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nezenic posted on Apr 11, 2009 at 07:14PM
The Michael Scott Paper Company ****Spoilers

Okay, contrary to most of the episodes I've seen lately, I liked this episode a lot. In fact the only episode I have seen this season that made me laugh was Kelly's birthday episode at the moment when Jim comes in to see Dwight's horrible decorations.

But I think this episode did it for me. The first scene of Michael driving with "Lady Gaga - Just Dance" blasting out of his car's speakers took me back to when he had Mambo #5 and My Humps as his ring tone haha.

I still have not decided if I like the opening credits scene that they added to this episode--I am convinced it was probably just for this episode, but it is nice to have a change. And I think Ryan is a little too full of himself.. didn't he used to be humble in the good old days? Oh well I guess..

One thing I noticed on this episode is that Dwight seems like a COMPLETELY different person. I am not saying it is bad.. I actually enjoyed watching his scenes in this episode. He is quite good at flirting with the new receptionist. Perhaps with the new boss disliking Jim, Dwight's attitudes have been changing a little?

I think one of the funniest moments in the episode was the scene where Michael, Pam, and Ryan are able to overhear Toby in the restroom: "Hey have you been watching Damages this year? ..."

And it also looks as though they are progressing with Michael's own paper company, since they made their first sale. This left me wondering how they would get their paper supplied, to be honest. But I do remember Michael talking about getting quotes from suppliers in the episode, and I didn't wonder too much about it. Since Michael has been working with in the business for so long, I figured he might have at least one or two tricks up his sleeve for getting paper supplied to the customer.

So what did everyone else think of this episode?

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hace más de un año smoore23 said…
I agree, this episode was great compared to a lot of other eps this season.

You know, I never thought Ryan was that great of a guy. Yes, he's a jerk, but I really like his character.

Michael listening to Lady Gaga cracked me up!

Toby being overheard in the bathroom was also pretty funny.

I agree with you about Dwight being different. I mean, go back and look at S1-3, he's different then. I mean, I don't think he would've played along with the whole Jim playing soccer thing. I think he just would've ignored the whole conversation because it wasn't work-related.
hace más de un año the_bunkster said…
i only think he intervened in the soccer conversation because he can see that the new boss doesnt like jim at all, and using his magical dwight powers, and sensing that jim was lying, dwight is just trying a different way to destroy jims life, and that is the dwight we know... MONKEY!!!!
hace más de un año voltron said…
i thought dwight and andy being best friends was a little confusing
seemed to happen too quickly....