Yellowfang, again. THIS IS A BAD PICTURE OF HER! O.o
NARRATOR: Poor Buttercup!

YELLOWFANG: Obviesley, your a kitty-pet.

BUTTERCUP: A w-what?

YELLOWFANG: Kitty-pet. tu can put your claws back in now. tu can trust me.

BUTTERCUP: Why sh-should I trust YOU?!

YELLOWFANG: Ugh, no one ever trusts me!

BUTTERCUP: Probably because tu attack people when not wanted to be!

YELLOWFANG: Look kit! I'm just trying to protect my pack! Intruders and enemys will be KILLED!

BUTTERCUP: Grrr........

(Another cat sees them and comes swiftly around the corner.)

CAT: Yellowfang! What is the meaning of this?! Who is that kit! Surely not from our pack!

YELLOWFANG: Tigerclaw!


YELLOWFANG: An intruder! I caught her scrumbling around for comida out here!

TIGERCLAW: She's hurt. Well done, Yellowfang.


TIGERCLAW: SILENCE! Come with me kit, o face dying!

(Buttercup knew she had to go with him. He wounds were deep, and he was much stronger than her.)


(She fallowed him down the calle into an alley. It wasn't to bright, but she could still see.She herd mewling, and saw over por a garbage can Butch was being held down por two other cats.)

CAT1: tu pewney kitty-pet! What were tu doing in our territory?!

BUTCH: I-I-I was just looking for food! I'm hungry-

CAT2: Shut-up! tu are worthless and pathetic! Longtail, kill him!

TIGERCLAW: Darkstripe! Longtail! We gatos do not kill for pleasure!

(Butch sees Buttercup and Buttercup sees Butch.Butch sees Buttercup's wounds.)

BUTCH*thinking*: Oh no! Poor Buttercup! I wonder what happend?



(Buttercup gets a firey look in her eyes.A black he-cat comes and sits on a trashcan.)

BLACKCAT: My gatos of the night, bring me the intruders!

TIGERCLAW: Yes Scourge.

(Tigerclaw picked her and Butch up por the scruff of their necks, and threw them down in front of Scourge.)


SCOURGE: Silence, kit! Tigerclaw, who are these?

TIGERCLAW: I found them looking for food!

SCOURGE*thinking*: These gatos are strange. Bug-eyes, no toes, and oddly small.


SCOURGE: Yes?!I'm thinking! Don't these gatos look a bit strange?

(All the alley gatos nod.)

SCOURGE: We'll let them of with a warning.After all, they are kits, and hungry.

TIGERCLAW: But they-

SCOURGE: Tigerclaw, I am your leader. tu listen to me, and I say let them go.

TIGERCLAW: Yes Scourge.

(He picks them up again and throws them out.)

TIGERCLAW: And never return!

(He leaves out of sight.)

BUTCH: Buttercup, your wounds look bad.

BUTTERCUP: Oh, their nothing much. Just a few scratches, that's all.

BUTCH: No, tu need help.

BUTTERCUP: Butch I'm fine!

BUTCH: Okay, okay. How did tu even get those?

BUTTERCUP: Cat fight, with some gray girl alley cat named Yellowfang.

(Yellowfang comes out of the darkness.)

YELLOWFANG: Yes, and I'm sorry.

BUTTERCUP: What are tu doing here?

YELLOWFANG: I was kicked out of the pack for leading tu to our camp.

(Yellowfang's burning red-yellow eyes looked tense, and she was about to cry.)

BUTTERCUP: Well, tu could come with us...


"Lets go, kit!" dicho Tigerclaw pearing at Buttercup's wounds.
Scourge!!!!!! The leader of the pack!!!