I am one the biggest l Word fans ever and I have to say my favorito! couple of all time gay o straight on TV is Bette and Tina. The reason I think I amor them so much is because tu got to see them develop from Season 1 to 6. In season 1 they had been together for 7 years already when they were introduced to us. They were a good couple, not perfect like their friends thought they were, but they were pretty good. Bette was a controlling, self absorbed, and self centered person. It was all about Bette. Tina on the other was the good little dutiful wife. She pretty much always did whatever Bette wanted. She admired and loved Bette so much. She put Bette up a pedestal. Her whole identity was Bette, she was everything to her. So when she found out Bette was cheating on her she was completely and totally devastated. In season 2 Bette started out still thinking everything would go according to when she was ready for it to progress. Like when she let her affair go on with Candace for a mes without even contacting Tina until she came to The Planet a mes later begging for forgiveness. And when Tina started the divorce proceedings she dicho "How many times do I have to say I'm sorry" as if to say I dicho I'm sorry so let's mover on. But, as time passed on she tried to work on her self centered ways and I respected that about her. Tina on the other hand was trying to find her identity. Trying to figure out who she was without Bette. She was hurt, mad, and angry and wanted to believe that she didn't need o want Bette anymore. They went through a lot in season 2, Tina trying to mover on to something new (Helena) and Bette getting her corazón broke having to watch Tina be with another woman. But in the end they came back together. Season 3 was my least favorito! season, because for one we had no idea what happened to get Bette and Tina o any of the characters to the point they were at (Not to mention with lost both Dana and Carmen this season). Secondly, because they broke up yet again. I can only speculate about what happened to them in those 6 months. I believe what happened was Tina lost respect for Bette, because she wasn’t working and also she never got over the cheating thing. Tina just behaved badly towards Bette rolling her eyes when Bette spoke and whenever they disagreed o argued used the baby against Bette. But worst of all she just stopped caring about Bette. I think she was afraid of letting herself get close to Bette again and thought it would be easier to go back to men. Because she was never in amor with Henry, he was just the first man that came along that she could have a relationship with. They both did some bad things to each other this season also. Bette tried to get sole custody of Angelica and then Tina got mad and threatened to take Angelica away from Bette (With I believe she would have never really done, because from the time Angelica was born she thought of Bette as her other parent no matter what anyone said). Then Bette took the baby and went on the run and Tina did know where they were o if she was coming back, which is the worst thing tu can do to a mother. In season 4 they learned to be friends again. Tina realized she made a mistake and wanted Bette back. Bette moved on with Jodi, because she believed Tina didn’t want her anymore. Tina was a unique position to groom Bette for them to get back together, even though she didn’t know it yet. This is the season where Bette actually took a good look at herself, with the help of Tina, and really realized her ways and started to change them. por the end of this season is was clear how much Tina still loved Bette, because even though she wanted her back she did what she thought was the right thing por Bette por helping her get back with Jodi, because she didn’t want to play with her emotions if Bette could be happy with Jodi. The sad part about the whole thing is Tina thought Bette moved on and Bette thought Tina didn’t want her. If they had talked it all out Bette would have never went to get Jodi back and they could have saved Jodi a lot of corazón ache. Season 5 was the season of realizations, because neither one of them knew how strong their connection still was. por the time they come back together they had been through a miscarriage, infidelity, a break up, the birth of their daughter, a divorce, and Tina going back to men. I hated to see these two break up, but I think they had to break up and be apart to be able to finally come back together and appreciate and amor each other the way they should. They both had a lot of growing to do and they both evolved into great women. Tina found her independence and was able to see Bette as a person who could make mistakes, but she respected and loved thorough all her faults this time and was able to finally forgive her and be with her. Bette did a total 360 she recognized that when in a relationship it wasn’t all about her and was más considerate of the fact that Tina’s job and the things she wanted were just as important as her things. Their roles kind of reversed Bette turned a little softer and Tina got a little tougher. I’m not going to go into season 6, because aside from Jenny trying to cause chaos in her their lives they were back together and stronger than ever. I believe they made it this time.

So in conclusion Bette and Tina are my favorito! couple because they loved each other so much, even through all the hard times they went through under it all they still loved each other and they evolved into beautiful people and a beautiful couple. They had a strong bond and great chemistry together that tu could just feel and see when they looked at each other.