally decides to go ask an employee, so he asks everyone, but every employee of the power plant turns down on him, because he is powerless, then he remembers Homer owes him a favor, and starts living with the Simpsons, and treats himself like a king, eventually each family member gets fed up with burns, so each Simpson tries to get Burns out, until Marge thinks of an idea that Homer has to gamble with the guy who made Burns lose everything, and win, so he can get Mr. Burns' money and mansion back, and so Burns can finally be out of the Simpsons' home.

11. Idea 11:
After Marge confinscates "Guitar Hero 6" from Bart, Homer finds it in his closet, so Homer starts playing, and donsen't stop, and he thinks he's the best player in the world, so he enters a contest, for experts(deiificuly) only, and Homer plays beginer, but he thinks he's an expecrt, so he enters, and humiliates himself, meanwhile Lisa tries to do a speech about global warming.

12. Idea 12:
Homer finds out that chief Wiggum and the whole police force don't go to church on Sunday, to keep the city space, so Homer starts hanging out with the police every Sunday, than after a few weeks, chief Wiggum tells him that he has to be a cop to miss church, so Homer quits from the Nuclear Power Plant, joins the police force, attends only at Sunday, than he eventually gets fired, meanwhile, Bart gets a new best friend then finds out that he's skinner's cousin.

13. Idea 13:
Parents notice that the children of Springfield are influenced por the TV series South Park, so Marge makes a group congaing Mr. and Mrs. Lovejoy, Ned Flanders, Mrs. Van-Helton, and más parents to try to get South Park canceled, so Homer and Bart find out, and they both go and try to warn the creators of south park, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone, that many parents are going to try to get South Park canceled, Matt and Trey don't believe them, so when the parents mostrar up, they put in a law suit against Trey Parker and Matt Stone, so that South Park can loose allot of its money and be canceled, so during court, Bart and Homer try to come up with something to save South Park, but they can't come up with anything, so the judge suggests not airing it in Springfield, Matt Stone, Trey Parker like the idea, because they know that if South Park doesn't air in Springfield, it won't get canceled, also the parents are happy, because it's not going to be an influence on the children of Springfield.