los héroes del olimpo Daughter of Poseidon.. o is she?

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Chapter 1

He found her floating in his territory. The sea, a place he owns. He thought. Why did a mortal child float along. He touched her fore head. She isn't mortal. She is a demigod. But who is her mother? He was sure she had a mortal father. He could sense it.

"Father, Triton is playing tricks on me"

"Triton, do stop playing trickery on thy sister"

Triton simply nodded. He knew the danger of disobeying his father.

A glow but it wasn't a glow but the aura of the sea god. He remembers blessing Sally Jackson with a son a few months after he found Annabeth.

He hadn't told her that she was a daughter of another. She has thought she is a daughter of Poseidon and his wife Amphitrite. Ever since he blessed her with water powers she has lived here. No one has ever come for her. No goddess has ever claimed her. He guesses that she will live here until The Fates cut her string and she dies of old age.

Poseidon must visit his son. After all these years, he must be at Camp Half Blood. He never sent Annabeth there for Zeus knows why. He never wanted to let her go. She had become his, ever since that day he found her floating. He never wanted her to live a dangerous life of a demigod. But one day she has too? NO, he wouldn't let those deceiving thoughts enter his head. For now he mustn't worry for Anna. He would visit Chiron and have Perry, no his son was Perseus. That was his name. He would have Perseus sent a satyr to escort him to Camp Half Blood. For his son was powerful his father being The God of the Sea. He must learn to train and live. Shouldn't Annabeth do the same? No, he loved Annabeth. Perseus was different. It would be suicide having Perseus living in the mortal world with all the monsters. Shouldn't Annabeth go to Camp as well though? No, Annabeth wasn't his daughter. She wasn't as vulnerable as Perseus. She was safe in his kingdom. But then she would never live her own life? NO! These thoughts. He must rest, for today. Tomorrow he would give Chiron and Perseus the pleasure of talking to Poseidon.


That's it for Chapter 1! Do you like it? Please tell me and or give me positive criticism. Thank You!!!

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hace más de un año PiperChase said…
that needs to be chapter 2 to confusing to be a first chapter
hace más de un año starlightsea said…
I liked it such an interesting twist on her backstory, although I do feel like Poseidon would remember his sons name. Anyway keep up the good work.