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ok guys i have been waiting for a post in a simmilar forum i really cant wait more
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hace más de un año percyrulz said…
chapter 1
Percy's pov
i was sleeping in my bed it had been 4 months in this roman camp ihave somewhat emerged to be their leader.
suddenly a conch horn blew
iwoke up isaw my watch 6am its early usually conch horn blew at seven then i realized it wasn't conch horn it was the security alarm i hurried out of bed.
i found Renya (this camps second in command)i asked her "whats happening?" she just pointed to the sky. i looked up and suerly their was a FLYING war ship.
my instincts took over "camp to me" "aim".
but then i saw something a flag of truce trhey were coming under the flag of truce. i said " stop be ready but dont shoot they are coming under the flag of truce" they had to listen to me they kept ready but didn't shoot.
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hace más de un año percyrulz said…
annabeth's pov
"i am not going out" ok this was very silly thing to say bcz since i came to know percy's whereabouts ive been working nonstop on this freaking boat but now i am not prepared to go out.u know why don't ask me.
"come on u have to come out" piper " u know him best"
take stolls take Katie take anyone percy knows them too"i retorted
"but they are less imp. to him"she was really stubborn
"ok" "but if he brakes my heart i am going to kill him and it would be your fault"
with this we went out.i got the first view of the camp
"wow its like roman version of camp half blood" then i saw percy same percy but he looked more exercised.more concentrated but same cute old percy. he looked like he was going to pass out due to exercion of seeing so many faces from past.
then he saw me he passed out ,he said one last word"wise girl"
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hace más de un año Mythmaniac said…
Great!!! It was awsome! When can you post again?
Please post as fast as you can!
hace más de un año percyrulz said…
dedicated to mythmaniac for being the first person to reply

chapter 2
annabeth's pov
my heart missed a beat i was glad that he rembered me but he fainted that didn't happen to jason i rushed forward.many roman campers were trying to lift him up "what happened to him?" i asked " u tell me he fainted after looking at u" a girl said she was clearly angry and worried i thought if she was his girlfriend i pushed the thought away and said"help me take him to infirmary u have one? don't u?" ok stupid question every camp has an infirmary but i was worried about percy.
"yes we have an infirmary" the stupid girl said helping to pick up percy.
many of our greek friends came forward helping us. the romans just stood their but their was worry on their faces and some just surrounded jason who looked like he wanted to help but couldn't.
we took percy to infirmary with the roman guiding us.
we laid percy on one bed and dripped some nectar in his mouth he was just lying their.
agil came and said "lupa is calling u all especially our leader"
the girl said "we are coming but percy can't come he is unconscious" with this she left signaling us to follow her.
u all go we have to become freinds with romans. ill come afterwards i am staying here for a littel while" they all looked like they wanted to protest but they left without saying anything (they know me very well).
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hace más de un año POJO45 said…
big smile
Please Post!!!This is actually really good!
hace más de un año percyrulz said…
chapter 3
annabeth's pov
percy kept lying their he did talk in sleep-same old percy- it was fun to hear after 4 months seeing the same old percy.
"can i come in?" it was the roman girl.
now percy was safe i was fuming with anger who was she why was she worried about percy more than others anyway.
as if reading my face she laughed this was limit i took out my knife she laughed again and said"i am not his girlfriend, don't worry he is really loyal to u"
i put my knife inside and asked "what do u mean, who are u"
"hey i am reyna his second in command. and i was worried about him bcz he was my superior" she paused and said" he really is loyal to u. u know about half of the camp's girls proposed to him" that left me fuming with anger"but he refused every time. he broke many hearts,u know i asked him while we were on our quest he didn't have any girlfriend than why was he was refusing all offers he just replied that he was having dreams about a girl with blonde hair and startling Grey eyes he thought she was from his past i asked if he was afraid of betraying her he smiled and said no its just i am still in love with her and no one in camp was as beautiful as her"
the girl Reyna smiled down at me and my heart was doing the conga percy loved me even though he did not remember me i was at seventh sky yipeee.i fnnaly said"no surprise but he wasn't telling the truth bcz he was actually afraid that he might get killed by my hands" she laughed. "so whats ur and his story?"
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big smile
Hey, thanks alot!!! By the way, it's Mythmaniac but I don't mind.
Please post soon!!!
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sorry mythmaniac ill edit
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epp!it's story time
hace más de un año percyrulz said…
chapter 4
i burst out laughing"whats their to laugh at" Reyna asked "oh nothing its just every one is so familiar to our story i totally forgot that there was anyone who didn't"
"WELL,.......We were twelve when I first met Percy. Percy just finished killing a Minotaur, without any training or a weapon. I was in charge of nursing him back to health. When Percy woke up a day later, I gave him a tour of the camp. Then it was the Capture the Flag Day. Percy was on my team, because he was staying with the Hermes cabin at that time. Percy was on border patrol next to the river. He was surround by five Ares kids and Clarisse. Clarisse push Percy into the river, his cuts healed and he was fighting better then Luke. Percy defeated Clarisse and then Poseidon claimed Percy as his son. The next day, Percy, Grover and I had to leave to find Zeus' master lightning bolt. Percy slays Medusa, Echidna, Chimera, and many more. Then he even defeated Ares and he was able to give Zeus back the master lightning bolt. He also found out that Luke was evil. And he did that with my brains, thank you very much." i countinued"Then we went to the Sea of Monsters, even though it was not our quest, to get the gold fleece, to heal Thalia's tree we rescued Grover from marrying a Cyclops, trust me, we still don't know how that even happened. Percy and I Saved Grover and got the real gold fleece. The gold fleece healed the poisoned, Thalia's tree. Then Percy and I won the chariot race." she smiled remembering that great memory. It made her sad, not knowing if she will be the only one to have those memories. i took a breath and continued "A winter later, Grover called Percy, Thalia and me to help him protect two Demi-Gods, Nico and Bianca. I was kidnapped by the Dr. Thorn, who was a manticore.Percy never gave up on me many thought i was dead but he didn't when there was a quest he was not one of the member but he sneaked out to save me and he told me that his real goal was to save me and not Artemis, who was also kidnapped. I held the weight of the world because Luke tricked me. Then Artemis held it." Annabeth started playing with her strip of gray in her golden blonde hair."When Percy, Thalia, Grover, and Zoë came faced many difficulties in the way ofcource, Percy held the weight of the sky and tricked Atlas into holding it again..."
"Wait; hold up, Percy tricked Atlas, a Titan?"Reyna interrupted
i nodded "he got help from Artemis but it was his plan Artemis was just the bait"
Reyna's face was price less
"the next quest was in the Labyrinth. I was the leader of the quest and Percy, Grover and Tyson came with me. We wandered aimlessly in the maze. Fought monsters, fought with each other, cleaned stables.."
"Wait did you just say stables?" Reyna interrupted again.
"Yeah, you see, we were at the Triple G Ranch he was going to let us past but was holding a demi-god Nico as hostage and was going to sell him to titans so to save him, percy made a deal with triple G if he cleaned the stables before sun down the monster would have to let Nico go, so he cleaned the stables by using his powers and frozen seashells,we fought a Sphinx.Then we had to split up, Grover and Tyson went one way, while Percy and I went the other. Hephaestus wanted so to find out what was going on in his forge in Mount St. Helen. Turned out, the telekines were working for the Titans. There were only three telekines but then a hundred of them came. Percy... He told me to run, to get out, to tell Hephaestus what happened, to save myself. I argued with him, I didn't want to leave him to fight a hundred telekines. Percy was as stubborn as ever, that Seaweed Brain..."
"Seaweed Brain?" Reyna asked.
"That been my nickname for him since we were twelve." Annabeth said.
"well he managed to send me out, on the way i heard an explosion ...."a tear welled up in her eye.
"after two weeks percy returned i was just going to burn his shroud when i saw him,after i shouted at him he told me Hephaestus had visited him and told him to take help of a clear sighted mortal which was Rachel." when she said racel's name alittle aner showed on her face. "with Rachel leading we moved easily through maze percy fought the giant Antaeus, we reached deadelus but we were late Luke had already got the string and was on his way to attack camp. well we re-entered labyrinth in order to reach back to camp before Luke did in our way we found out that kronos had risen he had took over Luke's body but still had not gathered his full strength enough to attain his titan body, we fled from scene i was crying the whole way well we found Tyson and Grover who had found the great god pan well pan asked Grover to release him which Grover did though it took great effort we returned to camp without Rachel to face kronos's army. There was a battle, as Kronos' army attacked Camp Half-Blood through the Labyrinth. Many were injured and some were left dead. Daedalus showed up to help along with his giant pet hell hound, Mrs. O'Leary. After the battle Daedalus gave himself over to Nico di Angelo, a son of Hades.Percy inherits Mrs. O'Leary, who seems to prefer him to any other demigod."
Reyna was observing annabeth who did not look so good talking about this quest.
"well we had our last battle with kronos' army who attacked New york and mt. Olympus . To beat kronos percy took a dip in river Styx and the battle ensued we fought flying pigs legions of diff monsters percy beat Hyperion. and many more monsters whose names i don't remember. well on the morning of his birthday percy made the choice to give Luke, who was hosting kronos, my knife, which was cursed bcz Luke had broken his promise ,Luke got a control over his body and stabbed his Achilles heel saving Olympus from kronos. percy was offered to become a god but he turned thew offer down and asked the gods to pay attention to their kids instead."
"OK, wait percy turned down becoming a god is he sane?" Reyna was shocked.
"no he is not stupid he did this bcz this was Luke's last wish" and to stay with me but i am not going to tell her that "well when we returned home we found out that Rachel was trying to become our oracle well she succeeded"
by the time i finished my story the conch horn signaling curfew blew.
"u go sleep, i am staying here a little longer"
she left with a look on her face that clearly said she didn't believe my story.
i was sitting their when it came to me PERCY HADN'T MUTTERED A SINGLE WORD IN HIS SLEEP SINCE I HAD STARTED MY STORY!!!!!!!!!
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Definetly keep going! :)
hace más de un año POJO45 said…
keep going! love it!
hace más de un año Mythmaniac said…
Cool!!! Does it mean he was awake the entire time?
Please post soon, your story is great!
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write more please!!!!!!
hace más de un año percyrulz said…

i made sure that Reyna was out i took percy's hand in mine leaned down and said "so, seaweed brain awakes"
he groaned "what gave it away?"
i smiled(wow it feels good-smiling again)"well u didn't mutter a single word since Reyna entered !"
"i didn't realize!"
i laughed out loud " u were never a good actor "
" so am i the same as i was before"
this question caught me off guard "hmmm, yes except the fact that u are more buff now"
he looked deep in thought i have seen this face only during the war.
our hands were still intervined i broke the silence "so is it true?"
"hmm what?" he asked .
"err... that u still loved me even though u didn't remember me " OK sweating time
he smiled a crooked smile "well its really hard forgetting such a beautiful face"
so he was being flirty now.
" umm is it true" he countinued
"that i did all those things killing the monsters defeating titans and other things"
i laughed " really u don't believe what u yourself did?"
he smiled
" yes u did all those things of course u would have never succeeded if it was not for my brains"
he laughed "i bet i would have died if it was not for u"
the died bit made me sad, for 4 months i had wondered if he was alive or dead and here he was talking about death as casually as he could
he saw my face fell and said "OK so when did i officially announced that i was in love with u"
that made me smile "well u didn't officially announce. u were fumbling with the words u didn't even make a full sentence."
he blushed "well its not easy and u weren't making it any easier u were laughing at me!" he winced
i wanted to dance HE REMEMBERS YIPPEE.
"well WHEN exactly did i propose to u"
"on the night of your 16th birthday"
"really it took me that long" he really looked shocked " i thought i proposed to u when i saved u"
i smiled "no my mom frightened u she mm took your courage away"
we kept on talking he was loosing energy i could easily see that
"sleep now u really r tired " he looked like he was going to protest but he did some thing that surprised me even more he leaned forward and kissed me and said "good night" he slumped back on bed and immediately went to sleep. how did he do that! how could he go to sleep so fast
i leaned back on chair closed my eyes i took me long before i could sleep i was feeling so happy. when i finally did sleep i was paid a visit by gaia
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gyus ill probably post by night
ps indian time
hace más de un año Mythmaniac said…
big smile
Wow great story!!! Keep writing!!!
hace más de un año kaylap1410 said…
This is sooooooo good! I luv it! Can't wait to read more! It's sooooo cute!
hace más de un año percyrulz said…
this is just a start ill post the rest afterwards
so the lovers meet again. join me annabeth chase or ull never see him again
i was feeling to happy to be subduded by gaia i shouted in ancient greek "eat my pants"
hace más de un año percyrulz said…
see this vedio its really good
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I don't wanna be pushy and all but....PLEASE POST UR SO GOOD!
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hace más de un año percyrulz said…
chapter 6
so the lovers meet again. join me annabeth chase or ull never see him again
i was feeling to happy to be subduded by gaia i shouted in ancient greek "eat my pants"
i woke up. percy was still sleeping.
i left the infirmary . there was that girl what was her name again renya. "so how is percy?" she asked. "fine, he is resting now." i replied. "he would have to wake lupa is calling him" i was going to say let him sleep but at the moment he arrived "tell lupa i am coming" she bowed and left. "finally u r awake " "hmm" he was smiling like anything "ill talk to u later have to go lupa is calling" he kissed me and left. i thought i should go and talk to piper when i saw my way blocked by some girls who looked like makeup shop ugh venus's kids "so ur that blondie for whom percy dumped me" one of them said. uh...oh "yeah so what if i am" the makeup shop no.1 got angry pulled out a sword and lunged on me i puled out my knife ready for the blow her sword shlashed down i easily intercepted it the fight didn't last long i held her at my knife point. she looked even more angry. she backed off and ran away "kill u later filfthy" she shouted.
i sighed and turned away there was a girl there staring at me "ugh u stole my chance , ive been wating to kill them" she took a breath and extended her hand "hello iam hazel daughter of apollo." i shook her hand "annabeth daughter of athena" "and percy's girlfreind" she added smiling. i blushed "does the whole camp know?" "talks spread here too fast" she thought for a second "come on there would many more girls trying to kill u in the first week and some of them are really good in fighting " i sighed and followed her.
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hey is anyone else an indian or am i the only one
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i dont think so.I am British
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Oh and good story/chapter
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hace más de un año partypony said…
Good story.

Can I suggest you use proper spelling and grammar and capitals and all those other stuff?
If you do, it makes reading a lot easier.
Also, I think it's in the rules (I'm not sure). But, whatever.

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next chappie by tonight
hace más de un año percyrulz said…
at last comments reched 2 pages
@partypony: i make it a point to check the spelling mistakes after i hav completed writing and i am a daughter of english teacher so my grammar is good enough
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The only thing I would say would be to add more punctuation. Just some constructive criticism, this story is amazing!!!!!
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umm ok punctuation as in?
hace más de un año AnnabethC said…
I dunno I just feel like there a a few run on sentences. I still LOVE this story. So keep up the good work!
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i am typing the next chappie will be up in about some time
hace más de un año percyrulz said…
sorry it took a long time
chapter 7
Percy’s pov

I was really very happy nothing and i mean it nothing could spoil my day.
I reached the main house, that’s where we had our meetings and where Lupa lives.
i reached in I was met with a grunt "hello john", let me tell u about john he is a son of mars (roman version of Ares) and he practically started hating me on sight but when i became the leader his hatred reached a new level, which i didn't even knew existed.
He was going to pull out his spear (it reminded me of someone) when lupa entered "john leave," she said. John left glaring at me.
I knelt on one knee and bowed "Perseus Jackson, son of sea at your service", I said solemnly. she nodded, and i stood up. "Percy," she started "I see Greeks have arrived to our camp we need to have a meeting," I interrupted "didn't u have one early this morning"
"yes we had one but u were not there and umm camp half blood's second in command councilor of Athena’s cabin seemed reluctant to leave your side" i blushed she almost smiled , "so we need another meeting to discuss issues related to second great prophecy" i nodded and left.
i went out found bobby counselor of Minerva cabin, who seemed in a really good mood (hmm ill ask him afterwards) "there's a meeting in a few minutes, do u know where are all others"
“Hmm well most are in their cabins or in training, and some Greeks are with the councilors in the cabins and some are taking a tour of camp." he said.
“Umm...ok send a messenger to gather them and do u know where is Annabeth daughter of Athena I thought she would be with u“ i said.
"No she is with hazel, actually (he was smiling like a little kid now) some girls attacked her, by the way she really is a good fighter, i thought u should know. “
“Umm ok where is hazel” I asked
“Near the river” he replied.
I started towards the river it was actually a creek but I had practically got it to the size of a medium river during our first capture the flag (yeah that’s what they call it here too) I had to restore it back to its normal size but I had called it a river since.
And surely there they were hazel (counselor of Apollo cabin )and wisegirl they were laughing how come hazel made a new friend so fast when they saw me their laughing stopped but annabeth looked like she was trying very hard not to laugh
Déjà vu
I and annabeth were sitting on a bench I looked at her she was trying very hard not to laugh
I winced but kept on going.
“So why are u laughing” I asked.
“Hazel here was telling me about your umm… some….deeds at the camp,”
I sighed “which ones exactly,” I asked hazel she just winked
“By the way there’s meeting in a few minutes and lupa wants us all to be there including the representatives from Greece,”
Hazel “okay we’ll be there in a few seconds”
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Stupid ipad deleted my comment. Anyway great story!!! Ppl dont rush him/her. (Sorry dont know your gender!) Nobody can spend all of their time typing or writing a story. Although i would love that! Im sorta half native american.
(Ps. Im use the laughing emote cuz it looks more like a big smiley face then the original. Plus its less creepy)
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ill post the next chappie as soon as i can ive got the story ready its just TYPING i hate why can't i just dictate and write but alas promise to get the next chappie up by to night (indian time)
i am a she
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Please post! This is so good...
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sooooooooooooo sooooryyyyyyyy i deleted my chapie by mistake i was working onit and light went out won't be able to post till tommorow
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I love your story by the way
Its amazing and i cant wait fro you to post
Your amzing writer
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thanks i reaaly am trying to post the next chapter bcz i to get very angry if i don't get a chapter fast
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I really like it.
It's really cute
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chapter 8
Percy’s pov
Hazel insisted on bringing Annabeth to the meeting herself, reluctantly I left. I had wanted to ask Annabeth about my past-who was my mom, who were my other friends & other little things. My memory was returning ,A LOT, but in pieces.
As there was nothing else to do I started towards the meeting room.
I was the first to reach there. Meeting room had a long rectangular table big enough to seat forty people. It was surrounded by nineteen chairs along the length on both sides. There was a pedestal in the center of one of the breadths with two chairs on either side.
I started towards the pedestal. Usually it only had one chair besides it, now there was another one with a sign of lightening.
*must be for that Jason guy* I thought.
In a few minutes the counselors began to arrive and sat on their respective chairs. On my side the Greek counselors and on the other side the roman counselors were seated. There was a lot of commotion (well duh, room full of ADHD kids) in the room. Some were talking to each other and some were just staring here and there. Both the counselors from Hypnos and Somuns cabin were snoring on their seats.
When Lupa arrived the conversations died out.
She took her place at the pedestal and said “let the meeting begin “.
Annabeth stood up & said “as we all know Gaia & in your case Terra is trying to invade Greece. We have to unite & find the greatest seven heroes of the century, some Greek & some Roman. Three demigods “she continued “have already been chosen. Jason Grace, Piper McLean & Leo Valdez. “The three stood up. She continued “We have guessed that Percy is the fourth. We still need three more, but since no other signs are there we have no choice but to wait. If anyone else has got any idea this is a great time to speak.” With this she sat down.
The room was silent for a long time. I was suddenly hit with an awesome or totally foolish idea.
I stood up “Let a competition decide this.”
Annabeth gave me her best- shut up & sit down- stare.
“No really, let there be a competition & whoever wants to go could compete. Maybe during the fight we’ll get another sign. “I suggested.
Annabeth was going to say something but Jason interrupted. “Maybe he’s right. What other choice do we have? In the meantime we can try other options to, but let there be a fight & by the way the Roman soldiers are graded by their power and the seven demigods to be chosen should be the best of the century. So what’s a better way to find out, than a competition?”
Many people muttered their assent.
I was amazed that my idea was being accepted.
Lupa said “so it is decided. Counselors tell your cabin members about this and there will be a competition tomorrow. Dismiss”
We all left muttering and talking to each other. Annabeth caught up with me. We wandered for a little while in silence holding hands.
It was too much for a ADHD kid like me I was going to speak when she interrupted “soo…, u have started to give ideas instead of just following mine, huh? She asked looking up at me.
I smiled “well staying away from u for four months one has to do something to keep alive”
She winced.
I quickly changed the topic “so what’s my mother’s name?” I asked.
“Don’t tell me u don’t remember ur mother’s name” she laughed.
I shrugged “umm …… I just remember how sweet she is and eating blue cookies with her I just can’t remember her name”
“Sally… Sally Jackson” she said smiling.
It continued I kept asking her questions about my past and she kept replying.

guys do u think its long enough?

guys i will try to post the next chapter soon
PS do u think my description of meeting table was proper
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That was awesome:)
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