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I am really easy when it comes to creating a tribute. So no super powers o things like that, but tu can do unrealistic things like killing an animal with your bare hands o walking through fuego that's actually pretty cool but tu can't have supernatural things like x-ray vision o shooting fireballs. In this I will allow tu to have 5 weapons on tu like attached to your clothing. Let's start.

Name: (first and last and than nickname)
- District 1
- District 2
- District 3
- District 4
- District 5
- District 6
- District 7
- District 8
- District 9
- District 10
- District 11
- District 12
When choosing a district, please remember, 2 people and ONLY 2 people will be on each district so if tu choose to participate in this roleplay, registrarse quickly.
(picture optional)
describe your characters look
scars tatuajes all that stuff.
weapons of choice:
(5 max)
good luck: pins, necklace, other jewelry, anything tu can fit on you. (optional.)
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los juegos del hambre
catching fuego
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