"Fag To The Flag"

Marge becomes a store crafter and creates a flag that she feels suits Springfield. The town becomes insulted por the diseño she chose. Bart is forced to get a job por Homer at the book store since he blew up dynamite around the town. Bart thinks that his boss, Nick Horowitz, is gay and trying to kiss him after work.

"In with the Old, Out with the New"

Since no one in town will help Lisa with her citizen rights, she uses the helpless old people at the Retirement castillo to go against pollution and help animal's rights. Homer becomes obsessed with an online game and bets his household items to win más tokens.

"Shakespeare's Little Helper"

After using Professor Frink's newest creation, the Simpsons learn their dog has a fetish for poems. The people of Springfield grow jealous of the Simpson's dog and plan to throw them out of town except they know the Simpsons didn't do anything wrong.

"Friends with Barney-Fits"

The parents of Springfield have a discussion about Barney's past destruction problems from high school until the present. The children of Springfield sign a petition to have an arcade room in school. After they get the arcade in what used to be Principal Skinner's office, they become lazier and stressed.

"Around the World with Eight Geeks and a Rebel"

Lisa makes a new school class where her students use their imagination to create a magical world. After Homer discovers a drugged sauna in downtown Springfield, the troubled adults use it to get away from their life problems.

"The Girl with the Unicorn Tattoo"

Homer befriends a young, charming race car driver named Valerie Mactyn. Homer and Valerie grow a strong friendship only for Homer to see that Marge is getting jealous. After Homer begins to avoid Valerie, she is determined to ruin his life. Lisa gets a unicorn tattoo at a school festival thinking it was a face painting stand. The only way to remove the tattoo is on an internet guide.

"Moe and the No Dough"

Moe's Tavern is forced to shut down since all the Springfield drunks go to a new Irish pub which is secretly a drug test lab in disguse. After a dangerous incident with Lisa, Marge becomes más involved with her kids.

"The Buy Who Learned Me"

After Marge buys a new fancy fridge without any extra payments, she decides to remodel the kitchen, but goes over the amount. In order to pay off the remodeled kitchen, Marge gets a job at the DMV with her sisters. Sideshow Bob becomes Lisa's new música teacher and becomes her new enemy after a few fights over her saxaphone skills. Bart must protect Lisa since Sideshow Bob dicho he'd bring her to her doom por the saxaphone.

"Horse with Force But No Remorse"

To shock Lisa with an over the parte superior, arriba birthday present, Homer buys her a horse which gets up in the middle of the night and breaks town property. This causes commotion and safety checks throughout the town. Bart and Milhouse do stunts and pulls pranks on people to feel like they destroyed the town.

"Passed Past Christmas"

Homer, Marge, and Grandpa gives three stories of their most infamous christmases. Bart and Lisa give their most embarressing christmases. After all five of the stories, the family notices that Maggie is missing. It turns out she is at the North Pole holding Santa's elves hostage since she didn't get a new pacifier for Christmas.

"To Bee o Not To Bee"

Lisa's science fair project requires several types of bugs including: bees, beetles, and spiders. Her project accidentally breaks and the bugs go all over town. They eventually become everyone's pets and makes the town a happier place. Meanwhile, a new gas substance spreads through the air and causes Nuclear Plant workers to be trapped inside the building.

"The Right to Keep and oso, oso de Arms"

Bart finds a baby oso, oso de in the woods and keeps him as a pet meaning he has to hide it from his family. Homer becomes a Springfield comida critic since he saved Mayor Quimby from eating comida poisoned espaguetis, espagueti at Luigi's.

"Life's But A Walking Glitch"

Since Lisa is dicho to be one of the smartest people in Springfield, professional scientists send her new electronic devices to test their uses. Bart befriends one of the electronic robots.

"The Nahasapeemapetilon Fortune"

After Marge accidentally burns down the Kwik-E-Mart in an angry mob thinking it's the Wik-E-Art building, she must help Apu afford a better store and get más customers with new items. Bart's new smart friend, Will Clayton, turns out to be a rebel since he gets Bart into a lot of trouble.

"Gone, Neighby, Gone"

The Simpsons grow jealous of an educated family that moved in siguiente door. Lisa creates an imaginary friend named Claire who she thinks of as being blind. After several imaginary friend attempts, Lisa realizes that she's always had faith for blind people. She befriends several blind people in town.

"Lisa and the For Never Lasting Love"

After several boyfriend attempts: one being annoying, one being self centered and critical, and one being gay, Lisa feels lonely. Marge takes her around town to meet the perfect boy. Bart sees a therapist after having several día dreams of his classmates being injured. His therapist tells him that its because he eats too much candy. Bart stops eating basura comida and has dreams of everyone dating each other from his class. He decides to go back to basura comida and have violent dreams.

"Homer and Alentine's Day"

Marge begins to read erotic literature since Homer has become distant from extra work at the Nuclear Power Plant. Homer gets consejos from his old high school wing man, Al Corrigan. Al helps Homer look nice and provide a magical evening between Homer and Marge on Valentine's Day. Bart's new girlfriend, Kristina, turns out to be psycho since she wants Bart to be proper and buy her everything she wants.

"Mystery Incorporated Without Scooby-D'Oh"

Homer and Marge becomes detectives and try to solve a possible murder o cuicide of a female named Josephine Marquez-Perez.

"No Haired Wier-D'Ohs"

The town receives animales for the loss of nuclear waste in Summerfield. Apparently, the animales acquire a certain chemical air that the Springfield residents learns after using it disinigrates any other hair that is used to another air. A TV network films the town from their reactions to having no hair.

"Walker of a Million Creations"

Lisa begins to realize that someone is accidentally putting their scientific theories and experiments in her locker. She puts her thoughts to the test and notices that she sleepwalks and steals smart people's inventions. Marge thinks its because she's eating smart plants. Bart follows Homer around thinking he's having an affair when he's really looking for a legendary donut.

"Marge with the Midget Hair"

Marge receives mega traumas after getting an unwanted hair cut. After the school kids appreciate Lisa for punching Bart in the face, she becomes a school bully and beats up all the nerds.

"Cameras of Truth"

Since the town agress that no one is honest, they set up a camera in the church so anyone can film themselves and tell their true feelings for others.