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Vixie79 posted on Aug 28, 2010 at 01:41AM
Nikki asked me to continue the game for her as she doesn't have time to finish it. I'm taking over where she left off.

Okay, I've seen this game on a few spots and I've posted a few myself. It's pretty fun when a lot of people participate. So here's how it works, I name a character from the show & you submit a 1-3 word answer describing that character. After everyone who wants to participate in that round has submitted I will post all of them as a pick and let the fans pick their favorite answer. The winner receives props and their name is added to the forum. The first character is....

Round 1: Michael Scott
Round 1 Winner ~ mono631 with jackass
Round 2: Creed Bratton
Round 2 Winner ~ PrisonMike91 with Enigma
Round 3: Jan Levinson
Round 3 Winner ~ PrisonMike91 with Downward Spiral
Round 4: Dwight Schrute
Round 4 Winner ~ amymeymy with Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica
Round 5: Oscar Martinez
Round 5 Winner ~ PrisonMike91 with Gay Accountant
Round 6: Andy Bernard
Round 6 Winner ~ nikki8green6 with The 'Nard' Dog
Round 7: Ryan Howard
Round 7 Winner ~ PrisonMike91 with The Fire Guy
Round 8: Angela Martin
Round 8 Winner ~ PrisonMike91 with Short, Perky & Judgmental
Round 9: Jim Halpert
Round 9 Winner ~ amymeymy with Adorkable
Round 10: Kelly Kapoor
Round 10 Winner ~ Moonbeam1953 with Cute and Shallow
Round 11: Pam Beesly {Halpert}
Round 11 Winner ~ Kayla97 with Pamalamadingdong
Round 12: Todd Packer
Round 12: Winner - Kayla97 with Disgusting
Round 13: Karen Filippelli
Round 13: Winner - Newyork621 with Jealous Mess
Round 14: Stanley Hudson
Round 14: Winner - Kayla97 with Pretzel Day Lover
Round 15: Phyllis Lapin Vance
Round 15. Winner - PrisonMike91 with Phalus
Round 16: Kevin Malone
Round 16: Winner - Kayla97 with M&M King
Round 17: Meredith Palmer
Round 17: Winner - DancePetunia with The Alchy
Round 18: Erin Hannon
Round 18: Winner - vixie79 with Overly sweet secretary
Round 19: Darryl Philbin
Round 19: Winner - DancePetunia with Dinkin' Flicka
Round 20: Jo Bennett
Round 20: Winner - Moonbeam1953 with Big boss lady
Round 21: Gabe Lewis
Round 21: Winner - vixie79 with Jo's Bitch
Round 22: Current pick Toby Flenderson
Round 23: Holly Flax
Round 24: David Wallace
Round 25: Roy Anderson

Each participant can submit up to 2 answers:)
No voting for yourself:)
Good Luck:)
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