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knifewrench posted on Dec 12, 2007 at 06:49PM
This topic is for posting all the LoZ references - to other media or events - which you have noticed.

The Triforce and the three goddesses of Hyrule could represent the Holy Trinity: The Father (Din), The Son (Farore) and the Holy Spirit (Nayru).

The Kokiri, the whole thing about them remaining children, having to stay in the Kokiri Forest and their clothes could be a reference to Peter Pan.

The Kokiri Forest could be a reference to the Garden of Eden: "If the Kokiri leave the forest they will die"

The Twili could be a reference to Australians (both have ancestors who were banished to their current land for the crimes they committed. Please note I am not trying to offend Australians, just pointing out a similarity)

This is all I can remember at the moment but I know there are many others.
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hace más de un año ktlady said…
That's cool... I never really thought about it. Why is each of the Godhead those particular goddesses? I mean why would The Son, for example, be Farore? Or were you just giving examples?
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hace más de un año PkmnTrainerJ said…
I don't think Adam & Eve would have died if they left Eden. They experienced 'The Fall' after they were kicked out but...
hace más de un año knifewrench said…
I think what it actually means (in both Zelda and the Bible) is that if you leave the garden/forest you will become mortal.

About the Triforce, I thought that God The Father is like Din because they are both powerful (God is always smiting people in the Old Testament), God The Son (Jesus) is like Farore (the goddess of courage) because Jesus had the option of escaping the Romans but he let himself be captured so the rest of us could be saved. Last of all I thought God The Holy Spirit is like Nayru (wisdom) because of the knowledge the Holy Spirit gives to Christians.
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hace más de un año Zerstoren said…
The Chickens are a reference to karma!

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hace más de un año knifewrench said…
lol, yet I still love to be kickin' the frickin' chicken....
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hace más de un año knifewrench said…
Had a talk with some fellow gamers at Church. Turns out that the creator of LoZ is a Christian (I didn't ask whether or not he meant Shigeru Myamoto).

So yeah, I think a lot of the Biblical references are deliberate.
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