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Actually, it's not just a regular snake. It's a serpent - two serpents, actually, and I have reasons to believe they might mostrar up in The heroes of Olympus.

I'm talking about Cadmus, founder of Thebes, and his wife Harmonia, daughter of Ares and Aphrodite. Before we start, let's have a look at their little family first:

 I'm very sorry it's from Wikipedia. I couldn't find any other family trees :'(
I'm very sorry it's from Wikipedia. I couldn't find any other family trees :'(

So what made me think they'll be in the series? I'm feeling a bit lazy right now, so I'll make a short list.

1. Remember, HoO will include those plots that couldn't fit in PJO. Cadmus and Percy...
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Rick Riordan talks about the segundo book in the heroes of Olympus series and tells us what to expect. We also get a glimpse of character art for four new characters. Who could they be?
son of neptune
official trailer
character art
new characters
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 Percy Jackson (He was born to play PJ)
Percy Jackson (He was born to play PJ)
'Sup fanpoppers! This is MY dream cast. Don't go making rude comentarios because I chose a particular actor/ actress that tu don't like. Go make your own dream cast. Who's stopping you? Hope tu like it!

Percy Jackson: Logan Lerman

Annabeth Chase: Alexandra Daddario

Grover Underwood: Brandon T. Jackson

Thalia Grace: Paloma Kwiatkowski

Luke Castellan: Jake Abel

Jason Grace: Alexander Ludwig

Piper McLean: Lacey Chabert

Leo Valdez: Jake T. Austin

Hazel Lévesque: Kelsey Chow

Frank Zhang: Ryan Potter (Thank tu to hatelarxene!)

Octavian: Sterling Knight

Rachel Elizabeth...
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