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heart-of_love posted on Sep 21, 2014 at 05:41AM
I dont own this rp, it belings to someone else, i just wanted it to come back.

It's been 5 years after Link passed away and new Knights from the academy have risen, we've inhabited the surface in Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru. Create a character and have an adventure in The world below and/or above the clouds! Have fun and Enjoy! You start at Junior Knight rank and have all of Links tools...

You may include Characters from previous or later games, You may also Visit Hyrule from Twilight Princess, Old Hyrule from Ocarina of Time, Hyrule from Minish Cap, Places From Four Swords, and Lavina Town!!

These places are not specific so you can visit other places within THESE games ONLY:

Twilight Princess

Minish Cap

Four Sword

A Link to the Past


Skyward Sword

Ocarina Of Time

Majora's Mask

(And Any Game that comes after Skyward Sword)

Age: (Make it around High school age)
Tunic Color:
Extra Info:(Optional)

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hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Name: Mania

Age: 17

Appearance: pic

Tunic Color: Red

Gender: female

Personality: later

Background: Mania grew up in Termina, becoming 12 year's of age when the Moon began to fall. instead of panicking she hurried to clock town to help remove the people, that's when she ran into Link, He had told her he knew how to stop the moon from falling, and she belived him and offered her asistance, which he reluntly agreed on.
after returning to the first day about 30 times using the Ocarina of Time, They reached the third day and Fought Majora, winning. they returned the mask to the Salesmen and Mania and Link were about to part.

Mania was sad, even though to other's she had only spent three days with Link, she spent more then that, becoming good friends with him, and it was sad to see him go. He gave her all the thing's he collected from their journey. He even game her something precious to him,The Ocarina of Time.... his last words to her, touched her heart.

"This isn't goodbye...we'll meet this life...or the next.." and Link Left.
A few year's past and Mania decided to travel and see if she could find Link. She fell asleep riding her horse Eon. and woke up to find herself in Skyloft.

Extra: Has all Majora's Mask items, including the masks. She has The Great Faries Sword and the Gilded Sword, but uses a three pointed spear.
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 Name: Mania Age: 17 Appearance: pic Tunic Color: Red Gender: female Personality: lat
anifanfreak commented…
(You mean a Trident :I ) hace más de un año
heart-of_love commented…
( i wrote down three pointed spear because i could not come up wiith the name, and didnt feel like searching for it...) hace más de un año
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
(Haha, sure as heck this RP doesn't originally belong to you! I'm gonna bring this one back to light now!)

Name: Yusuke Kamiya

Age: 17

Appearance: (Same as one of my usual OC's, check my Picture Gallery for reference.)

Tunic Color: Green

Gender: Male

Personality: Myself

Background: Knew the Knight Kiyashi, but he went on an adventure and hasn't returned yet. He has about the same ability as Kiya, he usually keeps to himself and practices his SwordPlay on his own, in seclusion, usually underground in Skyloft, even on other Islands when people still bother him. There are Rumors about his past, since he isn't originally from Skyloft and that he is actually from another land, and is called a Hyrulian. Other, more heinous rumors are commonly circulated around Skyloft between the other Knights.

Extra Info: He had gone through a disastrous childhood, he dislikes personal contact, but depending on how the person tends to treat him he may eventually come to accept someone. He like's to bake. He's a Master Archer and Swordsman, he is rather useless with most other items. He's an Excellent Rider, Horses and Loftwings as well.
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: Tch...

Knight 1: Oh hey! Look! It's the Black Knight! Best stay away from him, he may just kill you!

Yusuke: *He spoke under his breath and kept walking* Give me a reason... Jerk... *He walked away, disappearing below the graveyard, he went around the Empty House, he kept walking and went into a small Man-Made cove, he unsheathed his sword, started at it for a second then began to swing it skillfully, he eventually moved on to a tough straw dummy, he slashed away until it became loose and began falling apart* He finished by cutting it clean in half down the center, splitting the pole he'd mounted it too, he sheathed his blade and walked out, he dabbed his forehead with a towel wiping the sweat off of him, he took his tunic off and wore only his cotton shirt and pants* It's too hot... Hah... *He then walked out of his little Hide-y hole and went to the Academy, he went to his room and laid down* What is wrong with people...? *He sighed throwing his arm over his eyes*
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
(it's been forever anifanfreak long time no see! and of course it's not mine! it's just went missing for a while......)

(updating and changing character a bit, seeing how that was a year ago!!)
Mania slowly got out of the bed she was laying in, Her mind still couldnt grasp that, one moment see was in the woods, and the next, she's in a civilized area with lots of people and birds. BIG BIRDS!

Mania left the room she was in, and started looking around. a lot of people were Wearing Tunic's like the one Link wore. A few people stared at her, but most waved, friendly. After walking around the buillding, Mania started poking her head into people's rooms, all were empty, except one, who was laying in his bed, arm thrown over his eyes... from what she could hear, it sounded like he was muttering. Mania noticed a green tunic laying on the floor next to the bed.

No one else had been wearing green, so for a moment she thought she had found her long lost friend. she quietly stepped into his room. "excuse me?" She remarked trying to talk to him.

hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
(I replied on the original over a year ago! XD)

Yusuke: Yusuke: Eh...? *He was slightly irritated, more tired than anything though* Whaddya Want? Here to insult me more? If you are, just write it down and put it in the box. *He flipped over* Tch... No one would screw with Link if here here... Just cause Him and Kiya are gone... *He curled up under his covers with a sigh, holding his pillow tightly*
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
(that must have been after i stopped looking for updates on it....hehe...)

Mania's eye twitched, Nope..not Link. But she didnt like his attitude at all. She leaned her spear on the wall and marched over to him. Instead of trying to get his atteation again. she grabbed the sheets and pulled them off the bed, taking him and his blankets to the ground.

"when Someones asking a questing, you let them answer!" She huffed, annoyed, putting her hands on her hips, her blue hair falling over her shoulder. She then blinked. "by the way..who's Kiya?"
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
(Oh. That's fine then. We can just make a new one. FRESH START!! YAAAAH!!)

Yusuke: An old friend. He's gone off somewhere so I'm alone now... Besides, why do YOU care? You MUST have heard those stupid rumors about me right? *He looked away* Whatever... *He sighed* Just... I don't care... *He Flipped over, turning his back to her*
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Mania growled lightly and snatched up her spear, before jabbing him into the back with the back of it, so it didnt stab him.
"you don't have to be so rude! And WHAT Rumors? I JUST GOT HERE!!" she exclaimed. lone hand holding the Tridentm the other resting on her hip.
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: Oh... Then ASK AROUND!! I'M SURE YOU'LL UNDERSTAND WHY I'M SO FREAKING IRRITABLE AFTER THAT!! *He shoved her out of his room and slammed his door violently, he fell back onto his bed, exhausted, he winced and realized he'd got a cut on his arm somehow, he went to his desk and put a bandage over it, he wrapped it with a bandage, then went to sleep*
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Mania looked at the door in surprise, that was the first time anyone had been that rude to her....No wonder no one liked him...he was a jerk. With a sigh Mania turned and begun looking around again, exploring, and finaly looking for someone who could help her out. She needed to figure out where she was, seeing how she was on a town that floated in the sky. how to find Link, and more importently... HOW TO GET OFF THIS ISLAND IN THE SKY.
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
(I'm gonna bring Kiya back)

Kiya: WHOO! *He jumped off of his Loftwing* Good Girl! *He pet her head and smiled* Hrrrm... Ah! I wonder... *He rushed to the Academy and past Mania* YUUUUUUU!!! *He burst in the door, slamming it behind him body slamming Yusuke while he was jis bed, quicker than he could react*


Kiya: Oh grow up! Or are ya gonna cry? *He mocked him sticking out his tongue*

Yusuke: I'm about to beat the crap out of you... Ugh... *He sat up rubbing his head* Great... Now I have a massive headache thanks to you...

Kiya: You're welcome! *He laughed* Oh, by the way, while I was out, guess who I ran into while I was walking around Hyrule Castle?

Yusuke: Please don't tell me it was Midna Again... You know how much she irritates me...

Kiya: Nope! It was Link! Ilya was with him!

Yusuke: So? What's your point?


Yusuke: Huh?! No way! FINALLY!! Jeez! He makes her wait almost two years... I Swear... The nerve of that guy... *He lays back down* Anyway, how long are you back for?

Kiya: For however long I want.

Yusuke: Cool! Let's hang out then! Like old times, that way I can go outside without being taunted!

Kiya: Ugh... Are they still on that?!

Yusuke: What do you think? I'd probably be at the Bazaar helping out The Shop Keepers or Beedle if I wasn't being teased. I'm just tired of hearing them go on and on about it...

Kiya: Well, now That I'm with you you have nothing to worry about bud!

Yusuke: I know. *He bumped fists with Kiya and they walked out, passing Mania on the way*

Kiya: New girl?

Yusuke: I dunno, I'VE never seen her before today but she tried talking to me, I was kind of a jerk though.

Kiya: Ah... Well... You should go apologixze then, if she's new she probably doesn't know much about you!

Yusuke: but I feel bad! You know First Impressions mean a lot to me.

Kiya: You're too nice Yu... Alright, We'll just let her approach us on her own...

*They walked outside*
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
(alright, this will be intresting...)

Mania closed her eyes, letting the sun warm her up, She needed to Relax, getting all worked up wasnt going to help her find her way off the sky island. Mania sat down, spear next to her, as she opened up her bag she had with her and looked at her masks, trying to see if she had one that could help her.

The only thing the Blast mask would do is give her a headace.

The Bunny hood would make her really fast....but it wouldnt help her other then by helping her move around fast.

The Stone Mask makes you seem as plan as no one would notice her.

all the other masks she had were just as useless...the only one that could fly was the Deku Mask..and she needed Deku flowers to actually fly so that was also a dud..

Mania sighed and put away all the masks, other then the Bunny Hood, she was going to use that one a little later. She then Noticed the guy from eariler..the rude one. She got to her feet, snatched up her spear and hood, and marched over to him.

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hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: M-Me?! *He backed up slightly surprised at her sudden outburst* Oh... Uhm... Hey, listen... Sorry about before yeah, I was kinda irritable, hope you can forgive me.

Kiya: Wow, quick on your feet aren't you Yu?

Yusuke: *He turned to Kiya* Shut up! I feel bad okay!?

Kiya: Well... Yeah, alright. *He sighed and shrugged, go see what she wants, I'm gonna head into the Bazaar, see if anyone needs help. Later!

Yusuke: Alright. Bye.

*Kiya left, going on ahead to the bar, he patted Yusuke's shoulder as he turned away*

Yusuke: *He approached Mania* So... Now that I don't feel so Irritated, what would you like? *He gave a sheepish smile as he stood scratching the back of his head*
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Mania rolled her eyes and stabbed the Spear into the ground, before crossing her arms over her chest. she narrowed her eyes at him, annoyed. "Okay, then if your dont being a jerk, can you tell me where i am."
A smile found it's way onto her mouth and she uncrossed her arms, putting one hand on her hip, and the other held the bunny hood in her fingers. "i mean..i have no idea where i am, and i would really like to know."
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: Erm... While it doesn't need much explanation I'm sure you have noticed that we're on a giant floating rock, in the sky. The Locals here call it "Skyloft" You can dive to the surface and end up in numerous places. So long as you know where to aim.
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Mania crossed her arms over her chest. "sky...Loft.....a very strange name...but..." a look of thought and worry crossed her face. "hmmm...this is really did i even get here." She ran a hand through her shocking blue hair. "this is going to be a pain..." She sighed, gripping the Bunny hood tightly in her other hand.
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: Hmm? Did you win that at the Carnival Game in Clock Town? *He pointed to the Bunny Hood* I've got a pair just like that, I visited while they were celebrating some kind of holiday or whatever. Link had invited me after he returned to Hyrule, he told this awesome tale about how he was something called the "Hero of Time".
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Mania looked at the hood and shrugged. "I actually lived in Termina Field for a while there, but i would go to" It clicked fully what he said. "THE HERO OF TIME!!!" She shreaked. "when did you last see him? was he okay?" Mania's eyes were glowing happily.
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: UWAGH!?! *He jumped a little bit at her sudden outburst* Errr... I haven't seen him in a few months... But last I saw he was completely good, he was still looking for Navi though... Seemed like he found his horse. What was her name? Epona, I think it was? Whatever... Anyway, it's kind of weird cause a few times he seemed to know me more and more, even when I only met him for the first time, So, he told me he had this thing called the "Ocarina of Time" that he used to go back in time but I can't see that as being physically possible... But it's whatever to me cause we're on a free-floating Island made of pure Earth and Rock... So, my logic got thrown out of the window when I arrived here, actually, I kind of had the same situation as you, I kind of just woke up here... But that was a long time ago, I can't get back to my own home town so I stay here instead. I don't really know much about my past anyway so I can't even tell you where my Hometown is. Apparently I'm called a Hyrulian.
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Mania stopped freaking out..... So Link was safe,,,that was good.. "It's True... back in my Home area of Termina he saved us from an evil Imp called Skull Kid, who was using the Mask Of Majora, a very Evil Deity, to make the Moon fall from the sky. Link went back in time to the start of the Three day cycle...because that's how long he had to find a way to stop Skull Kid." Mania smiled. " i should Know....I helped him all those year's ago.."

She held up the bunny hood. "and this is actually, and all the other mask's i have..have very special powers.."
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: Oh, I know that, *He looked at the masks* He showed me those, he also gave me these. *He pulled out The Goron Ruby and the Kokri Emerald* Apparently there was another that he had but it was kind of special to him so... Yeah, he said he couldn't give them away. I also helped him take care of his pet dragon, Doloria way back when, before Termina and Clock Town ever happened. That's when he told me he was the "Hero of Time" I never saw him much after that though. Though I can confidently say that we were good friends.
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hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Mania furrowed her brow. it didnt make sense, she had been with Link from the start of the adventure, and that was when they were Children, and she was there when he gathered all the sense at all.... "a pet dragon?" Mania asked, surprised.
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
(It's actually in the Manga, but it ties into the Ocarina of Time Storyline)

Yusuke: Yeah, A Baby Dragon that he bought in a market in Castle Town I think for 50 Rupees, it was really naughty so there was no wonder why a DRAGON was so cheap. Eventually it warmed up to Link and when it was time went to live in Death Mountain. We parted ways just after He bought it and freed it, then I traveled around Hyrule until I came across Termina and Clock Town where I met Link again, He gave me these stones and then it all goes blank. I can't remember anything after that. My Amnesia as to my origin is completely unrelated, that's why I was on my journey in the first place. It's all kind of convoluted now that I think about it and say it out loud. *He laughed sheepishly sticking out his tongue a bit* Anyway. What's YOUR story? How do YOU know Link? OH! Before I Let you say anything, there's ANOTHER Link here and in another Land Below, It's crazy that they're not Related but they're TOO alike, Heck, even their CLOTHES are almost Identical!! It's Crazy I tell you!
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
( I had replied, but it's not here.....Also i didnt know there was a Manga.....)

Mania looked at him curiously. "we'll, like i had metioned, Link and i Met a few year's back, about maybe a year or two after he became the Hero of Time....He had come to my home land of Termina.

The moon was getting really close, like it was going to fall, and i went to clock town to see what i could do...seeing how the moon was right above the town....I had actually ran into Link, and even though it seemed like the first time i met him...hence the time traveling....he had told me of his mission, and i helped..."
Mania started to look kinda sad.
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: Hey, I know Link is weird when it comes to companions, but I'm sure he still thinks of you, he's really like a ghost, one day he shows up, mystifies you and then innocuously disappears as if he was never there, but everyone still knows he was there... That's how he was with me... He was like my best friend but eventually he just up and left, without warning... But i know he only did because someone, somewhere else needed him.
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Mania sighed. "yea i know...but when he left he said we would meet again....but that was about 5 years ago..." she shook her head. "anyways, did i bother ' Mr. Grumpy Pants ' ??"
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: Huh? *He was taken by surprise at the name, he felt embarrassed and he bowed his head and looked down at the ground, breaking their eye contact* Er... Uh... No, sorry, I was only irritated cause of the people that were annoying me... *He looked up and saw a few Junior Knights approaching* Oh no... Speaking of which...
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Mania followed his eyes. "huh? are they the ones bothering you?" She was thinking about helping him out with that,but it would probably make things worse. Mania took a few steps back and spun her trident over her head and stabbed it into the ground, then shoved the bunny hood into her bag.
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: *He gently tugged on her sleeve* Uhm... We should just leave... We shouldn't get involved with those guys... *He was still looking down, a shamed look in his eyes still showed though* Mania-San...
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Mania stiffened. "what are you? a Stalfos or a Mouse???"
Where Mania was from Stalfos were skeletal warriors who attacked with swords, shields, maces, and even their own bones. "Seriously, if you keep letting them walk all over you, you'll never get any stronger, and people will keep teasing you."
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: I'm not walking away for me, I'm walking away for THEM... *He was trembling, but not in fear, rather, in frustration, near anger, even fury* L-Let's go...

Sakuya: Ah! Heeeeeey! Lookie here! The Black Knight has a girlfriend! *He Grabbed Manias arm suddenly jerking her towards him before she could react* You're cute! I don't think you should be around someone as DANGEROUS as this guy. *He gestured towards Yusuke*

Yusuke: *He gritted his teeth violently, restraining himself* Don't you DARE touch Mania-san... You monster... *He spoke quietly and calmly*

Sakuya: Huh? What was that? You gotta speak up! Or she won't HEAR YOU!! *He pushed Yusuke down, elbowing him in the face* Ahahahaha!!

Knight 1: Hahahaha!

Knight 2: FREAK!!

Knight 3: You Ought to just leave! Never come back you Murderer!!

*They all laughed and walked away, shoving Mania out of the way, almost pushing her to the ground*

Yusuke: I hate them so much... *his eyes burned with fury* Why can't they just leave me alone...?!
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hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Mania glared at them, a glint her in her eyes. she snatched up her spear and charged, leaping over the 3 knights and pointing her spear tip at Sakuya...she looked very annoyed. "speak to him like that again, or touch me again, and you'll be missing some body parts." her voice was cold and filled with Malice.
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Sakuya: *He backed up but pivoted too quickly for Mania to track, soon enough he was behind her, he grabbed her Tunic and threw her over his shoulder slamming her into the ground, knocking the wind out of her* You've got moves. I've got more... *He smirked and predded his foot down on her throat preventing any chance of her drawing breath* So what now? Its not like the Freak can do anything, nor can you. You're too weak, you should just give up and be a good girl, work behind the stove and be useful!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Yusuke: *He couldn't hold back after witnessing this happening right in front of him* Dont you EVER... Say anything like that again... NOW SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH YOU PRICK!!! AAHHHHHHH!! *Out of nowhere Yusuke appeared behind Sakuya, he flung his leg into the side of Sakuyas head instantly knocking him unconscious and sending him flying ten meters off to the side, there was a deadly atmosphere around him, it shook the very air with his presence* Get out of here. Take out the trash like good children too. *He pointed to Salutary, bleeding from the mouth and nose* Unless you want ME to do it... *He pointed to the jumping platform*

*The other knights scrambled in fear and scampered away with their tails between their legs and Salutary being dragged behind them*

Yusuke: Sorry... *He helped Mania up and grabbed her Trident and brought her over to a nearby bench where he had her sit* Are you okay?
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Mania coughed harshly.
"yea..i'm okay..just wasnt expecting that.." she cleared her throat and coughed. "i've actaully been through worse.." She looked at her trident, the head was cracked and looked like it was going to fall off soon.
Mania coughed again and spoke. "that was really cool, what you did....your...really strong.."
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: *He gripped his arm* Yeah... But this strength is a curse, not a gift...*He backed away from her* Look... You're really nice and all but I should get going now... I'm probably going to be expelled soon... That's fine by me since I was never supposed to be here in the first place... *He turned and walked away, still holding his arm, looking down at the ground in shame*

???: *The young girl appeared beside Manual* You should try to talk to him. He'll probably refuse help at first but if you're stubborn and persistant you'll get to him, he seems to have taken a shine to you. Don't waste it, he's broken, he fears that he'll never be fixed... He harbors some darkness in his heart, even Kiyashi-kun couldn't break its hold on poor Yusuke... But you might... *She got up and walked away, suddenly disappearing as if she was never there...* Good Luck. You'll need it...

Yusuke: *He went to his room, he was already letting the tears roll* Damnit... Just when things were looking up! *He sat on his bed in the far corner hugging his legs and burying his face by his knees*
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hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Mania looked at the spot where a girl had been standing only moments ago. "Darkness..." She looked at the sky. "it couldnt be the same darkness that was in Majora's mask Link destoryed it.." She got up shakely and looked at her poor trident. with a sigh she starting looking around for a Smith to fix it.
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Kiya: *He ran back* Huh?! Where'd Yu go? Hmm... *He saw Mania* Hey! You! New girl! Where's Yusuke?! *He glanced at her trident* Whoa! That Weapon of yours is thrashed! You need help with that?
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hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Mania looked at him shocked. "uh.." She didnt know what to answer first. "um..Yu? he name is Mania..and yes, i would like help with this." She held out the trident.
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Kiya: Yeah, I don't know why I didn't see that coming... Come, I can help you with repairs. The Gorons on Death Mountain taught me how. *He took the Trident and looked at it, closer* Hey, did some guy named Sakuya come around, he's usually followed by his goonies, there's around six of them total I think. Anyway... I'll deal with them... Oh...? What's this...? *He reached his fingers into the small area where one of the blades had chipped, he peeled down the metal and revealed a Note, with a small charm necklace wrapped inside of it, the charm was shaped like Navi with an Ocarina, like the Ocarina of Time Etched onto the back, and in small script it read, "from Link".* Link? Hmm! So you know a Link too? *He gave her the Paper and Necklace* I'll get to work on this, you can check those out... Looks like it's a note with a Map on it. Maybe it can help you find Link? *He walked into his house, pulling Mania in, he went to the back room where a large Furnace was bellowing flames out of it, a large anvil and tools sat at the rooms center* Here's my Forge! And now to get to work! *he began his repairs on Manias Weapon*
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Mania looked at the note and necklace in awe. it was..something she never would have expected from Link. With shaking hands she opened the paper, to read what was on it.
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: So...? Spill the beans, what does it say?

Note: "Mania, if you're reading this then you've just been in a difficult battle or its been a very long time. I don't expect you to know how I got this into your Trident, I just did. Look, I know it must be weird being so suddenly separated, its weird for me too but you must move on. You can still visit me. Just follow the Map. I've etched it onto the back of this note. It won't be easy but if you think its worth it. Feel free to try. Find my old friends along the way, they can assist you in your journey. There are 4 in particular. A young Zora, the leader of the Gordon's, and my old Father figure... The last one you may have met or may never meet. However he may be your greatest asset. I advidmse you to find HIM if you want to find ME... I have to go now. I hope to see you soon, or in the next life, whichever comes first. Goodbye my friend, all your best, Link the Fairy Child."
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
A smile made it's way onto Mania's face. She flipped the note over and looked at the map, before slowly looking up at Yusuke. "we'll...Looks like i'm going on an adventure..." she looked back down at the note. "a Zora....a Goron leader...his old father figure...and someone else..." she mused.
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Kiya: Oh? Those sound familiar! Yusuke talked about how Link had spoken of a large tree who was like a father to him as a young boy. And about A Princess in the Royal Zora family named Ruto! And the Gorons of Death Mountain! You ought to talk to him! He may be that last person you need! Dontcha think? Hes got those weird stones too, I think that's what its for! You go get him, I'll be finished by the time you get back! Look for the door with his name on it, its Upstairs in the Academy.
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
(Trust me the story has a plot twist that will blow your mind, we need to continue this to a certain point tho, this will most definitely end up where i need it to regardless of your choices so have fun and go crazy with this arch since its yout adventure and all. Everything beyond this is purely your choice! Good Luck Heart!)
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
(ooh! a choose your own adventure huh? Me Likey!!!)

Mania stood up and put the note in her pocket, before turning to go. "i've Actually been there already." She grinned at him before leaving. As she walked, she actually looked around.
Skyloft was beautiful, with large birds of multiple colors flying around with people on there backs.
She started to pick up her pace and made her way to the Academy. She opened the door and ran to the stairs, made her way up, and stood outside Yusuke's door.

hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: *He'd already calmed down and was walking out to go to the mess hall, since he was hungry, he bumped into Mania* Eh? Oh... Hey... What's up?
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Mania panic'ed, she didnt know how she was going to explain this to him. she took a deep breath. "i need your help." she spoke, then told him of the note that was inside the trident.
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: *He was skeptical but she did seem sincere* Hmmm... That doesn't sound like something the Link I knew would do... But then again I might not know him as well as I think I do... I'll help you. *He decided with a reassuring nod* So, what are we supposed to do? We gotta find a few people. They kinda seem familiar but I don't know who the fourth person would be nor who Princess Ruto is... *He sighed*
hace más de un año heart-of_love said…
Mania sighed as well. " we'll someone said he could help..he's actually fixing my trident right now...he said to get you...he also said you have the three special stone things."
hace más de un año anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: Huh? Oh. Kiya? Hmm... Yeah I have some stones but I only have two of them. Remember? I told you that Link gave me the stones but he couldn't let go of one of them. Also, if we need to go down there we need some supplies. You look like someone who'd have a slingshot or something of the sort handy so just go and give Beedle's airshop's bell a whack and he'll lower his ladder. I'll buy other things like potions and other things we may need. It'd also be good to know that Beedle's prices are kind of ridiculous so you may need some extra rupees so if you do come see me. I expect we'll find plenty on our journey.