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 Map of Panem
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Source: http://thehungergames.wikia.com/wiki/File:Panem_map.jpg
My favorito! map of panem
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Gale just shrugged his shoulders and moved towards the bottle. He spun it.

And it landed on…

Johanna Mason.

Johanna raised an eyebrow as she saw Gale's devilish look. Though his look wasn't directed at her.

"Truth o dare?"

"Dare," Johanna said, not hesitating.

Gale smiled a oh-I-have-a-plan-forming-in-this-brilliant-mind-of-mine-and-oh-no-one-knows-what-I'm-planning-and-oh-I'm-so-freaking-awesome-and-smart smile.

"Come on, what take tu so long?" Cato yawned.

"I dare you… to give Peeta a lap dance."

Peeta paled immediately and looked at Johanna with terrified eyes.

Johanna smiled and got on her...
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Peeta and Katniss's kids perfil Page

Name: Peeta and Katniss's kids.

Age: Between one to three years old.

Home: With our awesome parents.

Current location: In the garden, playing.

Interested in: Drooling, drinking milk, sleeping and burping.

In a relationship: What is a relationship?


WALL muro muro muro muro muro muro muro WALL

Peeta Mellark: February 14th 13:04PM

O. M. G. I KNEW Katniss loves me too, and here's the proof! We have KIDS! YAY YAY YAY! :D

Katniss Everdeen: February 14th 13:06PM

Is this some kind of a joke?

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Effie Trinket perfil Page

Name: Effie Trinket *smile mariposa heart*

Age: ...not over thirty, that's for sure! *laugh uncomfortably*

Home: In the most fantabulous place in the world – The Capitol.

Current location: My beautiful home.

Interested in: Shopping, partying, The Hunger Games, Squeaking excitedly.

In a relationship: Never! I prefer short flings :) Which reminds me, Finnick Odair, if tu read it – call me ^^


WALL muro muro muro muro muro muro muro WALL

Gale Hawthorne: November 25th 16:38PM

The Capitol is NOT...
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For a fraction of a second, I get to look at Peeta one last time. I have always been the tightest of friends with him, and I know he's incredibly Valiente and charming and all-around good, but honestly, what chance does someone from District 12 have against a Career Tribute living in the lap of luxury, with excellent professional training? They have trained to do this their whole life, and where they come from, volunteering to be a tribute is an immense honor.
I thrust that out of my mind and decide to maybe talk to his parents. In a way, Peeta's dad is my father figure. I was eleven when my father...
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