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celloplyr4jesus posted on Nov 06, 2010 at 03:48AM
first of all, does everyone think that it's going to end with season seven? or do we realistically see future seasons without michael scott? i personally don't think they will continue without steve carell, or i sincerely hope they won't. i've seen too many decent tv shows go down the drain due to extending it past it's natural end. are there any scrubs fans out there? the show became awful after the focus of the show shifted from zach braff to the new girl intern (sorry i don't know her name. i couldn't make myself watch more than an episode or so). Moving on.
Assuming that season seven will be the end of the office, I was trying to figure out how they would end a show as good as this one, and do it justice. it's a documentary, right? and the characters are aware of the documentary. so, in theory, they would be aware of the end of their "show." I think it might end with the characters gathering to watch the documentary together, beginning of course with the pilot. pehaps they will show only the beginning of the pilot, perhaps the whole pilot, just going back and forth between showing the screen, and showing the characters' reactions to watching themselves, or perhaps it will show them watching the most momentous parts of the series and their reactions (ie the end of casino night, cocktails, beach games, the job, fun run, company picnic, niagara falls, etc). the latter would give the audience the nostalgia of a flashback episode, without wasting an entire episode on flashbacks, and provide a way to bring all of the characters together in the viewing of all of their time together. Of course, this is all speculation. What do you guys think?

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hace más de un año smoore23 said…
Yes, there will be a season 8. :/ As of right now there is no end in sight.

I think they've kind of forgotten that it's a documentary. It's more of just your average sitcom now rather than a mockumentary.

I think season 7 will end with Michael leaving voluntarily (i.e., not being fired) and possibly leaving with Holly.

It would be really cool if somehow at the end of the series the characters could see episodes or parts of episodes that are significant to them and then do little talking heads about them. Or we could see how life has changed for them after the camera crew left (like what they did in the original UK Office).
hace más de un año Vixie79 said…
I believe they will be able to continue to do well without him. True other shows have stopped after the main character left, but not all of them. I like more than one character on the show. Michael has not been the only character to make me laugh and made me tune in to the show weekly. I'm glad that there is going to be a season 8. I have a lot I want to see from my favorite characters, because Michael is not mine (by far) actually. I like him, but sometimes he annoys me, it will be sad when he leaves, but I won't miss him all that much honestly. I don't fear change though.
hace más de un año smoore23 said…
To me, there are several main characters, but Michael is the one who ties them all together. What happens when that tie is gone? I have no doubts that the show will continue beyond Carell's departure, but how long can it last without Michael? I don't know. As much as people say they get annoyed with him, I honestly can't imagine what The Office would be like without him. :/ I'm curious to see how long the show will last after he leaves. Most of us are very dedicated fans, but what will the average/casual viewer think? It seems like Michael and the ways he interacts with others is a huge part of what makes the show great, and once he's gone, so are the casual viewers (which make up a large portion of TO's audience).
hace más de un año Vixie79 said…
Well to me, the only fans out there; that I call fans anyway are the ones that support it all the way. That means through to the end regardless who leaves. I mean they're already complaining before he leaves. I don't think it makes a difference with "average fans" to be honest. lol I mean I couldn't believe that there was a chick on the NBC site that made a negative comment on the Episode "Counseling." Pleeeeading for them to bring the second and third season writers back blah blah blah. First of all that Ep was HILARIOUS and secondly like I said soooo many times before, if you don't like it, don't watch it. What's the point of bitching about it, it doesn't change a damn thing. I told her she was insane. XD Also there was someone on there that complained about the Halloween Ep too. It's like WTF, that Ep was funny too. It's annoying to me is all.
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