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Asherz386 posted on Oct 03, 2009 at 05:13AM
I can't remember where I saw it, if it was in the deleted scenes or not, which episode features Darryl standing up in a meeting in the conference room and saying something about how Morgan Freeman is more for "you people"? I'm going crazy trying to find it?

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hace más de un año MrsRook said…
I don't remember the episode either but I am 90% sure it was in the deleted scenes, last season.
Michael was in the conf. room talking about how Obama was now president so whites were the minority and now black ppl like Darryl, Stanely, and Kelley (lol) now had to watch what they say and white people could now say things like "What's up muh cracker?" but black people couldn't use that phrase.
Really funny stuff, but again, unsure which episode. I am positive it was from last season though.
hace más de un año 3x1minus1 said…
! i was just watching this today -- it's in the deleted scenes of 'stress relief' -- i'm pretty sure. when michael is talking about how obama is president now..
hace más de un año Asherz386 said…
big smile
Thank you sooo much!!!