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la elección de los fans: SCP-173
SCP- 173
SCP- 096
la elección de los fans: SCP-2558-J
SCP- 2558- J
Neither Catch My Attention
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DrDyatlov dicho …
I'm new in SCP Foundation fan Club and i'm looking adelante, hacia adelante to share with tu all!!! I'm very happy to joining you... publicado hace más de un año
Allies57 dicho …
I've read about SCP for [Data Expunged], and found out about it in SCP containment breach. Did tu know their making a new [Data Expunged] game, that takes place [Data Expunged] where the player is [Data Expunged]. publicado hace más de un año
Soberousfan222 dicho …
I'm gonna hope I wasn't the first to know about the game No más Monsters: an upcoming indie horror game centered around SCP-122, a nightlight that must remain active o else the shadows of those who sleep around it will become instances of SCP-122-1.

Here is 122's article: link
Forum: link

The game is being built with the aid of Z-Bites under the embrace of a Unity Engine. Y'all have the most beautiful nights. publicado hace más de un año