PPG teens.
(Note: they powerpuff girls are 17 and the rowdyruff boys are 18)

NARRATOR:Ah! What a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the girls are probably just waking up as the sun rises!

BLOSSOM:Buttercup,Bubbles wake up! It's 6:00!

BUBBLES:WHAT??!! Blossom, it's 6:00! Are crazy??!!

BLOSSOM:No, I'm not!Get up!

BUBBLES:Yes tu are! I'm not getting up!

NARRATOR:Man Blossom, get ahold of yourself! Do tu have any idea what time it is??!!

PROFESSOR:Blossom, why ya up so (yawn...) so early?

BLOSSOM:Because Proff- wait your right! Why am I awake so early??

BUBBLES:Yeah Blossom! Don't tu remember? We graduated from high school!

BUTTERCUP:What the hell?! Whats with all the yelling?! It's 6:00 in the morning! Can't I get some sleep around here any more? GAWD!

PROFESSOR:Yes Buttercup, I was just explaining that to Blossom.Which is about to be going back up to her room!

(scene changes to the RRBS house.Brick is dreaming of him and Blossom.)

BRICK:What the hell??!!!! Why was I deaming of that ugly wench? I don't know....


BRICK:Boomer! tu can't just birst into my room like that!!!! Dude, what the hell!

BOOMER:Sorry, but who?

BRICK:Who who?

BOOMER:The girl that tu dicho that was an ugly wench!

BRICK:Oh,it was no one important....

BOOMER:I bet it was that girl...uh.....

(Boomer is stuttering like that because Brick gave him a real evil look.)

BOOMER:No one? Eh he he...

BRICK:Boomer just shut the hell up and get out of my room!

BOOMER:Okay! Bye!!!

BRICK:Man,what a baby!

BRICK:Hey wait, Boomer get back here!!!

BOOMER:But tu just......

BRICK:Just shadap and come here!

BOOMER:Your not gonna hurt me are you....?

BRICK:No, just stop being a baby and come here!


BRICK:I want tu to sneak in Butch's room, and poor some ice cold water down on him!!

BOOMER:Won't he hurt me?

BRICK:Don't worry bro, I got you're back...

NARRATOR:Oh boy, what little plans do those two have in mind...

Brick's horrible dream!