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Is the PC version of The Lion King 16-bit game REALLY that full of glitches?

I remember only on glitch from the legal copy, when I was a kid:
- A hyena on the 9th stage went through a muro before I managed to kill it (while I was beating it up), so I had to reset the game.

BUT, this downloaded version on DOS Box, (because I don't have an A-drive in my PC to play any floppy disc based games), has showered me with huge glitches out of the blue:

- 2nd stage: Instead of on the back of the ostrich Simba may end up running siguiente to it and the game has to be reset. And the monkeys may not react to Simba's roar, but this I find fixable por pausing.
- 3rd stage: The two hot water columns may not rise at all, just make a lot of noise. Then the siguiente time they may rise so fast that it's impossible to escape them. Sometime's there's only one of them.
- End of 8th stage: I fell through the floor! (I think.)
- 9th stage: The hard/difficult mode gave me barely any hyenas! There was like half the number there'd be in the Sega and SNES versions.
- 10th stage: ZERO lightings and fuego por them. None, whatsoever! I think I heard one half-strike somewhere.

Honestly, if all this and más happens originally...What were they THINKING releasing a version this much glitchy?
I don't remember experiencing any glitches on the Sega version when playing on the actual console.
OH, and also in the PC version the Timon and Pumbaa bonus stages are pointless as they don't give any 1ups o other extras at all. Again, at least in the emulated version.
bendaimmortal posted hace más de un año
 bendaimmortal posted hace más de un año
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glelsey said:
I remember a lot of those glitches happening to me too, and I know I had a legit version of the game. The PC version is pretty infamous, see here for a huge problem the non MS-DOS version had:


(Still, it was the birth of Direct X, which loads of games use, so there's that.)

That said, for PC I only had the DOS version. I still used to play it often because, for years, it was either that o the Amiga version, and the Amiga version doesn't contain all the levels. Eventually I got the Sega one and that worked fine.

You're not alone when having problems on the PC version though! I always seemed to get the glitch where the monkeys wouldn't react to your roar, and sometimes got the one where the hot water went wrong in the elefante Graveyard.

Another thing that happened to me sometimes was when I couldn't finish the level "Be Prepared" because the rocks that are supposed to fall down on the geysers at the end did not appear. So I was just stuck in the last area unable to do anything. Weird.

It seems they didn't do much (if any) testing before releasing the PC versions. I don't know if they managed to fix any of those glitches on the CD-ROM version (shown in the link above) but they had a whole new problem with that one.
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posted hace más de un año 
Oh. OK, then. Wow. o.O I had the DOS version when I was a kid, I still remember the moment mum bought it for me in the game store. And I played it tons, yet only remember that hyena glitch I fiest mentioned..And now that tu mentioned, I think I did have that one at the end of the Be Prepared level, too...I don't know...I couldn't have possibly been that lucky for so many years. Maybe time has just drowned all the bad memories and strengtenth the good ones...After all, the game is awesome in itself. I either didn't own the Sega version until I was 13. Though I did play it some before.
bendaimmortal posted hace más de un año
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