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Casey-Jackson posted on Feb 11, 2015 at 03:08AM
Sooo... This is pretty self explanatory, the 7 plus Nico, Reyna, gods, and other random characters will be on Facebook with the occasional POV chapter of course. If it becomes popular enough, I will have co-author contests. Also, this takes place after Blood of Olympus, after Leo comes back with Calypso. So... Yeah. Whee! So, yeah, first update comes in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... BLASTOFF!
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hace más de un año Casey-Jackson said…
Chapter 1: Includes gods, cheese, and random Italian cuss words

Percy Jackson has updated his status~

Percy Jackson: What's up yo?
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Annabeth Chase: I was reading... And then my phone went off.

Percy Jackson: Ha.

Frank Zhang: Hi Percy, Annabeth.

Hazel Levesque: Hi.

Leo Vadlez: Hahahahahahahahaha I'm on SUGARRR!!!!
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Frank Zhang: We can see that.

Nico di DEATH BREATH: I'm going to count to three... And when I reach three I expect to have someone tell me who changed my name.
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(Frank Zhang dislikes this)

Leo Vadlez: TEEHEE.


Hazel Levesque: How do you change your name?

Frank Zhang: Well, you--

Nico di DEATH BREATH: *loud crashing in background* Merda! Quel ragazzo Valdez è essere un bastardo! Egli meglio stare lontano da mia sorella, se ha intenzione di agire come tale testa di merda!
(Everyone that doesn't know Italian is confused by this)

Percy Jackson: Nico, did you take your meds today?

Nico di DEATH BREATH: *deep breath* No.

Percy Jackson: Go.


Jason Grace: What is cheese? How is it made? Did someone just leave some milk on the counter and let it spoil and just ate it? I'm so confused. WTF.
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Leo Vadlez: I don't know, but it sure is tasty. :b

Hazel Levesque: Two things: One: Leo, you forgot to change your name back to the correct one. Two: Jason, what does WTF mean?

Jason: Urmmm...

Piper Mclean: It means Why The Face.

Hazel Levesque: Oh! Thanks Piper. You're so nice, unlike SOME people I know.

Leo Valdez: One, I changed my name back. Two, SUUURRREEEEE.

Annabeth Chase: What the Hades is going on?

Percy Jackson: You need to get your nose out of your books, Wise Girl.
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Annabeth Chase: -____-

Leo Valdez: WHALE!!!!


Hades: Where is my son?

Poseidon: Up your butt and around the corner!!!
(5 billion likes)

Nico di Angelo: o.O Right here, Father.

Hades: I need your help. I want to redecorate the Fields of Asphodel.

Nico di Angelo: o.O

Poseidon: I think you broke your son.

Nico di Angelo: o.O o.O o.O

Poseidon: I never broke MY son.
(Percy Jackson likes this)

Hades: Shut up.

Poseidon: Ha.

Nico di Angelo: o.O o.O o.O o.O o.O

Hades: *unnecessary bickering*

Poseidon: *bickers back*

Random Weather Guy: This just in, there are massive earthquakes going on and the waves are threatening to wipe out the coast! We recommend evacuation for EVERYONE!!! SERIOUSLY, GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN, POSEIDON AND HADES ARE AT IT AGAIN.

Nico di Angelo: o.O o.O o.O o.O o.O o.O o.O o.O

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olympianglory commented…
Nico, anyone with sense would just google what tu said... TRANSLATION: Actually, Im not translating that hace más de un año
hace más de un año Casey-Jackson said…
Chapter 2: Includes me, Preator Reyna, and math class
(I changed my last name so I wouldn't be Percy's biological sister, because I'm a Poseidon kid.)

Leo Valdez: Ugh! Chiron is making me take "basic classes" at Camp Half Blood so I don't turn into a "dimwitted mechanic"!
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Jason Grace: Really? That's mean. He must be in a bad mood.

Percy Jackson: *whistles inconspicuously*

Annabeth Chase: What did you do?

Percy Jackson: I may or may not have told the Stoll brothers that he sleeps with curlers in his tail. They're calling him "Christie" now.

Leo Valdez: Lol-- wait, it's your fault I have to take algebra?

Percy Jackson: Oh, um, I just remembered, I need to feed Blackjack! Bye!!!

Percy Jackson has logged out.

Annabeth Chase: The Iris cabin does that.

Leo Valdez: I still have to take math.

Cassandra Tylers: Yeah, math is hard.

Hazel Levesque: Who are you?

Cassandra Tylers: Um, demigod daughter of Poseidon and the writer of this story! Duh.

Percy Jackson: Wait, I have a sister?

Leo Valdez: Ha! I've got you now! *tackles Percy*

Nico di Angelo: Wait, but your not controlling us or anything, we're doing everything of our own free wi-- *slaps himself in face*

Cassandra Tylers: What was that again?

Nico di Angelo: How are you doing that?! *slaps himself in the face again* Agh!

Cassandra Tylers: Lolz.

Percy Jackson: What does LOLZ mean? I know lol is Laugh Out Loud, but what's the Z? Laugh Out Loud... Zebras?

Annabeth Chase: I don't know.

Percy Jackson: Annabeth doesn't know someth-- dksfjdkfjgfkrejgkrejgkerjkerjgrregreregb bdfvfekjdfdkjkl

Frank Zhang: What was that?

Hazel Levesque: I think that was Leo tackling him again.

Frank Zhang: Oh. Cool. Want to go grab some pizza?

Hazel Levesque: Sure. ^_^

Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque have logged off

Percy Jackson: ....help.....wxsjkdscjkcwdkjdcwjkskjcd


Predator Reyna: Percy Jackson, where are you?! You need to come in for a senate meeting!

Leo Valdez: Your name says Predator. I think you meant Preator? And he's eating blue pancakes in the mess hall.

Preator Reyna: Oh, thank you. I hate autocorrect.

Leo Valdez: LOL.

Preator Reyna: Wait, why am I talking to you?

Preator Reyna has logged off.

Leo Valdez: :'d


Frank Zhang: Let's go swimming.

Annabeth Chase: Did Percy hack your account?

Percy Jackson: I resent that. And yes, let's go swimming.

Piper Mclean: It's February...

Cassandra Tylers: Next up: Celebrity name game! Because I love those. They're kind of short, I know. Characters aren't mine, except Cassandra Tylers. I might update again today so... Yeah. Bye cupcakes!

Jason Grace: Who are you talking to?
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hace más de un año Casey-Jackson said…
Chapter 3: Celebrity name switches

Nico di Angelo: Heyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey! We should play celebrity name switches where we change our usernames to be the name of a famous person (fictional or not) and then we guess who it is! /(>_<)\

Jason Grace: Ok, glad to see you're so... Excited about this.

Piper McLean: I'm in.

Cassandra Tylers: I will be playing also.

Percy Jackson: SISTER GIRL PERSON!!! :D

Cassandra Tylers: 0.0'

Frank Zhang: So, are we playing or not?

--------10 minutes later----------------

Daniel Radcliffe: You'll never find out who I am!

Alan Rickman: Harry Potter.

Hermione Granger: Oh, for crying out loud! Please tell me we're not all from Harry Potter.

Alexandra Daddario: Nope. ;)

Hermione Granger: (*~*)"

Carter Kane: Ha! Hermione is Annabeth.

Hermione Granger: Fine.

Sherlock Holmes: Hello.

Carter Kane: Jason.

Sherlock Holmes: How did you know, LEO?

Carter Kane: Well, we all say hi or hey, you're the only one that says hello.....SHIST WHY ARE YOU SUCH A POOPY HEAD?!

Audrey Hepburn: LAL.

Daniel Radcliffe: Audrey is Hazel.

Audrey Hepburn: :( How did you know?

Daniel Radcliffe: It's LOL not LAL.

(Recap: Audrey Hepburn is Hazel, Sherlock Holmes is Jason, Hermione Granger is Annabeth, Carter Kane is Leo.)

The Doctor: ...

Alan Rickman: What?

The Doctor: ...

Alan Rickman: What?!

The Doctor: If I talk too much, you people will know who I am. But I guess as the author of this story, I could make it so you never find out who I am.

Alan Rickman: You're that Casey girl.

The Doctor: Ugh. Yes.

Alan Rickman: >:)

Daniel Radcliffe: Snape, Snape, Severus Snape DUMBELDORE!

K9: Who's left?

The Doctor: Frank, Percy, Nico, Piper.

Alexandra Daddario: Is K9 Frank?


Daniel Radcliffe: Wow, that's impressive. Frank's person isn't even a person, it's a robotic dog.

Annabeth Chase: WAIT! *whispers to Percy*

Daniel Radcliffe: Oh, thanks! Nico, are you Snape?

Alan Rickman: No, I'm Alan Rickman.

Leo Valdez: We got you!!!!!

Jason Grace: Wait so if it's Percy and Piper left...

Daniel Radcliffe: That means Piper is Alexandria I win!!!

Alexandria Daddario: I was going to say that. >:(

Leo Valdez: Well, what do we do now?

Cassandra Tylers: Go eat some waffles.

Percy Jackson: Blue waffles?!?

Cassandra Tylers: Whatever.

Annabeth Chase: Looks like we're going to make the kitchen explode trying to make him waffles. Thanks, author girl.

Cassandra Tylers: You're welcome...

Leo Valdez: *Humming* He's just a boy and he's on fireeeeee....

Hope you liked it! >~< ------------------------------------------­---­---­---­---­--
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hace más de un año olympianglory said…

Jason Grace: Lets do music name swaps >:D

This Is War: Ok!

Light Em Up: Guess who i am !

Haunted: Its you Leo -._

Leo Valdez : And its you Hazel >:D

Hazel Levesque: Dang

When Your Gone: Guess me!

Titanium: Annabeth! its obvious!

Annabeth Chase: σκατά

This Is War : So.. How Many Left?

Angel With A ShotGun: Mines perfect.

Titanium: Its you Piper -.-

Piper McLean: σκατά, and its you Frank!

Frank Zhang: iniqua

This Is War: ...

Demons: Can I join?

Counting Stars: Its you Nico....

Nico Di Angelo : Dang!

This Is War: Hm.. Counting Stars is Jason! I Win!

Jason Grace: Odi te Jackson

Percy Jackson : SUCKERS! And Nico, I know about Portugal's Fart-Nuts

Nico Di Angel Of Death: Dang... Wait, LEO YOU CHANGED MY NAME AGAIN!
Casey-Jackson commented…
Umm... I looked up the translations of the words that aren't English... Why does Frank know Italian? XD hace más de un año
olympianglory commented…
dunno XD... it means i think crap? hace más de un año
Casey-Jackson commented…
It means "inequitable" in Italian, apparently. Although I don't trust google Translate 100%. XD hace más de un año
hace más de un año Casey-Jackson said…
Chapter 4(technically 5): includes eyes, black, black, and BLACK

Hazel Levesque: Have you guys ever noticed that some of us have really rare eye colors?

Frank Zhang: :(

Hazel Levesque: Sorry Frank.

Leo Valdez: :(

Hazel Levesque: Get over it Leo.

Annabeth Chase: I suppose it's true. I have grey eyes, which is a relatively rare trait for mortals. Percy has that specific shade of green that isn't really found in any other person. Hazel has those luminous gold eyes. Jason has those icy blue eyes. Hmm... Yeah, sorry Frank. You just have brown eyes.

Leo Valdez: What about me?

Percy Jackson: No one cares about you Leo.

Random Fangirl 1: I DDOOOOOO!!!!!

Leo Valdez: Who are you?

Random Fangirl 1: He talked to me? Ahhhh!

Leo Valdez: Ok, that was weird.

Hazel Levesque: This wasn't very funny, was it?

Cassandra Tylers: Yeah, I was just thinking about this and decided you guys needed to address it.

Percy Jackson: Why would we need to dress our eyes?

Annabeth Chase: *facepalm*


Jason Grace: What's your favorite color?!

Annabeth Chase: Green.

Nico di Angelo: Black.

Percy Jackson: BLUE!

Nico di Angelo: Black.

Jason Grace: Blue.

Percy Jackson: BLUE!!!!!

Nico di Angelo: Black.

Leo Valdez: My favorite's red,

Nico di Angelo: Black.

Jason Grace: Dude, you've said black like, six times. We get it, you love black.

Nico di Angelo: Black.

Jason Grace: WTF?

Nico di Angelo: *creepy voice* Black... Like my SOUL!!!!

Jason Grace: o.O

Percy Jackson: o.O

Annabeth Chase: o.O

Piper McLean: o.O

Hazel Levesque: o.O

Frank Zhang: o.O

Leo Valdez: o.O

Nico di Angelo: >:D I broke your chain of smileys! >:D

Annabeth Chase: Nico... Are you feeling alright?


Hazel Levesque: I'm related to him.

Maybe I'll do truth or dare next... Maybe not. I don't know. Is that too cliché? Suggestions please!
hace más de un año Fangirl521 said…
Topic: Favorite god

Percy Jackson: Hey, I always wondered, who’s everyone’s favorite god? Make it your name.

Athena: Seriously Seaweed Bran? You ask a bunch of demigods who their favorite god is?

Hades: Who knows? Maybe someone’ll surprise us…

Apollo: You’ll never guess who I am…

Jupiter: Is that Will Solace?

Apollo: Nope!

Hephaestus: Who the hell could it be?!

Apollo: I’m the mystery demigod

Hecate: So am I…

Poseidon: what is happening?

Athena: This is your fault, seaweed brain.

The REAL Apollo: see? I’m awesome

Apollo: you’re my favorite, just don’t tell my dad

The REAL Apollo: who’s your dad again?
Apollo: Mars

Apollo: Crap!
Poseidon and four others like this

The REAL Apollo: It’s not even Apollo. It’s just me, Piper. I saw the chat and I was bored, and I was interested in learning who the secret demigod was.
Athena and three others like this
Zeus: So we know Frank, Piper, Annabeth, Percy, anyone else?

Hades: Still here. And, what about you and Leo? You guys have your father’s names

Hephaestus: Who ever said that?

Zeus: Maybe I’m right next to Jason and we decided to switch for fun

Piper Mclean: Which one of you is Jason?

Zeus: I am

Hephaestus: I am

Annabeth Chase: I’ll go get my dagger

Piper McLean: I’ll get Katropis

Percy Jackson: I’ll get Riptide

Frank Zhang: I’ll get my dad
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Leo Valdez: Fine, Frank wins

Annabeth Chase: you mean I win.

Leo Valdez: No, I mean Frank. His dad scares the schist outta me.
Frank Zhang likes this
Mars: Thank you

Piper McLean: whoa, we got a god in our chat?

--Mars has logged off—

Piper McLean: Damn

Zeus: told you, we weren’t joking.

Hades: I’m still here and we still got our mystery demigod **cough** Hazel **couch**

Hazel Levesque: I wanted to see if anyone noticed it. You’re all stupid.

Frank Zhang: wait, Piper, didn’t you forget Katropis in Greece?

Piper Mclean: didn’t we forget Leo at Half-Blood Hill?

Leo Valdez: alright, so Im not right next to Jason, big deal

Jason Grace: dude, you disappeared! You’ve been gone for like a year but you’re always online! Where the hell are you?!
--Leo Valdez has logged out—

Hazel Levesque: Jason, you scared him away!

Annabeth Chase: we were gonna ask him!

Percy Jackson: C’mon Jason you scared the Leo!

--Jason Grace has logged out—

Piper McLean: now I gotta go comfort him, jerks

--Piper McLean has logged out—

Frank Zhang: This is boring, I’m out. Hazel, wanna go see a movie?

Hazel Levesque: sure!

--Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque have logged out—

Percy Jackson: I’m out if I wanna talk to you I can go over to the Athena cabin

--Percy Jackson has logged off—

--Annabeth Chase has logged off—

Nico di Angelo: hello?

--Nico di Angelo was kicked from the chat room because everyone left--
Casey-Jackson commented…
Haha! This is so good! Hey, have tu guys ever noticed that me, Fangirl, and olympianglory are like the only people on this club? That's a shame, because this is turning into a good story. I'll post later today. hace más de un año
hace más de un año olympianglory said…
Nico Di Angel Of Death: I have an idea

Leo Valdez Is Hot: I know! Lets all switch names! >:D

Nico Di Angel Of Death: Sayin' Nothing...

Leo Valdez: Im the opposite of what my name was

Annabeth Chase: So your NOT hot?

Piper McLean: NO! I AM!

REAL Leo Valdez: hmm... Percy, Your ME!

REAL Percy Jackson: Dang it.

Annabeth Chase: I will make the loser get eaten by skeletons :D

Percy Jackson: ITS YOU NICO!

Real Nico Di Angel Of Death: Crud.

Jason Grace: I will kill you with diamonds

Percy Jackson: Its Hazel -.o


Percy Jackson: WUT???

Hazel Levesque: Mines so awesome I could fly now

Jason Grace: Its You Jason... that sounds weird

Real Jason Grace: DANG IT

Jason Grace: Im so smart I can GUESS what u guys are...

Real Hazel Levesque : HOHOHO! ANNABETH ITS YOU!

Annabeth Chase: DANG... Wait? You didnt decide your name

Hazel Levesque: Yup.

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hace más de un año olympianglory said…
When Leo Came Back

Leo Valdez: Hmm, this chat room is boring.

Percy Jackson: VALDEZ! My turn to strangle you!

Leo Valdez: What! N-(strangled noises)

Frank Zhang: Percy, it was my go!

Annabeth Chase: Frank....

Leo Valdez: DONT DO IT! NO FRANK! BAD PRAETO-(strangled noises)

Jason Grace:You could have waited for me :'C

Percy Jackson: Its your turn next anyway

Jason Grace: Good. CM'ERE YOU GRAECUS!

Leo Valdez: Im setting anyone who tries to strangle me on fire.

Percy Jackson: Not working on me >:D

Annabeth Chase: Percy...


Percy Jackson: Not happening.

Annabeth Chase: Lets go Percy

---------Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson have logged off---------

Jason Grace: graecus potat

Hazel Levesque: Jason, that means greek drinks.

Frank Zhang: LOL

Leo Valdez:μην στραγγαλίσει μου

Jason Grace: Umm....

Piper Isnt lean: He said dont strangle me.

Leo Valdez: Hehe

Piper Isnt Lean: ( Strangles Leo)

Olympia : Hi guys.

Leo Valdez: Your the same as Cassandra Tylers! your making them strang-

Olympia: What was that?

Nico Di Angelo: Hi guys. ( Makes skeletons come from earth and clobber himself)

Olympia: Hehe

Nico Di Angelo:YOUR MOTHER IS A *********************************

--------Nico Di Angelo was kicked from chat room for bad language-------

Olympia: Bye Guys

Leo Valdez: Huh?

---------------------------Everyone was kicked from chat room-----------------------------------
Casey-Jackson commented…
Hahahahahahahahaha! Omg, I'm dying. And yay they remember me! >w< hace más de un año
olympianglory commented…
My pleasure for forcing them to hace más de un año
Casey-Jackson commented…
tu could AT LEAST have the respect to catch fire. I dicho that to my best friend and she had no clue what I was talking about haha! hace más de un año
hace más de un año olympianglory said…
Seeing as no one else is.. i guess i will!

Kissing Game

Percy Jackson: Lets play spin the bottle

Leo Valdez: Hehehe

Annabeth Chase: No tinkering

Leo Valdez : Crap.But its my go first! (spins bottle) :O

Piper McLean: Crud. Fine ( reluctantly kisses Leo)

Leo Valdez: :D

Percy Jackson: My go! ( spins bottle) ....

Hazel Levesque: $@#&*... (kisses Percy)


Leo Valdez: Gah! Its Cassandra Tylers twin who is even worse!

Olympia: Hehehe

Annabeth Chase: ( spins bottle) NOOO!!! ( Sighs and kisses Frank)

Frank Zhang : = =
Jason Grace: Finally! ( spins bottle) =^I ( kisses Calypso)

Calypso: Never do that again.

Olympia: ( whistles inconspicuously)

Cassandra Tylers: :P


Annabeth Chase:$@%&*#/?!!£

Percy Jackson: $@%&*#/?!!£

Leo Valdez: $@%&*#/?!!£

Piper McLean: $@%&*#/?!!£

Hazel Levesque: $@%&*#/?!!£

Frank Zhang: $@%&*#/?!!£

Calypso: $@%&*#/?!!£

Jason Grace: $@%&*#/?!!£

------Jason Grace,Percy Jackson, Calypso, Leo Valdez, Annabeth Chase, Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque were removed from chat room for too much cussing ------
Casey-Jackson commented…
Who is this... Imposter? hace más de un año
Casey-Jackson commented…
Cassandra Tylers: I'm you! hace más de un año
olympianglory commented…
are tu gonna post soon? im the only one doing it.... hace más de un año
hace más de un año Fangirl521 said…
I changed my last name in this but kept my real first name, and I like to consider myself a daughter of Athena because I’m really smart so I’m using that here… Enjoy!

Topic: Favorite Movie

Piper McLean: Hey guys, what’s your favorite movie? Make it your name, we’ll play one of those games again

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief: guess who?

ET: I guess that’s Percy?

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief: nope…

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2: hahaha!

Divergent: Harry Potter is Nico, it has the word Death in the title and a lot of people die

Nico di Angelo: schist

Pitch Perfect: who am I?

Divergent: Piper?

Pitch Perfect: nope…

The Fault in Our Stars: This is fun

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief: that’s Piper! I remember she made me watch that with her…

Divergent: Percy Jackson is Jason!
Piper McLean: watch what you say in these things Jason

ET: I bet you can’t guess me…

The Hunger Games: or me

Wizard of Oz: so we have Percy, Leo, Hazel, Frank, and me left

The Hunger Games: Wizard of Oz is Annabeth!

Annabeth Chase: crap

Piper McLean: like I told Jason, watch what you say

The Maze Runner: I know all these answers

Annabeth Chase: wait, that makes nine. There’s the seven of us, and Nico usually, are you the creator?

The Maze Runner: figure it out…

The Hunger Games: I think ET is Leo

Leo Valdez: schist

Divergent: well the Hunger Games is Hazel

Pitch Perfect: nope

Divergent: haha gotcha!
Hazel Levesque: schist

Nico di Angelo: so who’s Divergent, The Maze Runner, The Hunger Games, and the movie about Percy?

Divergent: I think the movie about Percy is Percy

The Hunger Games: no it’s not

Divergent: wow everyone is falling for that! Percy is the Hunger Games!

Percy Jackson: crap…

The Maze Runner: wow Frank, you’re awesome at this

Divergent: who ever said I was Frank?

Hazel Levesque: obviously they just did, whoever that was

Frank Zhang: fine, you got me

Annabeth Chase: so ET was Leo, I was the Wizard of Oz, Frank was Divergent, Hazel was Pitch Perfect, Percy was the Hunger Games, Nico was Harry Potter, The Fault in Our Stars was Piper, who’s left?

Piper McLean: we need to figure out the Percy movie and The Maze Runner

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief: The Maze Runner has to be the creator!

The Maze Runner: that means you’re Jason

Jason Grace: damn…

The Maze Runner: yes, it is I, the creator girl

Annabeth Chase: so which one are you? Olympia or Percy’s sister?

Rachel Capri: neither, my name is Rachel, and I’m a daughter of Athena

Annabeth Chase: 0.0

Percy Jackson: 0.0

Nico di Angelo: 0.0

Piper McLean: 0.0

Jason Grace: 0.0

Frank Zhang: 0.0

Hazel Levesque: 0.0

Leo Valdez: 0.0

Rachel Capri: seriously, it’s not that shocking…

Annabeth Chase: I want to meet you

Rachel Capri: I’m at Camp Half Blood right now, I’m at the Big House

--Annabeth Chase has logged off—

Percy Jackson: I’m in too!

--Percy Jackson has logged off—

Jason Grace: I can finally meet one of the creators!

--Jason Grace has logged off—

Piper McLean: on my way!

--Piper McLean has logged off—

Leo Valdez: I guess I’m coming?

--Leo Valdez has logged off—

Frank Zhang: I’m getting me and Hazel a ride there right now!

--Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque have logged off—

Nico di Angelo: I guess it’s just you and me?

Rachel Capri: I’m gonna go meet all of them, will you be there?

Nico di Angelo: alright, see you soon?

--Nico di Angelo has logged off—

--Rachel Capri was kicked from the chat--
Fangirl521 commented…
I just realized I accidentally had them find Jason twice... oops hace más de un año
Fangirl521 commented…
a I the only one who realized that in Annabeth's little recap it sounds like she's complimenting everyone? hace más de un año
hace más de un año olympianglory said…
Right thats it! LOL TIME!

Rachel Capri: Hey Olympia

Olympia : YUS?

Rachel Capri: Lets make the seven try to meet us, and say oops, typo! we're in TARTARUS!

Olympia >:D


Jason Grace: Hey, I thought Rachel and Olympia would be here...

Annabeth Chase: Yeah...

Percy Jackson: Umm... Look at my text. - reads aloud- From Olympia and Rachel, We are sorry, that was a typo. We're actually in Tartarus.

Annabeth Chase: No way am I going back there.

Jason Grace: Wheres the nearest eternal chasm?

Piper McLean: NOPE JUST NOPE....Maybe its a troll?

Olympia: - finishes last detail of fake eternal chasm- Ta da! so simple!!

Rachel Capri : They believed us.Trolling is fun!

Olympia: Yes... Now , they jump in here to find us, and we text Percy saying oops typo, we meant


Jason Grace: YES THE CHASM!!! - jumps in-

-------------Everyone else jumps-----

Percy Jackson: I have another text from the creator girls o.O

Annabeth Chase: Read it Seaweed Brain!!!

Percy Jackson: -Reads- Sorry! Another typo! We meant ELYSIUM

Annabeth Chase: Uh, this is a troll right? Lets just go to the- huh? wheres Leo?

Leo Valdez : HEHEHE! I ran off and found the authors! SUCKERS!!!

Olympia: :3

Rachel Capri: So cute... like the fandom! Come find us if you can!

Olympia: Look behind you, Torak.

Annabeth Chase: I quote books!

Hazel Levesque: Um.. They're over there stupid!

Frank Zhang: Hazel! Im dumping you and running off with Rachel

Leo Valdez: Yeah, me too. Im running off with Olympia

Hazel Levesque : WHYYY :'C

Frank Zhang: Just kidding!

Olympia: Im bored... reunion blah blah blah! Rachel, you do the honours!

Rachel Capri: Sure! - pulls lever-

-------------Jason Grace,Percy Jackson, Calypso, Leo Valdez, Annabeth Chase, Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque were removed from chat room for the fun of Rachel Capri and Olympia--------------
hace más de un año Fangirl521 said…
Rachel Capri: hey guys sorry about trolling you Olympia made me she drew a dagger on me!

Percy Jackson: So not cool

Hazel Levesque: I didn't enjoy it at all

Rachel Capri: look I'm sorry alright?

Annabeth Chase: I can't stay mad at my sister

Rachel Capri: thank you Annabeth

Frank Zhang: I guess I forgive you

Leo Valdez: hey why didn't you troll Nico?

Rachel Capri: yeah let's go troll Nico!

Piper McLean: I'm in

Jason Grace: me too

Rachel Capri: I got the perfect thing

Hazel Levesque: what is it?

Rachel Capri: we should tell him that Hades is dead and he's the new king of the Underworld

Percy Jackson: love it

Annabeth Chase: I'll go get Nico!

--Annabeth Chase has logged off--

Rachel Capri: alright now no one mention we're trolling...

Jason Grace: got it

--Annabeth Chase and Nico di Angelo have logged into the chat--

Nico di Angelo: Annabeth said you had to say something important?

Piper McLean: I'm really sorry Nico

Rachel Capri: Nico I have some bad news, but also some good news

Nico di Angelo: what is it?

Percy Jackson: bad news, Hades is dead. We don't know how, but he is

Nico di Angelo: Hazel? Is it true?

Hazel Levesque: I am so sad I won't even come see you, I can't even sit up

Leo Valdez: but yet you could grab your phone to go on facebook

Rachel Capri: but the good news is that since Hades only has one other child and you're the male heir you're the new king of the Underworld

Nico di Angelo: ERHMAHGERDS!

Hazel Levesque: erhmahgerds?

Nico di Angelo: yes! ERHMAHGERDS!

Percy Jackson: what does that mean?

Rachel Capri: it's a weird way of saying oh my gods

Annabeth Chase: wow she knows even more than I do

Jason Grace: 0.0

Nico Di Angelo (king of the Underworld): from now on I am king Nico to you people

Jason Grace: sure...


Rachel Capri: uh oh...

King Nico di Angelo: what uh oh?

Hades: Nico?

King Nico di Angelo: dad! I uh, they said you were dead!

Rachel Capri: you know the term trolling?

King Nico do Angelo: oh my gods you didn't...

Hades: Hazel?

Hazel Levesque: hey I'm not your daughter I'm Pluto's

Hades: I am Pluto... how could you Nico?

Nico di Angelo: sorry dad...

Hades: I honestly thought it'd be you first

Rachel Capri: who didn't? Hades your kid went through the depths of hell

Hades: I know, but he never even asked

Nico di Angelo: because I didn't want your permission

Piper McLean: what is happening?

Leo Valdez: I think they're having a father-son moment

Hades: no way

--Hades has logged off--

Rachel Capri: sorry Nico...

Nico di Angelo: I don't really care...

Percy Jackson: but your reaction to us telling you you're king was awesome

Nico di Angelo: gotta go I'm going to McDonalds with... never mind, just gotta go bye!

--Nico di Angelo has logged out--

Piper McLean: Will Solace is at the Hades cabin

--everyone has logged off to go see--
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Casey-Jackson commented…
I knew you'd kick the bucket before me! Lol. XD I'll be posting on Wednesday. hace más de un año
hace más de un año Casey-Jackson said…
Or I could just post at 11 o'clock at night.

Chapter Whatever: Includes emojis, Molester Moon, and, oh, hi Stoll brothers! (This chappie includes lots of Nico, 'cause he's my favorite :D)

Percy Jackson: What emoji describes you best? Mine is 😱 because I seem to make that face a lot.

Annabeth Chase: Yeah, like the other day when I told you that "YOLO" does not in fact mean "You Obviously Love Oreos" but "You Only Live Once". I think a lot of people at camp are confused about your explanations for the stupid things you do. My emoji is probably 💻.

Percy Jackson: What? Sorry, I tuned out after "Yeah".

Annabeth Chase: -_-

Leo Valdez: Whale!

Cassandra Tylers: You know what? You're not allowed to say whale anymore, mister.

Leo Valdez: Ha! You can't tell me what to do! Wh-- Wh-- Wha-- How come I can't say it? *passes out from strain*

Cassandra Tylers: XD

Jason Grace: You are evil. And my emoji is ⚡️.

Piper McLean: Why am I not surprised. Well, if we're going to be like that, my emoji is ❤️.

Frank Zhang: Any animal emoji would work for me.

Hazel Levesque: I like this emoji a lot. 🌚

Leo Valdez: Dude, why do you like the molester moon?

Hazel Levesque: Whaa?

Leo Valdez: Molester moon is that black moon emoji, and if you send it to someone three times, it will send them a series of emojis that will tell them how he will kill them! Look up "Molester Moon" by Smosh.

Cassandra Tylers: Leo...

Leo Valdez: Yes?

Cassandra Tylers: No one cares.

Nico di Angelo: I like this emoji. 💀 It reminds me of death.

Jason Grace: Umm... Cool.

Nico di Angelo: Death.

Jason Grace: Yeah, we got that.

Nico di Angelo: Death.

Nico di Angelo: Death.

Nico di Angelo: Death.

Nico di Angelo: Death.

Nico di Angelo: Death.

Nico di Angelo: Death.

--Everyone has logged off because Nico is freaking them out--

Nico di Angelo: Whoa, sorry there, my Facebook glitched out.

Nico di Angelo: Guys?

Nico di Angelo: Well, Nico, looks like everyone left you.
What do you want to do today, Nico?
I don't know going to the Underworld sounds good.

Cassandra Tylers: Stop talking to yourself and stop being creepy.

Nico di Angelo: Yes ma'am.


Nico di Angelo: I have a deep passion for Supernatural.

Cassandra Tylers: Oh my gods! So do I!

Nico di Angelo: Let's be friends.


Rachel Capri: My last name is a type of pants!

Everyone: *half facepalm half horror that the three fates of gathered in one place once again*


Will Solace: Who spray painted the Apollo cabin silver?

Travis Stoll: It was the only color of paint we had left.

Will Solace: Artemis is going to kill everyone.

Olympia: I can stop that from happening.

Rachel Capri: So can I.

Cassandra Tylers: So can I.

Leo Valdez: Eewww... It's the three Scrooges.

(I'm calling all three of us together the fates, because I think that's cool and fitting)

The Fates: *cracks knuckles*

Leo Valdez: Percy! Annabeth! Whoever Olympia's sibling is! Please save me!

Cassandra Tylers: No one can save you now.

Will Solace: Somebody call a medic... We're going to need one.

Will Solace: Oh wait I'm the medic.
(That last one was just because I feel like we should have minor characters in the story too! like the Stolls, Will Solace, Thalia, ect.)
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olympianglory commented…
finally we are all doing it! hace más de un año
Fangirl521 commented…
-- Rachel Capri likes the comentario "my last name is a type of pants!"-- hace más de un año
olympianglory commented…
Olympia likes the comentarios ," whale","I can stop that from happening" hace más de un año
hace más de un año olympianglory said…
Leo Valdez: Ok! Im holding a meeting! We have to retaliate against the Scrooges!

Olympia: What did you just call me?

Rachel Capri: Poor, poor boy Leo!

Cassandra Tylers: Your gonna wish you never said that with us around... >:D

Olympia: MWHAHA!!!


Rachel Capri: The Lolz!

Percy Jackson: AGH! LEO MAN! WHAT HAPP-

The Fates: :3 We are so mean to you

Annabeth Chase: Percy! what is it!

Percy Jackson: The Scro- I mean the fates are gonna wedgie me!!!!

Olympia: I havent talked for ages! and Leo, you asked who my sibling was. ITS ALL OF YOU!

Percy Jackson: o.O

Hazel Levesque: o.O

Leo Valdez: o.O

Annabeth Chase: o.O

Frank Zhang: o.O

Piper Mclean: o.O

Jason Grace: o.O

Olympia: Yay! i broke you!!!

Rachel Capri: Was that meant to happen?

Cassandra Tylers: - nudges elbow- Sure it was... hehe

Olympia: Now now! One thing... we kinda trolled you...

Cassandra Tylers: Your currently in the Poop Pile.

Rachel Capri: Being watched by Apollo

Olympia: He will use his haiku-ness to thwart you

The Seven: HELL NAW!

Leo Valdez: Does he have soprano bombs?

The Fates: Yes.

Leo Valdez: Σκατά !!!

-------------------------Everyone Except The Fates logged off to try and escape The Poop Pile-----------------
hace más de un año Casey-Jackson said…
Chapter Who Cares: Includes TRRROOOLLLLLLLSSSSSand mist bombs

Leo Valdez: O.o

Jason Grace: What?

Nico di Angelo: WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Jason Grace: I see now.

Travis Stoll: We're

Conner Stoll: Sorry

Travis Stoll: We threw

Conner Stoll: A mist bomb

Travis Stoll: At him

Piper McLean: Why?

Travis Stoll: He needs

Conner Stoll: To lighten up

Cassandra Tylers: Stop talking like that.


Will Solace: Wow. This is the weirdest day. *drags Nico away*

Jason Grace: Well that was weird.

Piper McLean: At least Will got rid of him. Travis, Conner, never do that again.

Travis Stoll: Ummmmm...

Conner Stoll: O.o

Olympia: XD

Rachel Capri: LOL.

Piper McLean: Oh, look, it's you three. Why are you laughing?


Piper McLean: *sigh* STOLLS!!!

Cassandra Tylers: Hey guys!

Rachel Capri: What?

Olympia: We're making someone's life hell, aren't we?

Cassandra Tylers: Yep.

--20 minutes later--

Percy Jackson: I just woke up and now I'm dressed like Ariel from The Little a Mermaid. Who did this? They even dyed my hair red!

Leo Valdez: I don't know who did it, but kudos to them!

Rachel Capri: :D

Leo Valdez: I take that back.

Annabeth Chase: You girls are such trolls... I like that.

Percy Jackson: Annabeth?! You're on their side?!

Annabeth Chase: Sorry Percy, but have you looked at yourself? These girls are amazing.

Olympia, Rachel Capri, Cassandra Tylers: :DDD

Cassandra Tylers: Oh, but that isn't the worst of it, Percy... Olympia, would you do the honors?

Olympia: *pushes magical button*

Percy Jackson: Why is my tail singing "Under The Sea"?

Rachel Capri: And you do realize... That we control your actions?

Percy Jackson: Yes, but-- *starts running around camp singing along to his tail music*

Leo Valdez: Oops I accidentally set you on fire! Sorry Percy!

Annabeth Chase: See? You guys are trolls. I love it.

Nico di Angelo: *whispers to Jason* Should I kill them now, or later?

Jason Grace: *whispers back* Shhhhh.... No killing.... Yet.

Dun dun duuuuunnnnnnn... Yeah that wasn't that suspenseful.

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olympianglory commented…
Lol... We're making someone's life hell, arent we? hace más de un año
olympianglory commented…
---Olympia liked the comentario " We're making someone's life hell, aren't we?"--- hace más de un año
hace más de un año Fangirl521 said…
Annabeth Chase: hey, Rachel?

Rachel Capri: hey Annabeth, how can i help my favorite sister?

Annabeth Chase: I wanna troll the guys

Rachel Capri: hel yea, I'll get the others

Olympia: so we're trolling?

Cassandra Tylers: yep

Annabeth Chase: so what should we do?

Rachel Capri: I got an idea... go get the others online, get them to join this chat

--Annabeth Chase has logged off--

Cassandra Tylers: so what are we doing?

Rachel Capri: we're gonna make them think the two of you are dead, don't say anything just watch

--Percy Jackson, Will Solace, Annabeth Chase, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, Jason Grace, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez, Calypso, and Nico di Angelo have joined the chat--

Jason Grace: what's wrong?

Rachel Capri: Olympia and Cassandra are dead!

Percy Jackson: YES!

Rachel Capri: what?!

Percy Jackson: I mean ohh no...

Frank Zhang: Percy that's your sister!

Hazel Levesque: oh gods Percy I'm so sorry

Piper McLean: I'm so sorry Percy *gives Percy a hug*

Percy Jackson: she's dead?

Rachel Capri: I'm sorry Percy, she thought you hated her so she killde herself, then Olympia got shot by Ares

Nico di Angelo: ...

Rachel Capri: Nico, don't say a word

Percy Jackson: is she really dead?

Annabeth Chase: I was there, we were on a trip to Olympus

Percy Jackson: now you spend time with these people?!

Rachel Capri: Olympia and Cassandra are dead...

Hazel Levesque: I'm sorry Percy *hugs Percy*

Percy Jackson: ...

Nico di Angelo: she's trolling you

Rachel Capri: no I'm not

Nico di Angelo: yes, you are. I can tell, she's not dead

Percy Jackson: seriously?!

Rachel Capri: it was Annabeth's idea!

Percy Jackson: Annabeth?

--Annabeth Chase has logged off--

Percy Jackson: I'm going after her!

--Percy Jackson has logged off--

Nico di Angelo: you weren't even convincing

--Nico di Angelo has logged off--

Rachel Capri: alright Cassandra, Olympia, you can talk now

Olympia: I've seen better...

Rachel Capri: well what do you expect?!

Jason Grace: for you not to troll us

Rachel Capri: schist...

--Rachel Capri kicked everyone from the chat except herself, Olympia, and Cassandra Tylers--

Cassandra Tylers: so who's next?
hace más de un año olympianglory said…
Olympia: Hmm... I have the best idea!

Rachel Capri: What is it?

Cassandra Tylers: Your not serious!

Olympia: Perfectly. We are going to make Percy think Annabeth died >:D

Cassandra: Amazing.

Rachel Capri: This will be fun.... #TROLLS!

Annabeth Chase: I can help with that guys.... Your just such good trolls!

Rachel Capri: Oh YES!

Perky Jackson: Wheres Annabeth?

Olympia: Um... Your name says Perky

Percy Jackson: Thank you.

Cassandra: May I do the honours?

Olympia: Sure...

Cassandra: Annabeth is dead.

Percy Jackson: O':

Hazel Levesque: WTF! Why the face Percy?

Leo Valdez : Huh?

Rachel Capri: Its so sad.... She thought you were cheating on her

Olympia: So she asked Clarisse to shock her to death with that spear thingy.

Cassandra: So sorry Percy. :'C

The Seven: :'c

Annabeth Chase's Ghost. T_T

Leo Valdez: WHALE!

Olympia: Shut up.


Piper McLean: Percy! I had to charmspeak my computer into NOT crashing.-Hazel whispers in her ear-
I mean, Im so sorry! Annabeth is dead!

Olympia: Yeahhhhh about that.

Rachel Capri: She's

Cassandra: Not

Olympia : Actually

The Fates: Dead

Percy Jackson: Σκατά !!!

--------------The Fates logged off to get on a plane and fly away from Percy, thenn use plane WIFI to go back on---------------------

Olympia: >:D

Rachel Capri: Safe

Cassandra: Um... He's riding Blackjack over here.

Olympia: Time for the big guns... PERCY DESTRUCT BUTTON! - presses and blows up Percy-
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hace más de un año Fangirl521 said…
Jason Grace: what’s up my people?

Piper McLean: umm, what?

Jason Grace: what’s up homies?

Percy Jackson: dude are you high?

Jason Grace: I don’t know what I am

Annabeth Chase: oh my gods Jason

Piper McLean: I can’t be with a guy who gets high *crying* Jason, we’re done

Jason Grace: hey Annabeth wanna go to the movies on Saturday?

Annabeth Chase: Jason!

Piper McLean: now you’re gonna get it…

Leo Valdez: hey Beauty Queen wanna go out?

Piper McLean: sure

Jason Grace: Annabeth? What do you say?

Percy Jackson: you got one minute to get out of this chat and away from this camp

Hazel Levesque: hey hey hey what’s happening?

Piper McLean: whatever Jason had Hazel got to it

Frank Zhang: what’s happening?

Rachel Capri: Piper dumped Jason and is now going out with Leo, and Jason asked out Annabeth

Nico di Angelo: its Annabeth’s sister, the troll-freak

Rachel Capri: I admit, I have done some extreme trolling, but I wanna change. I wanna be friends

Jason Grace: hey Rachel, wanna go out?

Piper McLean: I don’t even care anymore, I’m with Leo now

Leo Valdez: I’m like the luckiest guy in the world right now, thank you gods!

Annabeth Chase: Rachel just say yes to shut him up

Rachel Capri: Jason if I say yes will you log off this chat and fix whatever happened to you?

Leo Valdez: I like this him, the one that’s letting me date Piper

Jason Grace: I will if you say yes

Piper McLean: Rachel just say yes to shut him up

Rachel Capri: alright, yes. Now go log off and fix whatever happened to you

--Jason Grace updated his status to “in a relationship with Rachel Capri” then logged out—

Rachel Capri: oh my gods…

Percy Jackson: *laughing*

Annabeth Chase: someone go find Jason

Hazel Levesque: but nothing’s wrong with Jason

Percy Jackson: and someone fix Hazel

Frank Zhang: I’m on it

--Frank Zhang has logged off—

Annabeth Chase: so you’re seriously dating Jason?

Rachel Capri: apparently so. Help me

Piper McLean: sorry, I don’t know how

Leo Valdez: I like this new Jason

Hazel Levesque: see? Leo gets it!

--Hazel Levesque dropped her phone in the toilet and was forced to log out—

Nico di Angelo: we gotta find someone to help Jason

Rachel Capri: not it

Annabeth Chase: not it

Piper McLean: not it

Leo Valdez: hey Piper wanna go to the movies?

Piper McLean: sure

--Piper McLean and Leo Valdez have logged off—

Annabeth Chase: Percy can you go fix the Jason?

--Jason Grace has logged into the chat—

Jason Grace: hey

Rachel Capri: oh gods, I thought you were looking for help?

Jason Grace: I got help, Chiron has seen it before

Annabeth Chase: you gonna fix everything you did?

Jason Grace: umm…

Percy Jackson: oh my gods, Jason likes Rachel

Rachel Capri: Percy back it up like ten steps, no one said that

Annabeth Chase: yeah, no one has said anything

--Hazel Levesque has logged back in—

Hazel Levesque: what’s happening?

Percy Jackson: Jason likes Rachel

Rachel Capri: stop saying that!

Jason Grace: …

Hazel Levesque: go get Piper, she can tell us

Rachel Capri: she’s on a date with Leo

Hazel Levesque: oh my gods…

Jason Grace: I don’t even know what happened to me. I walked into my cabin, saw some smoke, and then I was all stupid

Rachel Capri: do you still like Piper?

Jason Grace: yeah

Percy Jackson: you can like two girls at once

Annabeth Chase: Percy just shut up. Go feed blackjack or something

Percy Jackson: the Iris cabin does that

Rachel Capri: whatever

Jason Grace: …

Annabeth Chase: Jason why do you keep doing that?

Nico di Angelo: seriously dude, it’s getting weird

Percy Jackson: he only does it when Rachel mentions not wanting to go out with him

Rachel Capri: *facepalm*

--Leo Valdez and Piper McLean have logged into the chat—

Piper McLean: hey guys

Jason Grace: hey

Leo Valdez: is he fixed?

Rachel Capri: sort of…

Piper McLean: sort of?

Percy Jackson: he’s all better, but he still seems like he wants to go out with Rachel

Rachel Capri: I swear Piper I didn’t do anything

Piper McLean: I believe you… and I believe Percy. Jason likes you

Rachel Capri: *facepalm*

Jason Grace: so is that a no?

Piper McLean: do whatever you want, I’m with Leo

Rachel Capri: oh my freaking gods…

Annabeth Chase: this is such a dramatic chat

Jason Grace: so…?

Nico di Angelo: dun DUN DUNNNN!

Rachel Capri: Nico cut the schist

Nico di Angelo: erhmahgerds stop telling me to shut up

Rachel Capri: I’m not even controlling this chat…

Cassandra Tylers: I am

Rachel Capri: why Casey why?

Cassandra Tylers: it’s fun. Olympia is here too

Olympia: hey Rachel

Rachel Capri: seriously? Do I have to go out with Jason?

Olympia: it’s a fun little twist

Annabeth Chase: just leave me and Percy alone, please

Olympia: maybe…

Rachel Capri: so you’re trolling me?

Olympia: sorry Rachel, it’s fun

Jason Grace: I’m guessing I get a no?

Cassandra Jackson: one minute, Jason

Rachel Capri: yes Jason, I will go out with you

Jason Grace: :D

Cassandra Jackson: there you go Jason

Rachel Capri: Cassey I- *stop typing for a minute* I love you Jason

Frank Zhang: whoa, control-freaks at it again?

Rachel Capri: get me out of whatever sort of relationship I’m in

Piper McLean: movie is starting gotta go bye!

--Piper McLean and Leo Valdez have logged off—

Olympia: sorry Rachel, too interesting

Rachel Capri: I’m never trolling with you guys again

Percy Jackson: she’ll probably be too busy with her new boyfriend

Rachel Capri: Jackson you got thirty seconds to log out of this chat

--Percy Jackson has logged off—

Annabeth Chase: are you guys seriously gonna make her do it?

Cassandra Tylers: *typing*

Rachel Capri: but I want to do it

Hazel Levesque: seriously?

Rachel Capri: it’s them! They’re doing it!

Jason Grace: how can we know for sure?

Olympia: you can’t. Unless you go to her cabin

Rachel Capri: shut up Olympia

Annabeth Chase: you’re not even in the cabin, where are you?

Rachel Capri: about halfway to Camp Jupiter by now

Hazel Levesque: comin’ to meet you

--Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang have logged out—

Nico di Angelo: this is messed up…

Annabeth Chase: aww shut it Nico. I’m gonna go find Percy

--Annabeth Chase has logged out—

Nico di Angelo: I’m gonna leave the two of you…

Rachel Capri: don’t you DARE leave me alone with him di Angelo!

--Nico di Angelo has logged out—

Jason Grace: looks like it’s just you and me

Rachel Capri: and the other two

--Olympia and Cassandra Tylers have logged off the chat—

Jason Grace: now it is

Rachel Capri: *facepalm*

Jason Grace: I’ve got business at Camp Jupiter…

--Rachel Capri has logged out of the chat--

(yeah, I know it's long but I have A LOT of free time...)
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hace más de un año olympianglory said…

Annabeth Chase: Oh gods, its the Jason dilemna again!

Percy Jackson: Nope, im just on sugar.

Olympia Rachel And Cassandra: Hehehe

Jason Grace: - gets out ring and turns to Hazel- Agh WTF! Will you marry meh?

Piper McLean : Im confused.... Jason proposed to Hazel?

Olympia: Wait what? We didnt do that!

Cassandra: I didnt.... Neither did Rachel.

Hazel Levesque: Whaaa- And NOPE

Frank Zhang: - Quickly puts away rose and swaps for ring- Will you Marry me Annabeth?

Olympia: o.O

Annabeth Chase: Hell naw.

Percy Jackson: Annabeth Chase, Will you marry me?

Annabeth Chase: Hell yeah!

Frank Zhang: - curses in latin-

Olympia: Ok, now im controlling you. This is funny.

Cassandra: Olympia whe- LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leo Valdez: Hey Calypso? Wanna marry me? - takes out a plastic ring-

Calypso: Ummmm.... Leo, how can I break this..... Im with the trolls.

Nico Di Angelo: What even is- Grabs sword and thwacks self in face with it-

Leo Valdez: -Starts playing How far we've come-

Random Fan: #Valdez!

Leo Valdez: By the way guys, I dumped Calypso. Im dating Reyna now

Olympia: I love trolling.

Rachel Capri: LET MEEEEEEEE!

Olympia: Fine

Cassandra: Dang it.

Rachel: - tips Percy and Annabeth into the sea-

------------ Everyone logged off to find wedding invitations----------------

heyoppl commented…
this stuff is good hace más de un año
olympianglory commented…
Thanks. Its annoying only 3 of us are escritura it hace más de un año
Casey-Jackson commented…
Yeah I haven't checked in like foreverrrrrr... Oh, hi new person! XD hace más de un año
Casey-Jackson commented…
I'm posting tonight. Maybe like, 7:00. hace más de un año
hace más de un año Fangirl521 said…
Does anyone even still care about this thread?
hace más de un año PiperMclean7732 said…
I know right!
hace más de un año olympianglory said…
So im posting.

Leo: Guys, have you seen the trolls recently?
Nico : No
Hazel: No
Percy: What they said
Annabeth: No
Olympia: Yes.
Frank: You just HAD to summon one, didnt you.
Leo: Maybe I have a crush on them...
The seven: -facepalm-
Leo: What? They have a sense of humour!
Casey: Thank you!
Rachel:Guys, we need to spice this up...
Rachel, Casey and Olympia: - snickers- Maybe we drugged Chiron. With oats.

- Piper logs in and sees chat history-
Piper: Uh, what?
Annabeth: Leo summoned the goddesses of trolling.
Casey: Aww, thanks! Hear that guys? We're gods now.
Olympia: Thanks Annabeth!
Rachel: Guys, I'm kinda bored.
Olympia: Lets make someone's life hell.
-the next day-
Olympia: - dabs last bit of make up- Its beautiful. Lets see his reaction
Leo: - wakes up dressed as Piper- Wuhhh?
Casey: You guys make me proud.
Piper: Uhh, Leo?
Jason: Hi Pipes. - makes kissy mouth towards Leo-
Leo: WTF dude! Im Leo!
Piper: And IM Piper! This relationship is suspended until i get bored of being semi-single. Bye

- piper logs off-

Jason: - turns to trolls- Guys! You might have ruined my girlfriend!
Leo: I dunno 'bout her, but im feeling pretty good. Maybe I should be Beauty Queen's secret twin.
Olympia: Do you even have WIFI on Ogygia?
Leo: Maybe i'm not on Ogygia.Perhaps i'm on Festus,
Rachel: Hmm...
Casey: Feeling a troll coming on.
Olympia: CARTER AND SADIE KANE ARE OVER THERE! GO FIND 'EM! There. That sorts my daily troll.

- everyone forgets to log off-
Perky Lackson: Uhh, WTF
Spannerbeth Race: Spanner?
Flaming Voldemort: Really? I dont think im THAT ugly!
Boy Katniss: Oh come on!
Related to a tree: Your not serious.
The Pied Piper: Hell no!
Casey: Hell yes!
Angel Of Death and looking sickly and pale: You just had to.
Rachel + Olympia: Bye Bye!
- kicks the seven + nico out of chat-
hace más de un año PiperMclean7732 said…
Haha soooooo funny!
hace más de un año olympianglory said…
big smile
hace más de un año Fangirl521 said…
Omg I loved it... I'm posting one in a few minutes, just lemme write it
hace más de un año Fangirl521 said…
I had this unfinished one that I started and I just finished it so here ya' go!

Leo Valdez: who wants to play a game?

Percy Jackson: let me guess, another guessing game

Leo Valdez: fine, be that way

Annabeth Chase: what if others want to play?

Piper McLean: Yeah Percy, what if we want to play?

Jason Grace: so what’s the game?

Frank Zhang: I’m in

Nico di Angelo: let’s get this game going!

Hazel Levesque: let’s do this!

Leo Valdez: we’re all going to log out of our accounts and hack each other’s, and give them a fake name. Then we all log out of there and log back into our accounts and guess who’s who, but you can’t guess the name you made

Percy Jackson: fine, let’s do it

--everyone has logged out—
20 minutes later

Stupid: this is less funny than I thought, it’s actually rather insulting

Death: who knows? And before you say anything, I’m not Nico

Sunshine: I hate you all…

Stupid: that’s Nico

Nico di Angelo: who the hell did my name?

Waterworks: before anyone says anything, it’s not Percy

Awesome: I know it’s not Percy, that’d be too obvious

Quiet: hey people, I see you already got Nico

Nico: erhmahgerd it’s the creator!
-everyone in this chat likes this-

Awesome: she’s cheating!

Quiet: I never said I was the creator. I may be Annabeth, or Frank

Stupid: no, I’m Annabeth!

Awesome: oh my gods, Annabeth is stupid

Annabeth Chase: what did you just say?

Awesome: oh schist

--Annabeth Chase has logged off—

Awesome: aw crap, she knows it’s me!

Old timer: how could she?

Awesome: I’m the only one who can say schist like that to sdfklhs;dkhfs’kdlj’hjfhf help lskjdf’clsjdcdsjc’l

Spectacle: Awesome is Percy

Waterworks: where’s Frank?

Anything: right here

Waterworks: gotcha!

Frank Zhang: schist

Spectacle: so who’s who?

Old timer: I’m Hazel

Spectacle: ha

Hazel Levesque: crap…

Quiet: well I am still here
Death: who are you?

Quiet: I’m not that stupid, unlike you LEO!

Leo Valdez: IT’S THE CREATOR!!

Nico di Angelo: erhmahgerd I already said that!
Hazel Levesque and 2 others like this

Spectacle: so we have gotten Annabeth, Percy, Leo, Nico, Hazel, Frank, and the creator girl. Which one are you?

Rachel Capri: my sister just went to kill her boyfriend

Waterworks: well I think

Spectacle: that means Piper is waterworks so I win!

Piper McLean: fine, you got me

Rachel Capri: Good job guys…

Frank Zhang: why would Jason be spectacle?

Jason Grace: who in Hades knows?

Piper McLean: I know Percy made my name…

Nico di Angelo: I still hate you all…

Piper McLean: lighten up Nico

Nico di Angelo: no, you can’t make me

Leo Valdez: thar’s it, I’m changing Nico’s name again

Nico D’Angelo: I swear to the gods Valdez…

Jason Grace: the sandwich shop?

Nico D’Angelo: if I have to be a food place I’m gonna be McDonalds.

Leo Valdez: have it your way…

Nico McDonalds: Valdez I’m going to kill you

Leo Valdez: you’ll have to catch me first, sunshine

--Leo Valdez has logged off—

Nico McDonalds: that’s it this guy is gonna get it…

--Nico McDonalds has logged off—

Frank Zhang: hahaha

Rachel Capri: I love messing with Nico…

Hazel Levesque: that was you?

Olympia: guilty!

Jason Grace: he’s gonna die! Nico will kill him!

Rachel Capri: hey we only suggested that he named Nico sunshine we never said anything else

Piper McLean: shut up, quiet

Rachel Capri: well then… 

--Rachel Capri has logged out—

Olympia: now I need go calm her before she does a major troll

--Olympia has logged out and everyone was kicked from the chat just because--
hace más de un año PiperMclean7732 said…
hace más de un año Casey-Jackson said…
hace más de un año Casey-Jackson said…
Ok, better now.
You know what? I'm not putting chapter numbers anymore. Suck it.

Cassandra Tylers: I'm sad.

Leo Valdez: Ummm... Sorry? *awkwardly pats back*

Rachel Capri: It's because she hasn't gotten to help us troll you guys lately.

Leo Valdez: Oh that's why? Dude. It's been awesome without you helping them control us.

Hazel Levesque: Leo, that's rude!

Leo Valdez: Oh come on. You know it's true. They're awful!


Leo Valdez: That's not even my middle name.

Cassandra Tylers: *taps fingers on table* Hmmm...

(All of the seven plus Nico are in the Poseidon cabin, I'm too lazy to write how they got there, this might be long, it might not. It's also going to be crappy, because I'm in math class right now so I can't exactly write amazinglyish. If you guys don't like it, I'll... Never do it again, I guess.)

Percy's POV

I can't believe I was so stupid.
Ok, so it was a typical Thursday afternoon, but everybody knows Thursday afternoons are the worst. I had already spent a couple of hours in the sword fighting arena, but it was too hot to even think. I had tried to take Mrs. O'Leary on a walk (I should never do that again) and gone swimming only to be teased by Clarrise. "Fish boy" isn't the most flattering nickname.
So, I decided to get the gang together to play truth or dare. Truth or dare, such an innocent game, even third graders can play it without blowing anything up. Except most third graders aren't demigods obsessed with embarrassing the crap out of their friends.
So, two hours after Annabeth dared me to shove an entire pie down my shirt, me, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank, Leo, and Nico were all comfortable in cabin 3, sitting in a circle and munching on snacks. I interrupted Leo, who wanted to go first.
"Jason, truth or dare?"
Jason looked surprised that he got asked first, so he stuttered out a "Dare?" In a quiet voice. I swear sometimes that guy is such a dweeb.
"I dare you... To..." Any idea of a good dare flew out of my head. It's annoying how that happens. ADHD is completely useless when you're not fighting. "I dare you to smell everyone's hair here, and say who's smells the best and the worst." Where did that dare come from? I don't know, it sounded good though. Jason gave me a quizzical look, but smelled Leo's hair, as he was sitting next to him.
"Dude! Get off me!" Leo shoved Jason away. "That is so weird, bro."
Jason frowned. "At least my hair doesn't smell like burnt plastic."
"I light my trash on fire in Bunker 9, ok? And most of my trash is Fonzie chip bags. Sue me." Leo made a pouty face.
Jason proceeded to smell everybody's hair, declaring Piper's the best (no surprise there) and Leo's the worst. He looked around the room, looked at Hazel, and smiled in a way that gave me the heebie-jeebies.
"Hazel, truth or dare?"

Hazel's POV
You, know, actually, I'm too lazy to finish this, I might post Hazel's as another chapter.
last edited hace más de un año
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hace más de un año Casey-Jackson said…
hace más de un año olympianglory said…
Casey-Jackson commented…
olympianglory commented…
hace más de un año olympianglory said…

Olympia: Guys, guess what?

Rachel Capri: What?

Olympia: I figured out how to lock usernames!

Cassandra Tylers: Nice. But who's name are we gonna do?

Rachel Capri: I think you know!


Flaming Voldemort's Butt: Seriously?

Poseidon's Least Favoured Son: Leo?

Got-my-nose-in-a-book: True.

Master Of Being A Baby Sumo Wrestler With A Bow: The trolls are at it again. Should I get my dad?


Olympia: I know right!

Cassandra Tylers: And the best thing is...

Rachel Capri: You cant change them back!

Annabeth Chase: Suckers. Im a daughter of Athena idiots.

Olympia: Fine, she figured out how.

FREE RUBBISH BEAUTY TIPS: Aphrodite will kill you guys.

Cassandra Tylers: Nope. She helped us with this.


This guy can summon what's on Harry Potter's Scar: At least mine's true.

Rachel Capri: Now, not so much.

Thor: I just had to say that.

Solangelo: I have a crush on Reyna idiots.

Olympia: Eh.

Reynico - Solangelo: Huh.

Cassandra Tylers. Now what?

Rachel Capri: We make them - whispers to Casey and Olympia-

Olympia: Nice.

Annabeth Chase: - starts winking flirtatiously at a book:

Poseidon's Least Favourite Son: - starts kissing a fishing rod-

Master Of Being A Baby Sumo Wrestler With A Bow: - strokes a bow- Who has the most beautiful mahogany surface ever? You do!

Flaming Voldemort's Butt: Get away from me!

Olympia: We'll leave you Leo.

Ra-Ra Reyna: -winks at Nico-

Calypso The Loner: Uhh?

Cassandra: You and Leo are fine. But not good enough!

Rachel Capri: I like where this is going. :3

Flaming Voldemort's Butt : - gets out giant crystal ring- WILL YOO MARRY MEH CALYPSO?

Calypso The Engaged Loner: Sure! :D

Olympia: Go to their wedding now. Bye.

- everyone was kicked from the chat just because-
Casey-Jackson commented…
Started laughing like a dying sello in the middle of social studies. Whoops. hace más de un año
olympianglory commented…
Oops. I hope it didnt MASSIVELY AFFECT YOUR ENTIRE LIFE! - evil laughter in background- Err.. Nothing! hace más de un año
hace más de un año Fangirl521 said…
Omg I love this. And CASEY!!!!!!!!!!! I missed having you around! So glad you're back! :D
hace más de un año PiperMclean7732 said…
Great! I'm glad your back, Casey!
hace más de un año Casey-Jackson said…
Yay! You guys are nicer than my people friends! Not that you're not people. I mean, I think you are. You could all be vacuums and this is the vacuum conspiracy-- you know what? I need to stop talking, I mean typing, I mean shut up Casey. This is a continuation of the truth or dare chappie because NONE OF YOU GAVE ME FEED BACK OF WHETHER YOU LIKED IT OR NOT SO YOU GET MORE MWAHAHAHA
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Hey, anyone wanna post? I will if you guys dont!
Casey-Jackson commented…
I'm going to at the end of this class because I have a free period next, but feel free! hace más de un año
hace más de un año Fangirl521 said…
I think you should do the truth or dare, they're always hilarious! Also, I'm just asking, would you look at my fan fiction thread entitled "The Endless Quest" and message me your feedback? You're a great writer and I'd just like your opinion...
hace más de un año olympianglory said…
hace más de un año Fangirl521 said…
If you don't post by tomorrow I'll just write a Facebook thing...
hace más de un año olympianglory said…
Just post now. Maybe she died again :/
Casey-Jackson commented…
...not sure if that had negative connotations o not. Sorry, I tried posting, TWICE, but it deleted it both times so I'm just like ugh. hace más de un año
hace más de un año Fangirl521 said…
o... try restarting your device and trying again
hace más de un año agamotto said…
Great posts so far, I look forward to Casey overcoming whatever technical difficulties are occurring. Keep up the good work. I wish I could write as well as you kids do. I see future literary giant in the making.
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Omg WTF guys! Theres someone called Annabeth Chase on youtube!
hace más de un año PiperMclean7732 said…
Ahhhhhhh Ima checking it out
hace más de un año olympianglory said…
Go onto TeamLeo x's one life vid and she postedd! what the frick?
hace más de un año agamotto said…
Could you PM me the link? I can't seem to find it.
hace más de un año Fangirl521 said…
And Casey where the schist are you?!?!
Casey-Jackson commented…
Um... Have I ever told tu I have a terrible sense of direction? I never really know wher I am. hace más de un año
hace más de un año olympianglory said…
search this on google : Heroes of Olympus- One Life, then go onto newest comments and Annabeth Chase commented!
agamotto commented…
Thanks, I was looking at the wrong video before! hace más de un año
hace más de un año PiperMclean7732 said…
Look at annabeth chase