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 Percy Jackson
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Ball Jointed doll
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 Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson
What do tu guys think will happen in the siguiente book?

Do tu think Percy will be back?... If he does what role will he play in the war?

Will this girl Rena be a problem between Piper and Jason?

When will Leo build the Argo11?

What will the gods do to help their demi-god children?

What gods will we be seeing... what forms?

Are their any other powers that Jason, Piper, and Leo have?

Who is the son of Neptune... is it Percy o a Roman child?

Are we going to see some old friends from thr PJO books?

What quests are going to happen?

These are all of the preguntas that we are all asking.
Leave a comentario below and take a geuss at some of them and when the Son Of Neptune comes out we will see if tu where right o wrong.
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Actually, it's not just a regular snake. It's a serpent - two serpents, actually, and I have reasons to believe they might mostrar up in The heroes of Olympus.

I'm talking about Cadmus, founder of Thebes, and his wife Harmonia, daughter of Ares and Aphrodite. Before we start, let's have a look at their little family first:

 I'm very sorry it's from Wikipedia. I couldn't find any other family trees :'(
I'm very sorry it's from Wikipedia. I couldn't find any other family trees :'(

So what made me think they'll be in the series? I'm feeling a bit lazy right now, so I'll make a short list.

1. Remember, HoO will include those plots that couldn't fit in PJO. Cadmus and Percy...
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Rick Riordan talks about the segundo book in the heroes of Olympus series and tells us what to expect. We also get a glimpse of character art for four new characters. Who could they be?
son of neptune
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