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 Nico on the Argo II
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Hey, who's excited for The Mark of Athena!? *random crowd people shout and wave character flags*
Where did tu get those? Nevermind. Well, this is Blitz here, ready to help interpret the words of Phoebus Apollo's Oracle of Delphi! *Rachel fans cheer*
Yeah, she's amazing, yadddayadddayaddda. Okay, so this new prophecy appeared at the end of the Last Olympian, as spoken por Rachel Elizabeth Dare. She jacks Blackjack, blah blah, is the oracle, más blah blah, and BANG! New prophecy! Well, let's hear it! :

Seven half-bloods must answer the call
To storm o fuego the world must fall
An oath to keep with...
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posted by meredog
Just so u know Percy is high on coke......

Seaweed Brain has logged on

Seaweed Brain: OMG NO ONE IS ON!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! wait.......

Wise girl has logged on

Wise girl: Percy, y did u say Yay when no one was on???

Seaweed Brain: heelllloooooo my pretty little Annabeth!!!

Wise girl: *blushes*

Seaweed Brain: Awwww!!!!! SHAKE MY BUTT!!!!!!

Wise girl: Ummmm what????

Seaweed Brain: I just got down shaking my butt out the window!!!!!!!

Sea God has logged on

Sea God: Percy, sometimes I am embarrassed to call u my son....

Seaweed Brain: I amor U TO DADDY!!!!!!...
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posted by xharrypotterx
Well Really, I don't like Piper much and despised Reyna in the beginning. So much that I actually preferred Piper. I'm still not done with the book but i just wanted to give a quick opinion.
I think Reyna is one of the best female characters in the Camp-Half Blood series. And i realized, I haven't really had a fave female besides maybe Thalia. And now one is Reyna for sure.
I think some of tu who are older on this spot may remember that articulo i wrote on Piper.
Well now I think I have a way to make my opinion even clearer. The kind of people I would get along with would be people like Reyna,...
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