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The Kids Are Always Right

When an motivational speaker convinces Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chambers to do a expeirment for the school and allow the parents to let the kids have one week and listen to whatever they want. Some of the parents gets outraged because of it, but Marge feels that no matter what the kids still need the parents. When the week begins, the parents must listen to their kids and do not argue with them. However, when Bart goes overbaord with this experiment, it casues the other kids to go overboard which leads to Marge and Lisa to find a way to undo this mess before it gets worse.

A Trip Down Beetles Lane

Abe Simpson recounts stories he met with the Beetles when they first arrived in Springfield back in 1966 to participate in a special concierto hosted por the mayor back then. When Abe learns the concierto was a fake and the Beetles made it a publicity stunt, he takes Homer to find the people who can actually tell him the truth, the Beetles.

Trust Me Son, I'm Lying

Homer notices he is spending lesser times with his family as his work hours are continuingly to be longer than usual. When he finally gets a weekend vacation, Homer takes Bart for a father and son outing trip. However, when Homer receives unlikely news that he has to go back to the plant, Homer tries to lie to Bart when Bart tells his father there’s a father and son go kart, ir de kart, va kart competition the día Homer has to go back to work. In order to make things work, Homer tries to play double fiddle with going to work and coming back to spend his trip with his son.

Gone with the Friend

Lisa is burden when she has no friends to talk to, so when Jessie McMann, the most popular girl at Springfield Elementary, needs help for a school project. The two eventually become partners and Lisa tries to help her best as she can. However, while helping Jessie is great she is really there to be friends with her and tries to see if it’s possible for Lisa to registrarse Jessie’s popular clique. When Lisa joins the clique, she is transforming into someone she tries not to be often…a popular girl. Meanwhile, Marge finds an old datebook and tries to reconnect to all of her old friends

D'Oh, Wilderness!

Ned takes his boys out on a camping trip, and when Marge learns of this she gets an idea to let the fathers and the sons of Springfield to registrarse Ned and his sons. Liking the idea, Ned convinces Chief Wiggum and Ralph, and as well Milhouse and his father, Kirk. However, Homer and Bart tries not to get involve, yet after a series of tricks from Marge and Lisa, they finally decide to registrarse the other men. When the trip begins to surface, they face some hard obstacles from hunters and a hungry grizzly bear.

Lisa’s Faith and the Atheistic Point of View

Lisa’s faith is tested when a new reverend, Reverend Jimmy Fellow, replaces Rev. Lovejoy after the Lovejoys went on a vacation. Rev. Fellow decides to bring up questionable issues in church making the citizens in Springfield doubt that God is real. Lisa preguntas his ethics, but is push to the limits when Mayor Quimby decides to have a debate with Lisa facing against Rev. Fellow about the existence of God and other issues.

The Treasure of Selma Madre

When Marge plans a family panic, she invites Grandpa and as well Patty and Selma in much dislike from Homer. When choosing a site for the family picnic, Marge decides to set the event at the old Silver Cad Mountains. Feeling awkward, the others try to disagree with that decision but Marge refuses and in much appreciation. Selma wants the picnic at the site. Further probing, Homer, Bart, and Lisa discover the reason why Selma wants that site is because when she was a very young girl, she hidden something that was very precious. To Patty and Marge's amazement, Selma wants to get that treasure she lost.

Lisa Goes to the Cotillion

One of the most popular debutante balls comes to Springfield and requests every young girl who is in the coming of age to participate. Marge feels excited that it can happen to Lisa, but Lisa doesn't think she is ready to become a debutante. However, Marge hires a debutante coach to teach Lisa the ethics of the ball and being a debutante. As the cotillion is close at hand, her new rival, Katie Parksmith, plans to become the famous debutante and tries to sabotage Lisa's chance.

Cardinal Knowledge

In attempt to get revenge on the Simpsons and Krusty one last time, Sideshow Bob almost has his chance to kill Bart, but instead gets whacked por his own invention causing him to have amnesia. Not remembering what he had done in the past, Bart makes an unprecedented mover and opted Bob to stay at the Simpsons house much to the others' disgust. Trying not to relive old times, Bart forces Homer, Marge, and Lisa to remain adamant about their past with Bob. However, is Sideshow Bob's "good" persona there permanently and can Bart remain silent and not opt revenge on himself.

Homer Hears a Who!?

After a freak accident at the Plant, Homer is seriously hurt and is revealed por Dr. Hubert that Homer is temporarily deaf because of the loud explosion causing his ear probes scratched. Marge and the children are shock to see and live with Homer who can't hear. Homer soon has trouble with his disability and causing rifts between him and friends. Seeing that maybe Homer's hearing might not come back, Marge tries to convince Homer to get an ear implant. Meanwhile, Bart tries to make some fun with his deaf dad.

The Bored Identity

A game of hide and seek with the boys, Nelson, Milhouse, and Ralph sends Bart to an abadoned house, which has been there for forty years. When Nelson dares Bart to go in the house, Bart takes no fear as a answer. When he does eventually go in there, he meets a quirky old man who stayed in that house and never exit out to the outside world. Milhouse soon remembers his name as Elisah Dougbaugh, a historical poet. Seeing his name, Nelson decides to give Elisah a offer. He can come and see what Springfield hold unless he dons another identity. Elisah agrees and becomes Nelson's grandfather, Eli. Thinking this won't play out, the boys try to act out with Elisah playing a fake identity so no one will ever know, but it will be hard to do when Principal Skinner announces "Bring Your Grandparents to School Day". Meanwhile, Marge takes a sudden interest in online shopping.

You Don't Mess with the Moron

When a lunch break at the power plant turns from a simple rest time to a crazy hour, Mr. Burns demands all of his employees to take a intellectual test to prove their worth of working under him. After two weeks of taking the test, Homer recieves the results and it reveals that he is a complete moron and is unable to work normal standards. Depressed and feel insulted, Homer stop doing all of his normal activities worrying Marge and the kids. When Father's día is around the corner, the family plot a plan to save Homer from literally doing something worse, so Lisa decides to send her dad to Smart Camp inorder to let him prove he isn't a complete moron. At Smart Camp, Homer meets such great minds like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Paul Allen, yet completing some of the camp's tough tasks to prove that he is smarter just like them will be harder than he thought.

Bart Simpson Must Die

Bart has always gotten his way with his jokes, but one of his jokes gone too far when he accidently insulted the nicest girl in Springfield, Harley Riverdam. When everyone offended because of it, the pressure and huilimation makes Harley turn from nice to bad in an instant. After Bart failed to make things right, Harley wants Bart dead and everyone in the town wants him dead as well. Fearing for his life, Bart tries to go any hidden place possible, even in Mexico. Meanwhile, Bart's insult causes a internet firestorm and Homer is mesmerized and starts chatting online.