la leyenda de zelda Create ur own legend of zelda charecter!!!

ManInGreen695 posted on Oct 26, 2011 at 10:49PM
Ok so if u could make ur own charecter for legend of zelda what would it be?PLEASE come up with one and put it on this forum.U know wat to do.

NAME:Akuskook(Phantom Lord)
AGE:Over 10,000
Relations:The 3 Goddesses;opposing force.The Triforces;wants to comsume them to gain massive power.Ganondorf;just another puppet in his plans.Twilight Realm;opposing force.
APPERANCE:Wears blacks robes with chain mail underneath.No hair,no nose,a mouth with teeth of a bat,a steel helmet with decorated gems,and dark energy surounding him every place he goes.
POWERS:Has control over all the is darkness,can transform to heal himself and make it harder to kill him,feeds off the life energy of an enviroment to gain stenght,and can corrupt any one of the triforces.
Weakness:Virtualy can't step into direct light,can be over powered by the light of the sages(but still can still kill them).
Story:He is darkness in huminod form.He has been asleep for hundreds of years,but was awakeing from the massive energy ementing from the Twilight Realm and Hyirule.Now he plans on comsume the remaining triforces and 3 Goddesses,but with his resting place under Kakariko village he must wait until the light is powerless and kill the shamin to be free to roam.

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