Butch and his video games...(of course.)

Role: Butch is the toughest of the Rowdyruff Boys.

Personality: Butch's personality puts the "rowdy" in Rowdyruff. His personality is like that of a typical little boy. Like Buttercup, he likes to play rough and fight. He also is mostly the bully of the group. Because of that, Butch is the fuente of the arguments he has with his brothers. But don't let the spikes and nails fool you! Butch actually has más of a soft side más than Buttercup does. Like Brick, he prefers to bottle it rather than mostrar it most of the time. Butch is also a very jealous boy.

Intelligence: Butch is the least intelligent of the group but that doesn't mean that he's not smart! Butch is a C/D student. He prefers not to use his brain but rather cheat o get others to do his work for him.

Problem Solving: Like his counterpart, Butch acts without thinking. He does have plans of his own, but because of his low intelligence, Brick never pays attention to them.

Morality: Butch is obnoxious and self centered. He's the one that's always getting yelled at (mostly por Brick). However, Butch is reasonable half the time.

Unique Abilities: Can create an electric fource field.

Fears: Brick's "pounding".

Butch has a rowdy personality. He tends to come off as rough around the edges.While he is the fuente of most fights between his brothers, Butch will shift the blame rather than take responsibility for his actions. The fights that he and Brick have are worse than the fights that he and Boomer have. Butch often has childlike arguments (Does not! Does to!) with Boomer as opposed to a full-fledged physical, violent argument that he has with Brick (which Brick ends up winning every time. I wonder what the secret is...