Berserk: tu aren't going after her, are you?
Brick: No, why would I do that?.. BYE!
Berserk: But!
(Brick already flying off)
Berserk: UGH!
(scene changes to Blossom sitting down crying)
Brick: Why so glum, Blossom???
Blossom: Didn't tu hear me? I dicho quote,'I never want to see hear o speak to tu ever again!' un quote.
Brick: tu okay though?
Blossom: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B-BYE!!!
Brick: Wait!
(she was already off)
Announcer: Meanwhile, with Bubbles....
Bubbles: There's nothing t-*GASPS*
Boomer: I amor you.
??????: amor tu too.(kisses him)
Bubbles: (Starts to cry) I HATE tu Boomer!!!!!!!
??????: Who was that?
Boomer: I don't know but I still amor tu Brat.
Brat: Me too.