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“Ponyboy, why are tu so-“

“I don’t like the way he looked at you.” He says as he puts his wallet in the nightstand.

You had gone out to bar, just to have a good time on a Friday night. tu saw an old friend from your hometown and got to talking. tu didn’t think anything really happened.

“Ponyboy, nothing-”

“You know what he was thinking. I mean, in that dress…” He says, eyes going over you. tu were wearing a tight black mini dress and heels.

“I don’t look that-“

“Yes tu do. tu look beautiful… And I know it’s wrong but fucking sexy.” He says, looking tu dead...
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matt dillon
dallas winston
johnny cade
johnny cake
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first I read it in class
then I watch the movie
then I think about what I have in common with characters
my eyes layed on Johnny
he was shy
he depended on his friends yet he can watch for himself
I was in so much pain from friends
I thought I could depend on them
they did so much but I always let it slide if it wasn't on me
but that group had a ...thing they would usually do
they picked on one person with a small flaw
and they diside to ditch her
that's what they do
in about a mes they are out of the group
I've known that since día one
I've never known it would last so long
4 years. that's pretty...
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I rushed into my room and plopped on my cama throwing my libros at my desk, my aiming was perfect .... almost. A bunch of papers spewed unto my floor. Groaning i got up from where i lay only a few measly segundos and went to pick up the papers. They were mostly school papers from last año i didnt care about. I tossed them into the wire trashcan sitting siguiente to my escritorio carelessly. I picked up the last thing on the ground, a yelow tore up folder that looked flamiliar. I opened it ciriously and those words i worked so hard on last año flashed before my eyes- when i stepped into the brightness...
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The school campana rang. It was friday, the school let out. it was two-thirty. I usually wait in the hallway to walk inicial with my friends but not today. I sat on the bench outside of the school and dropped my libros on the ground. The wind was blowing my long brown hair, but it was pretty warm outside. i was looking down at the sidewalk and a shadow came over me. I looked up. "Hey Ponyboy." "What are tu doing sitting all alone?" He said. "I dont know, i dont want to go inicial right now." "Why arent tu walking inicial with Two-Bit?" I asked him."He got suspended remember." "Oh yah, for beating up that...
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i felt like escritura a one-shot. i like them. maybe ill write more...

September, 1967

will tu blindly follow me
when im goin nowhere?
will tu keep your faith in me
when i dont have a prayer?

i stood on my front porch and waited. waited. waited for my friends Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade, Two-Bit Mathews, and Steve Randle. we were going to school together. i impatiently tapped my foot. if they didnt hurry up, we were gonna be late. the cool, light, September breeze kicked my long, golden brown hair around. i pushed it outta my face. i looked at my watch. "damn tu guys!" we were definatley gonna be...
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