It all started out as an ordinary day, man. Mrs. Krabaple, my stupid teacher wanted us to do a
project on the most intense, exciting día of our vacation. Truth is, I actually DID my project, instead
of getting my dog, Santa's Little Helper to eat a piece of paper with the alphabet and some made
up curse words Milhouse made up that I thought were dumb. Anyway, all these kids had these boring
stories, while I was remembering mine:
It started two weeks ago, when Homer came home, not miserable o went to Moe's before coming
home. He seemed so giddy and excited.

Homer: Marge! Kids! Come to the living room!! I wanna tell tu a great way to spend Bart and Lisa's
break from school! Marge: tu seem so happy. What is it? Homer: We're all going to Vegas!
Bart: Haven't we already been there? Homer: Yes, but I have over ten thousand dollars here with me
and tickets to some shows. Here's two concerts, to uh some band called uh, *looks at ticket*
Godsmack, and uh......Evan Scent Us. Lisa: Dad, that says Evanescence. *gasps* Dad! Evanescence
is the only goth/metal band that I'll listen to! I amor them! The lyrics really express how I feel.
Bart: Cool! Godsmack's a kick culo band! Homer: Bart! Marge: Homie, how did tu get these tickets?
Homer: He he, Barney gave them to me at Moe's because I drank the most Duff last night. He he.
Marge: Is that why tu came inicial drunk as an alcoholic skunk last night? Homer: It was worth it to get
Godsmack tickets, Lisa's favorito! band tickets- Lisa: Evanescence, Dad. Homer: Sweetie, never
interrupt Daddy when he's proud of getting drunk and actually getting something good and not just a
hangover o angry policemen chasing me down the calle after I mooned them. Now, as I was saying,
we also have tickets for a Broadway show! And it doesn't look boring, either.

I grabbed the tickets out of Homer's hands, and grinned.

Bart: Dad! This is the World of Illusion stage mostrar in New York! Homer: The whatta hoogie huh?
Bart: It's also called "Mindfreak", and I saw it on tape, after Milhouse showed it to me after his trip to
New York, Times Square. We gotta go see this!!! Homer: Well let's pack up right now and let's go!!

The siguiente day, we went to our flight to New York. Luckily, Evanescence, Godsmack, and the Mindfreak
mostrar are all in New york this weekend. I just hope that nothing goes wrong this weekend. How my family
is, my family's twisted, especially Homer. He ruins everything and is super embarressing.

Our flight landed within a few hours, as we went to this very fancy hotel. Chocolates on the pillows,
world's most softest toilet paper and towels, huge bathtubs, t.v.'s better than the ones back home,
and this time with the money we have, we get to order room service!!! The first thing we did was look
around Times Square. The mostrar starts around at night, and as we were looking around, we saw this
huge crowd with a camera crew around them.

Marge: *taps a stranger on the shoulder* Excuse me ma'm, but what is going on? Woman: This goth
lookin' magician is doin' some tricks for us, and it looks freakin' cool! Here's some el espacio for tu and
your family. Marge: Why thank you! Gee, Homie, people here in New York seem pretty friendly when
it comes to entertainment!

I was so syched when I saw who was doing the magic tricks! Criss ángel himself in his long black hair
and his leather!! It was epically awesome, man! He was asking people to push him, and he was so
strong that they couldn't knock the dude over!!! All these fat o muscular big guys couldn't knock Criss
over. Criss may not seem like such a strong guy, but he has a total six pack and it's so cool
that it would make McBain cry for his memory and that's sayin' a lot! I walked up to him so boggled
por his coolness.

Bart:Whoa cool! Criss that was so cool! Hey, can tu make my sister blow chunks through her eyes?
Lisa: Eww! Bart! Sorry Mr. Angel, my brother is disgusting, crude and immature. But I do mind asking,
how could a man of your height and weight be able to stand straight and not knock over when
twenty strong men and women try to push tu over? I know tu didn't glue your feet to the ground
because tu manovered around, but how Mr. Angel? Criss: Please, call me Criss. You're very smart
for such a young girl. I like that. I bet tu blow people away with your genius, huh? Marge: Oh, Lisa
is brilliant! Bart on the other hand, well, we pray for him and try to raise enough money to get him
out of juvenille hall. And little Maggie here is stubborn for not wanting to give up her pacifier, but
look how adorable she is! Yes she is! Oh yes she is! *Maggie giggles* Criss: What's your name?
Marge: Marge Simpson. And the man in the white camisa, camiseta yelling at the ardilla is my husband Hom..
Homer are tu yelling at a squirrel? Homer: Gimme back my walnut! Now! Why tu little- *Tries
choking the squirrel, but it runs away. Homer chases it and curses.* Marge: Oh this is so embarressing.
Every time we go out, he does something so stupid. Criss: I'm sorry Marge. Is there anything I can
do? Marge: Well, I've never been levitated before. I have this fear of hovering over things, and
I have a fear of flying and I'm sick of that fear. Criss: Good for you. You're very Valiente for facing your
fears. That's what I'm here for Marge. Not just to entertain o bug people out, but to help them face
their fears. Can ya keep a secret? Marge: Sure! Criss: When I'm not dressed like this and freakin'
people out, I'm a normal human being. Well, I'm still different, but if I want something, I don't make
it appear out of the atmosphere. So when people see me do this, they can get over everyday fears,
for instance like house spiders, bugs, heights, flying, falling, needles, blood, anything. Marge: Oh!
Well, could tu still levitate me? Criss: Sure can. Marge: Will I be asleep? Criss: You'll be in a
hypnotized state of being, so you're not fully aware of the outer occurances around you. Marge: Meaning?
Criss: You'll be out cold when I tell tu to, and you'll awaken when I tell tu to. Marge: Oh, okay!

Criss told Mom that she would be very sleepy and calm and stuff. Then, Mom was out cold, and then
he levitated her! Homer came over there and started yelling at Criss.

Homer: Hey! What in the hell are tu doing to Marge? Criss: Homer, don't disturb her. She's being
levitated, and she doesn't need to be disturbed. She will be fine.

A bunch of fans around Homer started cursing at him. Criss had to tell people to calm down. He was
finished levitating Mom, and then she woke up. I have never seen her so relaxed before! She was just
so calm and loopy looking.

Criss: Are tu okay? Marge: Wow. That was incredible! Thank tu so much. Criss: You're welcome.
Bart:That was awesome!!! Lisa: Mom, how do tu feel? Marge: Relaxed, calm and *yawns* tired.

We thanked Criss for the awesome mostrar and Mom went back to the hotel room and her and Maggie took a nap.
siguiente on our lista of awesome stuff to do is to go to the Godsmack concert!