la leyenda de zelda Din, the goddess of loud noises, Farore, the goddess of ferero roches, and Nyru, the goddess of ???. XD Help please!

ImAnEasel posted on Dec 16, 2011 at 03:40PM
Did I spell ferero roches right? Also, please could somebody help me with the question marks? Thankyou! ^.^

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hace más de un año Zero_Delta said…
Is this supposed to be sarcasm?
Din = power
Farore = courage
Nyru = wisdom
Also, this should be a question, not a forum post.
hace más de un año Midnina said…
Nyru is the God of the windsdom and the oracles of ages
hace más de un año Zelda4Efas said…
ummm, isn't it spelled Nayru?
hace más de un año Midnina said…
Zelda4Efas, you're right, I ever thought this, but in Italian a lot of name are different, so I thought that in English tha name is Nyru!! XD
hace más de un año ImAnEasel said…
@Zero_Delta: I was actually joking. I can delete this, if you like... If it's actually possible to delete a forum.

@Zelda4efas: Maybe. Probably. Yeah. XD
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