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 Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Nico, Rachel
percy jackson
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So, this is a different take on the long awaited percabeth reunion coming up in "The Mark of Athena" I thought it was fun to wite and I hope tu guys like it...

“Mumee? Would tu tell me a story?”
The child’s mother sat on her bed, and the girl’s shoulders slumped. The stormy grey eyes she looked into seemed to be calculating an escape route. That was the thing about Sally’s mother. She was always worrying, and she never gave two bedtime stories. ‘Wise girl’ Sally thought ‘Daddy says mommy likes to be called wise girl.’
“Please wise girl?” Sally tried imitating her father’s...
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So. For those of tu who don't get the book today and is dying to know what happens, I'll give tu a few major spoilers of the Son of Neptune...

Do not read if tu don't want spoilers



1. Nico is at camp Jupiter. Hazel is a son of Pluto, Nico treats her as a replacement for Bianca. Nico pretends he doesn't know Percy
2. Hmm....okay, got it: Frank is a son of Mars
3. Major one! Reyna is a daughter of Bellulose and knows Percy! (she was on circe's island before)
4. Hazel knows Leo (they're both like ancient from 1942) they were dating o something? Still unclear
5. Ella the harpy is extremely important, she occasionally speaks prophecies and stuff
Here comes the sad one: 6. Percy remembers Annabeth BUT Annabeth will cause him trouble on his quest (according to Hera/Juno
7. Percy gets his tattoo and becomes praetor
Thats it for now
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Hey, who's excited for The Mark of Athena!? *random crowd people shout and wave character flags*
Where did tu get those? Nevermind. Well, this is Blitz here, ready to help interpret the words of Phoebus Apollo's Oracle of Delphi! *Rachel fans cheer*
Yeah, she's amazing, yadddayadddayaddda. Okay, so this new prophecy appeared at the end of the Last Olympian, as spoken por Rachel Elizabeth Dare. She jacks Blackjack, blah blah, is the oracle, más blah blah, and BANG! New prophecy! Well, let's hear it! :

Seven half-bloods must answer the call
To storm o fuego the world must fall
An oath to keep with...
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Hey guys :) These are my theories on the relationships of the characters.

1. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase (AKA Percabeth)

-End of the son of neptune

. Percy hopes that Annabeth is on the ship. then again, RR probably wants to keep the suspense SO! Annabeth is either not on the ship or... the worst case scenario *Drum roll* Annabeth is confused with her feelings about Percy and some other guy? o she died. :P lol just joking.

.Aphrodite promised Percy that she would make his amor life interesting. Does that mean she'll throw Percy another girl?

2. Hazel and Frank (AKA Frazel)

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tu think it would taste horrible wouldn't you? They have two completely different tastes. But tu never know till tu try!
For those of tu who haven't caught on, mantequilla de maní gelatina, jalea And Cheese = PJ AC = Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase.
Now don't start rolling your eyes! Those of tu who think this is another Percabeth tribute - hold that thought.
Don't get me wrong, I amor Percabeth. I always will. They are so cute together though tu wouldn't think two people so different could be so perfect for each other! Just like Ron and Hermione.
But that's just the problem. They are so damn cute, we're way...
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