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Dundiechampion posted on Feb 16, 2008 at 08:25PM
Now that we have new office episodes on our way what would be a great idea for a brand new episode? post your ideas
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hace más de un año Dundiechampion said…
My episode is called the wager. Ryan bets Michael that he can't get an important project done in a week. And Michael bets Ryan that he can't make a sale in one week. If Ryan wins Michael has to adapt to Dunder Mifflin Infinity without complaint and if Michael wins Ryan has to admit that he is the lesser person and that DMI was a bad idea. What do you think?
hace más de un año 28spike28 said…
good, but i dont think corporate would fly for a subordinate belittling corporate executive.
hace más de un año Dundiechampion said…
If Ryan lost he would do it just to humor Michael
hace más de un año Shandiii said…
I like it.
hace más de un año chel1395 said…
My idea involves Jan and Michael joining a couples bowling league. Then, Michael learns that Dwight has never been bowling. Wanting to show off his mad skills and teach Dwight how to bowl, Michael takes everyone on a field trip to the bowling alley. No one remembers to tell Toby and Kelly, so they get left behind. At the bowling alley, Andy shows off his bowling skills to Angela and Dwight is humilated when he has to use the kiddie bowling lane that has bumpers up so the ball can't go into the gutter. Pam and Jim goof off, Creed steals all the bowling shoes, and the day ends with someone getting hit in the head with a ball. :D
hace más de un año imwithst000pid said…
big smile
My idea would start with Daryl introducing one of his "cool/hip" friends from "LA" whom is visting. Daryl brings him to the warehouse and the office staff also get to meet him. Kevin takes fondly to this "cool" new dude, and end up hanging out and getting into small bets like flipping coins, rolling dice, playing cards, starting from smaller things and in the end Kevin pretty much owes him 5k and by now is pretty much scared of what he will do to Kevin if he doesnt pay up. Daryl tells Kevin that although his friend seems nice, hes not the one to be messed around with if he cant come up with the cash which intimidates Kevin.

Michael, being the "best boss in the world" has a fool proof way of getting Kevins money back, he goes to his favorite magic stop to purchase a 1 sided double headed coin, assured that he will bet twice what Kevin owes so he can clear his debt and claiming that Daryls friend will bet on tails because "they always bet on tails, because tails never fails"

When Darlys friend chooses Heads, Michael is at a loss and now he owes this man 5 k along with Kevins 5k. Dwight suggest a quick game of pairs, to which MIchael requests for "super pairs", which is the same thing as pairs except you use 4 decks. They play for double or nothing and Michael even puts his car on the line and gives Darlys friend the keys since he really doesnt have the cash

Daryls friend, convinced he is dealing with idiots accepts the bet. Michael, with his great memory promptly beats Daryls friend seemingly flawlessly and clears his and Kevins bet.

later, while interviewed by the cameras, Michael reveals he spent the majority of his early and teen summers playing super pairs with his imaginary friend and thats how he got so good. After 10 summers he realized his imaginary friend was not real, later realized he in fact spent 14 summers playing pairs on his own.
hace más de un año DeEtte said…
My idea is that corporate could introduce the exercise ball to all the departments. There reasoning is because, statistics show that when you sit on an exercise ball your "focus level" will improve; therefore, the office will get more work done and hopefully improve with their sales.

The show could start off with everyone walking into the building and seeing that their are no chairs. Then Pam notices there is a huge box from corporate sitting by the receptionists desk. Jim opens the box and shows that inside are the exercise balls inflated with a pump to pump up the balls. Then Oscar will step up grab a ball and the pump and start pumping air into the ball. One by one everyone else will do the same.

Some people in the office won't mind this idea and others, like Dwight, will disagree that an exercise ball can make him perform more sales. Him and Jim will get into an argument then eventually test the theory. Dwight loses his ball by popping it with a knife he wips out from his shoe.

Then Michael will think it's a great idea until he starts playing around with the ball. Him and Andrew could come up with a game to race or dribble the ball and end up wasting time or messing up the office.

The ending I don't have an idea. So you could use your imaginations and come up with an ending to get rid of the exercise balls.
hace más de un año huskergal said…
2AM Meetings:
Micheal wants to hold meetings at 2am in the office because he thinks people 'think' more clearly at this hour. Everyone rolls in, in their jammies and bedtime gear for the meeting.
Dewight- bunny slippers and headgear
Meridith - red négligée
Pam- hair in rollers and flannel jammies (given a hard time for not being in a négligée)
Angela in Andy's old shirt (a whole argument insues about the shirt and how she lied about not having it or giving it back to him)
hace más de un año Vixie79 said…
LMAO at huskergal. I love that idea.