"The día the Earth Didn't Stay Still"

After Springfield is pronounced the most dangerous place to live in America the town begins to make it cleaner and safer. Professor Frink tells them that they should take this as an insult and go after the people who dicho this. Lisa realizes that she is never the town's center of attention and takes this time to become it.

"Losing Nemo"

After Lisa is pulled underwater and nearly killed por a swordfish she adds them to her daily meals and wears them for clothing to get revenge. Marge thinks that Homer's diet trainer named Emily Donner is trying to seduce him. Marge sees a therapist who thinks that she is just trying to be protective over the one she loves.

"The Little Helper of the Little Helper"

After Lisa's cat dies the family gets a small protective new dog who keeps Santa's Little Helper away from them. During the night Santa's Little Helper attempts to kill the new dog but the siguiente morning it turns out he killed Rod Flanders' dog. After Homer kicks Santa's Little Helper out of the house he must save them from the new dog who turns out to be an evil robot.

"Four Spicy Breadings and A Funeral"

While driving back from their nineteenth honeymoon Homer stops at a hot comida restauraunt and manages to eat the hottest thing on the menu with a bet from the owner. From eating that dish Homer earns his family five thousand dollars. With encouragement from his family Homer becomes a hot comida challenger and eats spicy foods for money throughout the globe. A couple of movie makers notice that Homer is stealing all the fame and fortune por eating hot foods and challenge him against a meal with the hottest spices in it. Homer completes the challenge but breaths fuego from his mouth and collapses on the ground. Dr. Hibbert tells his family that he ruined his vocal cords and can only speak through a million dollar machine.

"Lawfully Wedded Wife"

Marge sues Apu for giving her a comida poisoned red squishee and earns Homer money which he donates to the Nuclear Plant and becomes the manager of his work level. Homer begins to use Marge's suing skills to get an even higher job at the Nuclear Plant. Bart is forced to help Homer get a higher job after he gets injured in a 3D Itchy & Scratchy theatre.

"Cheaper por the Cousin"

Homer realizes that Reverend Lovejoy is Abe Simpsons' long lost son and therefore Homer's brother. Bart gets annoyed por Reverend's son Mason Lovejoy since his life long plan is to secretly kill Krusty the Clown for turning down his episode ideas.

"Mart-inator vs Bart-inator"

After Bart takes credit for a science project he was supposed to share with Martin, Martin creates a robot that would humiliate and beat Bart in the fair. Lisa forgets about her science project since she and Marge created a critical website that makes fun of Springfield plays and soap operas.

"How To Tell Your Neighbor is a Piller Killer"

Bart and Lisa try to prove their new neigbor across the calle is a killer who gives others poisoned pills with the little evidence they found. Homer and Marge spend try to spend a día away from each other to avoid stress but realize they can't.

"Ol' McSimpson Had a Farm Ee Aye, Ee Aye, D'Oh"

Homer discovers that a famous farm belonged to his grandfather and was kept healthy por Abe Simpson. Homer makes money off of the farm and gives his dad the money which affords a plasma screen TV at the Retirement Castle. Marge gets jealous since Homer had an interesting family tree. Marge preguntas her mother and finds out that she is the only remaining titanic survivor and was three weeks old when it sank.