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 A reaction to the ending of lost Hero
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Some of tu might have had this reaction when tu read that final sentence in The lost Hero.
the lost hero
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 Annabeths gorra, cap
Annabeths cap
He-yo! it's Bianca di Angelo,the Dead princess of the Dead.So i got bored then i got the Aslan (the clue hunters and detective group of my sister )on the job and they found that the underlined Giants in the link Hecate gave us(thanks tu Hecate)is gonna be important cause well Enchiladas is apart of it*Music scratch*wait did she dicho Enchiladas?sorry i mean Enkelados/Enceladus so lets start with the things they found important:
Aristaios:Only giant to survive the war against the gods,Gaia hid him away in the Shape of a..Dung beetle?
Enkelados/enceladusA good friend of ours who tried to kill the...
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 The official cover- The glowing eyed owl in the background, and Percy and Jason fighting. KABOOM.
The official cover- The glowing eyed owl in the background, and Percy and Jason fighting. KABOOM.

[Probably not the best way to start out an articulo with "POMG" but I don't care.]

So after like, three hours of research [dude, this took me forever] I have finally reached this conclusion...


Why? Thanks to my best friend google and it’s buddy Wikipedia and the giant history textbooks in my basement. I amor tu GUYS SO FLIPPIN MUCH.

Anywho, I have uncovered the amazing truth...DUNDUNDUN.

And that is, a certain line from The lost Hero, which I have conveniently written down here again from the book. Also, not to mention the prophecy,...
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This story was meant to be based around the amazing story Rick Riordan has dado to us. I typed this up attempting to make it seem as if it was written with the style that made Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the heroes of Olympus what it was. This is all fan-fiction, but I take no credit for the story/characters created por Rick Riordan, but only the character I've created.
Thank you, and I hope tu enjoy.

I Turn perros Into Dust

    My morning was probably the same morning just about any regular kid from Virginia would have......
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