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Before i begin i want tu to know that this may put me to the end of my days. Why tu ask? because this is the story of the only rotten wolf...

Yeven had the vampire lion down with one quick bite to the neck. The siguiente charged him. thinking fast with his finance, Ezra, pounced on the incoming lion. it tried skiting to a halt but was bit in the leg por Ezra. spinning in place to meet his attacker from behind the lions tail slammed into Yeven like a wrecking ball. Yeven screamed a cry of mercy. as the lion went after him, Yeven saw Ezra leap into the air. there two lions met her on the peak of...
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posted by Kronous
Hi, im Kronous the Red lobo Bloody Wolf's heir and this is my ansestor's story...
Red is the real lobo warrior. He killed and endangerd the vampiros almost to extion. He is red for the blood he thrives to spill. He killed over 6 billion people... this is known as world war 17. Well their wrong... It was Red. Their were vampires. The pack. He had the largest pack then. 600,000 lobos took the lives of the vamps. He was worshiped as a god. Did tu know that Red was actuaslly white until after the battle of extion. he was still called red because he still thrived for the vamps loved ones blood... I will bring his story to the grave. So what will u do?(in comments)