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The war against Gaea is over, but she isn't completely gone. Her last action is to separate the Seven. Annabeth is the first to be taken away. Percy finds her, but she doesn't remember him. So he poses as a boy named Ace, in order to be near her and hopefully help her remember who she is. Right now, she thinks she is a girl named Harmony who was adopted.

Rated: G

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hace más de un año extraordinary25 said…
Here's the first chapter:
Annabeth's POV:

I have a burden that most people can't even imagine. I am part of a mythological world, where gods and monsters exist. I didn't ask for it, it's just who I am. I am a half blood.

I didn’t always know I was a half-blood, also known as a demigod. At first, I thought I was a normal suburban girl with some serious issues. It all started in twelfth grade when Ace and I first met, on the first day of school. He was a new kid, and I guess I felt sorry for him. Especially because of his actual name, Alpha. I remember our first class, world history. The teacher was taking attendance.

“Alpha Reynolds?” The teacher asked. A few kids snickered, but he didn’t seem to mind.

“Here,” he said. “But I would like it if you called me Ace.”
“I’m afraid not, Mr. Reynolds, I do not approve of nicknames. Next is, Harmony Reed?” she called out.

“Here” I replied.

She nodded at me and said, “Miss Reed, I would appreciate it if you stopped tapping your fingers against your desk. It disrupts my train of thought, and if you don’t there is always the option of showing the principal your percussion skills. Do I make myself clear?” I nodded. As usual, the teacher had already heard of my problems where I can’t pay attention in class, and am always doing some sort of “side project” such as doodling or reading. Just great. She finished the taking attendance. “You shall call me Mrs. H. Any questions?” She had a twinkle in her eye, as if daring us to ask something. To my surprised, Ace raised his hand. “Yes, Mr. Reynolds.” she said.

“I thought you disapproved of nicknames. Why aren’t you having us say your actual name?” he asked. Mrs. H smiled coldly.

“Mr. Reynolds, names have power.” she answered. Ace became pale, and I noticed that his hand went to his pocket a lot. We went over some rules, but I could feel someone staring at me the entire time. When I turned around though, everyone’s eyes were obediently on the teacher.

After the bell rang, I got up to go, when Ace walked over to me. “Hi,” he said, “I’m Ace. You’re Harmony, right?”

I didn’t know what else I was supposed to say, and the silence between us lasted a long time. “Anyways,” he said, “ what class do you have next?”


“Cool. Me too. Let’s go.”

Mrs. H came over to us. "Alpha, Harmony, may I speak to you?"

That's NEVER good with me.
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extraordinary25 commented…
Okay, so now that I have actually gotten farther in the story I realized my beginning doesn't make much sense. So I kind of changed it. It's not as good as the original one, but this was it actually has something to do with the story. hace más de un año
hace más de un año rainbow_girl said…
ooooh. this is interesting. very origional. plz keep posting!!
hace más de un año Blackjack-Arion said…
big smile
yeah cool idea
hace más de un año extraordinary25 said…
Here's Chapter 2:

“Please sit down.” Mrs. H said. Reluctantly, I obliged. Ace, on the other hand, told her that he would be more comfortable standing. He kept fidgeting with a pen and looking anxiously at the door. Completely ignoring me, Mrs. H turned to Ace. “You realize why you are here, don’t you? Your mission has started.” Ace looked nervous, but nodded. The teacher still didn’t look satisfied. “To Rome, I am the one who warns. I am warning you, you must not fail.” If all of that was weird, what Ace did next was positively creepy.

He kneeled down and said, “Yes, your highness.” With that, Mrs. H looked at me, and I saw maniacal fire in her eyes. She had done crazy things before, and she wouldn’t hesitate to do them again.

Mrs. H turned back to Ace and said with grudging respect, “I suppose you already know what is at risk."

“What happened?” I asked Ace. He looked completely terrified. When he saw me looking at him put on a complete poker face, and I started to question whether I had actually seen him look so afraid.

“Nothing. Let’s go to class.” he replied. The more I questioned him, the more defensive he got. I was annoyed, but for the moment, I let it go.
hace más de un año rainbow_girl said…
THAT WAS AMAZING!!! dont leave us w/ the suspense! plzzzzzz post soon!!!!!!
hace más de un año rainbow_girl said…
just wondering, is Mrs. H. hera?
hace más de un año extraordinary25 said…
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You will find out who Mrs. H is later in the story. For now, here's the next chapter:

The least Mrs. H could have done is give us hallway passes. By the time we got to our next class, the bell had already rung. The teacher, a sour faced lady that looked like she would rather be anywhere else than in that classroom. I completely agreed with her. She gave both Ace and I detentions. I was too muddled to argue much. Ace just scowled and sat down in the desk behind me. The rest of the day was just a usual, boring, first day of school. I got more edgy by the minute, and my science teacher threatened to send me to the principal’s office if I didn’t stop fidgeting. Even then, I knew that would be the least of my problems.

When I called my “parents” and told them I had detention, I could tell they were more upset with me than usual. I’m adopted, and I don’t really get along with my adopted parents. I’ve lived with them for almost three years, but they still don’t show me any affection. You can tell they were hoping I would turn out to be one of those “agreeable kids.” Well, tough luck, I’m not. The weird thing is, I don’t remember where I lived before I came here, or even how I came here. Every time I tried to remember, I would come up with a blank.

As I walked inside the detention room, kids snicker and point. I’m kind of like an outcast, since I came in the middle of eleventh grade, and was shy. Basically, I didn’t talk to anyone then, and they don’t talk to me now. I’ve never really bothered to change that, my only goal is to get out of here. Ace saw me, and motioned for me to sit next to him. Making sure the teacher wasn’t looking, I said, “What was the talk with Mrs. H even about?” I had been asking him this all day, but he still hadn’t given me an answer.

Surprising me, he asked, “Do you have a mom, or dad?”


“Just answer the question. Which one do you have?” Yes, his exact words were which.

“Neither. I’m adopted. Why? What does this have to do with anything?” I replied.

“Never mind.” he said. I was about to ask him again, but the teacher walked by. For the rest of the hour, she kept looking at us.

That night, John and Emma (my adopted parents) went out to a movie, so I was home alone. When the doorbell rang, I decided to ignore the whole “look out the window to see who it is” routine that Emma had tried to drill into me. When I opened it, I was shocked to see Ace standing on the porch. “Um... hi. What are you doing here?” He grinned, and his green eyes lit up with his smile. I felt myself smile back.

“Can I come in?” he asked. I nodded. “Are your parents home?”

“They’re not my parents, they’re my legal guardians.” I quickly replied. “And no, they’re not home.” Ace looked around, only half listening, which kind of bothered me. Why did he even come? He noticed my irritation.

“Sorry,” he said, “can I tell you something?”


“You’re in danger.” he said, matter of factly, as if he were telling me the sky is blue. I laughed.

“Right,” I said sarcastically. He just looked frustrated. Then randomly, he pulled out a charm bracelet from his pocket.

“What are you doing tomorrow?” he asked. I looked down at my shoes.

“Nothing but, Ace I just met you. I’m not going to go out with you.” I mumbled. His face turned completely red.

“Oh my gods, that’s not what I meant! Sorry, it’s just there is something that I need to tell you, but you won’t believe me now. Meet me at the school auditorium during lunch. Okay?” his voice was desperate. I just nodded. He held out the bracelet. “Please, just wear it. It will protect you.” I didn’t believe him, but I wore it anyways. It was just an instinct, and besides, the bracelet was pretty. When I put it on, I expected it to be kind of heavy, considering how many charms it had. Instead, it seemed to almost float on my wrist. Instead of the metal being cold, it was warm, almost hot. I looked at Ace and saw the urgency in his eyes. “Don’t take it off. Ever. Promise?” I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. What was going on? He was obviously hiding something.

Ace nodded at me and said that he had to go. As I watched, he disappeared around the corner. I fingered the bracelet and looked at the charms. There were about thirteen of them, and they tingled, as if they were alive. I took a deep breath, shook my wrist a couple times, then went to make dinner for myself. Nothings weird I kept telling myself, he’s just a really awkward guy. There’s plenty of awkward guys in the world. Yet, I didn’t believe it, and as I closed my eyes to sleep, my dreams turned into nightmares.
hace más de un año rainbow_girl said…
big smile
plzzzzz post soon!!!
hace más de un año Nicosgurl said…
OMG post like now plz!!!!!!
hace más de un año rainbow_girl said…
hace más de un año extremeriordan said…
OMG You said you weren't gonna post this on the internet! Why didn't you tell me! P.S. You didn't do a lot of revising since I saw the first version at your house... shame on you! Shame!
extraordinary25 commented…
I guess I just changed my mind. Sorry. hace más de un año
hace más de un año rainbow_girl said…
hace más de un año extraordinary25 said…
Okay here's the next chapter:

I was running. I didn’t know where, and I didn’t know why. I was wearing a white dress, but it was muddy. My bare feet were bleeding and I saw traces of dark red blood on the stone floor. Yet, I knew I couldn’t stop. All of a sudden I saw a person, that looked vaguely familiar. As I got closer, I saw it was Ace. He was chained to a column, and his eyes widened with fear. “Go! You shouldn’t have come! It’s a trap!” I was too stunned to move. What was going on? Where was I? The ground beneath my feet rumbled. A deep voice came from the darkness around me.

“The boy was right, you shouldn’t have come. But now that you have, we can finally break free from our bonds You only have to give yourself up willingly. You must give yourself up. If you don’t we’ll kill the boy. This is your only chance to save him.”

I was still too surprised to do anything but stand there. The voice chuckled. “Well I’ll admit it. I was hoping you would make this fun. But you’re not doing anything, just standing there like your father when I killed him. Now I will kill this boy.” A swirl of dark energy started to approach Ace. I let my instincts take over, and rushed over to Ace. I stood in front of him.

“Don’t do this! Don’t kill him! Take me instead!” i cried. It was as if another force had taken me over, but yet what I was saying felt right. The voice laughed, a terrible, sharp guffaw that sent shivers down my spine. The dark energy came towards me, and I shut my eyes, bracing myself. Ace was screaming and struggling to get out of his bonds. I opened my eyes, just as the energy came swirling towards me at full force. Just as I was sure I was dead, I woke up, in my own bed, the smell of John’s coffee making the house seem warm and cozy. I got ready and walked to the kitchen where I saw John and Emma eating breakfast and talking. They fell silent when they saw me.

“Good morning,” I said when they saw me. I usually grumble when they’re around, but they were acting suspicious. Emma cleared her throat.

“Did you sleep well?” she asked, try to feign casualness.

“Well enough. You?” I replied. This was getting more awkward by the minute.

“Pretty good. Um... we’re not going to be here when you get home, we have to go to an... appointment.” Emma said. I nodded, not really interested to know more. I grabbed my backpack and went to my bus stop. I surprised to see Ace there.

The first thing he said was, “wrist.”

“What?” I wasn’t sure if I had heard him right.

“Show me your wrist. Are you wearing the bracelet?” he asked. I was, and once he saw that, he relaxed.

“So, what’s up?” I asked, not knowing what else to say. He didn’t answer. Eventually the bus came. I found an empty seat and sat down, looking out the window at the cluster of homes so familiar yet so uninviting. They automatically made me think of all the things in my life that had gone wrong. Ace came in after me and sat in the seat in front of me. Deliberately, I kept looking out the window, not making eye contact.

Eventually we got to school and I walked out the bus without saying a word. I just wanted to get away from all of the confusing things in my life, and I guess I was being a little hostile. Luckily Ace didn’t mind, but he didn’t leave me alone either. During Social Studies, we had a substitute, so he was able to get away with passing me a note.

"Don’t forget about coming to the school auditorium during lunch!!!!!"

I turned to him and nodded, that yes, I would be there. He flashed his goofy and somehow, endearing smile. I got a tingly feeling all over me, and I shivered. To mask it, I scribbled a reply onto the note.

"What do you want to show me? "

"you’ll see. "

Then he looked away and made it clear that he wouldn’t reveal anymore information. I looked at my hands. The bracelet jingled softly in my hands. I still hadn’t taken it off, but now I was feeling pretty tempted to take it off and throw it at him. I was getting a little moody, but still, why did he have to be so evasive? I looked impatiently at the clock, and silently willed it to move forward. Obviously, it didn’t. I sighed and stared at my notebook, my mind turning as blank as it’s bright white paper.
hace más de un año rainbow_girl said…
OMG!!! U POSTED!!!! that was amazing!!!!!!!!!!
ugh, i cant wait till she finds out that ace is percy and that shes annabeth! pooooooooooost soooooooooon!!!!
hace más de un año Nicosgurl said…
hace más de un año extraordinary25 said…
I'm glad you all like the story. Please comment, I really appreciate the feedback. :)
Chapter 5:

I walked into the school auditorium nervously. Supposedly he was going to prove to me that I am “in grave danger” but I still didn’t believe me. I mean he acted like someone wanted to kidnap me, but that was impossible. Even my legal guardians didn’t want me, so why would anyone else? I saw Ace standing by the water fountain at the west end of the auditorium. He smiled and waved. Something about his green eyes looked so familiar. I mean, I had seen people with green eyes before, but there was just something special about HIS eyes. I snapped myself out of my trance and walked over to him.

“So,” I said, “what did you want to show me?” He looked uneasy, but he took a pen out of his pocket. “Um... a pen?” I asked. He uncapped the pen and right before my eyes, it grew into a bronze sword. He slashed the top off the water fountain and it sprayed water all over us. As I watched, the water turned to mist and a pretty rainbow formed. Ace threw a coin into the mist.

“Oh Iris” he chanted, then decided to change his mind. “Oh Fleecy, do me a solid. Show me the adventures of Annabeth Chase” The name bothered me, like there was a little voice trying to speak to me. Ace took out something that looked like a golden coin and threw it into the mist. It shimmered and disappeared. The mist formed an image. I saw a girl, actually I saw me, but I must have been a lot younger. I was in a bedroom, one that I had never seen before in my life. I saw spiders coming towards me, scuttling, and I shivered. The real me, watching this, also shivered involuntarily. I hated spiders, or more accurately, I was deathly afraid of them. Suddenly, the dream changed. This time I was hiding in a dumpster. Two people came towards me, a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes, and punk-rocker style girl. I came flying out of the dumpster, brandishing a hammer. The boy with the blonde hair and blue eyes stopped me. As I watched, they calmed me down and introduced themselves as Luke and Thalia. The scene changed again, and I saw a battle. Luke, Thalia, and I were on a hill fighting some bizarre monsters. I saw a weird kid with... goat legs? He was trotting around, playing some reed pipes. Suddenly, all of us but Thalia ran away, and she held off the monsters by herself. I saw her dying, and then, for some reason, she turned into a tree. I saw many more images, and Ace was in them too. In one, I was feeding him some sort of pudding. There were several where we were fighting off weird... creatures. Finally, I saw one where we were fighting off Luke. He didn’t look the same; he had golden eyes. I saw him stabbing himself, and me sitting next to him while he died. Several more scenes followed (many were on a bronze ship that occasionally looked like it was flying), until, finally, the scenes slowed down. There was a battle, and I saw the scene from my dream. I was walking through ancient ruins, and the whole thing from my dream happened. I got hit by the black ball of energy, and then the whole holographic scene seemed to shatter. Ace looked at me, and I could see tears in his eyes.

“W-What was that?” I asked, horrified. I looked around, sure that there was some kind of technology that formed the whole scene, and that it was all a big trick. There was nothing that I could see that could have possibly formed the image.

Ace looked at the bracelet on my wrist, and then said just one thing, “As long as the fates protect you, the gods will survive.”
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Omg that waz soooo good cant wait 4 next chappie
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YAYAY!!!!! U POSTED!!! that was amazing!!!!
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post soon! i wanna no whats gonna happen next!!!
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dearest neighbor, I will track you down until you post for these poor people, it's not like you have to write anything, it's all written already. JUST COPY AND PASTE FROM THAT GOOGLE DOC YOU WROTE IT IN. Sincerely, your BFF Elizabeth
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ummmm.... who r u talking to? hace más de un año
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the writer of this forum, who I know in real life hace más de un año
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I think she is talking 2extraordinary@rainbow_girl
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oh. that makes más sense... hace más de un año
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HELLO?!?!?!?!? pooooooost!
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she says she'll post soon. hace más de un año
hace más de un año extraordinary25 said…
Hey sorry it's been taking me so long to post, im having a little trouble accessing the place where I originally wrote it.
hace más de un año extraordinary25 said…
Yes!!!! I got it!
Next Chapter:

Ace and I just stood there awkwardly for what felt like hours. He capped his pen/sword. I was still soaking wet from the mist, but surprisingly, he was completely dry. When I complained, he just touched me and I was completely dry, even my hair. After a while, he broke the silence.

“So... what do you think about... what you saw?” he looked down at the floor, not able to meet my eyes.

“I don’t know what to think. I mean Ace-” he interrupted me.

“Percy.” he said, randomly.

“What?” I asked.

He finally met my eyes. “My name isn’t Ace,” he said, “My name is Percy Jackson. Son of Poseidon. The name swirled around in my head like I should know it, like it was important, but I wasn’t able to locate where I had heard it.

Ace, no, Percy and I went to our next class and I could tell that he was upset. A sort of furious expression seemed to be betraying his mask of calm, and I didn’t know why. He still wouldn’t explain what had happened in the auditorium

That night I had nightmares of running through the ruins again. Weirdly enough, I was wearing an battle armor over an orange shirt and jeans. I had never even seen battle armor before, why was I wearing it? I looked around me and saw Ace tied up again, but this time he wasn’t alone. A huge giant with green dragon feet and hair that had weapons on it loomed over him.

“Porphyrion!” Percy yelled in outrage, “Let me out of my bonds and fight me!” Porphyrion laughed.

“Oh, but demigod, I will fight you, but not just yet. First we must secure our plan. The girl has fallen into her trap. In fact, I think she is already here, to attempt a foolish rescue.” He flexed his arms, and then looked at me. “I shall enjoy having you as my captive, young half-blood, though you’re not half as impressive as they said” I woke up with the creepy image of him sneering at me.

Later that day the bus accidentally took a wrong turn. We ended up driving past a library, one that I had never been to before, and I found myself thinking, Those arches are beautiful, and the way they connect works well, but they shouldn’t have added the pillars in between. Wait. Since when did I care about architecture? I never had before, but as the bus kept going, I thought about how I could have done a so much better job designing that library.

Though I thought me being interested in architecture was weird, the thing that happened next was even more unusual. When we got to school, there was a woman standing by a street lamp. Her eyes were grey, and it was almost like she had an aura of power, but when she looked at me, her gaze softened, and it was almost kind. She was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, she held up a silver coin with an owl on it. For some reason, Percy walked up to her, and bowed. They talked for awhile, about god knows what. She gave him the coin she had been holding earlier, and he walked back over to me.

“What was that?” I asked. He started to shake his head, then seemed to change his mind. He brought out the coin.

“It’s an athenian coin,” he said, “The inscription on it says ‘Of the Athenians’, or could be read as ‘Children of Athena’, its kind of an Athenian motto.” It was giving me that strange sense of deja-vu that I always get around him.

“How do you know all that?” I asked him, one of the many questions running through my head. His gaze shifted, and looked right into my eyes.

“A really smart friend of mine. She told me right before she went on a... a mission.”

“A mission? Was she in the FBI or something?” I asked, even though I was really thinking, Your friend is a girl? Is she your girlfriend? I didn’t want to care, but somehow I did. Percy saw the expression on my face and seemed to recognize it. He laughed.

“No, she wasn’t in the FBI. You’ll understand, later. In fact, I think you will understand her in a way that I never could,” he replied. I didn’t have a clue what he meant, but something in his expression made me afraid to ask.He looked wistful, and when he looked at me, I saw that his playful, green eyes were heavy with grief. I found myself taking his hand, and leading him around the back of the school. We walked to the end of the soccer field, to the start of forest where kids had been threatened with in school suspension if they ever went into. Of course, I had been here several times. It’s where I went when things got tough. Percy didn’t let go of my hand, but silently followed behind me. We eventually got to a clearing with a bunch of weird boulders. I leaned against one of them. For some reason this place always felt like home, like I was connected to it somehow. Percy stood next to me, still holding my hand.

“So... what are we doing here?” he asked. I silently swore to myself. What had I been thinking? Bringing him here, missing school, it was a bad idea.

“I don’t know.” I answered honestly. Percy laughed, okay with the whole thing. I relaxed. Then he seemed to really look around him, and he looked like his thoughts were somewhere else.

“Zeus’s fist” he mumbled.

“What?” I asked. He just shook his head. I found myself suddenly frustrated. He seemed to hiding something from me, as usual. “Percy,” I began, “tell me something straight out for once. You’re always hiding something, always telling me only half of a story, half of the truth. You’re always saying that I’ll understand later, but I want to understand now. I don’t know if we can even stay friends if you keep on...”

He interrupted me by suddenly leaning in. The next thing I knew, we were kissing. His lips were salty and... familiar. The sense of deja-vu got stronger than ever. My mind seemed to be pushing through a wall that I didn’t even know was there. Then, finally, something shifted, and images, no, memories started flooding in. My head was spinning. I pushed away from Percy and sat on the ground. He rushed towards me, and held me close to him. Finally it stopped, and all of the memories fell in place. I remembered who I really was. Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, senior camper at Camp Half Blood, architect of Mount Olympus, and girlfriend of Percy Jackson. I looked up at him, one of the most important people in the world to me.

“Percy,” I began, “I remember. I remember everything.” All of his grief seemed to float away from him. He kissed me again, a short sweet kiss that seemed to say, as long as we’re together, everything will be okay. I felt like I could spend a millennia sitting there with Percy holding me, but I forced myself to think. I needed to get some things straight, make sure I knew that what had changed, what had happened. “So,” I said. “The giants? Gaea? Did you guys defeat them?” Percy frowned, and shook his head.

“Not quite. The Mark of Athena slowed them down, but the war will probably be in about a year. The thing is, we’re facing other problems too,” he told me.

“What kind of problems?” I asked, suddenly afraid of what might have happened. His expression didn’t reassure me.

“Well, the two camps made peace, but they’re still a little edgy. Plus... um, well Frank, Hazel, Jason, Piper, and Leo are missing.” Percy looked really depressed.

“So basically, the rest of the seven. How did that happen?”

“Well, when we closed the Doors of Death, Nico stayed in Tartarus.” Percy momentarily shuddered, and made a three finger gesture over his heart. “Well,” he continued, “when we returned to Camp Half Blood, Hazel was really sad, so she went on a walk by herself. She didn’t come back, so we sent a couple of teams to go look for her. There were other campers too, but only the rest of the seven went missing. I’m the only one that came back. I don’t know why.” I thought about it, and finally put the pieces together.

“Percy, it’s your fatal flaw. Gaea knew you would come looking for the rest of us, so she spared you. She must have some sort of plan...” I looked at the boulders. They looked a lot like the pile of boulders at Camp Half Blood, but if you looked at them a certain way, then they looked like a sleeping ladies’ face. “Percy,” I said, “we have to get to the ocean. Now.” He seemed to understand, but it was a little too late. A huge lion came, and from my own guesses I figured it was the Nemean Lion. Of course, we would have to fight a monster that’s immune to any metal.

“I wish I had some space food.” Percy said. I just looked at him like he was crazy, and he gave me a wink, that made me almost forget about the lion. The lion didn’t seem to like that, and gave a roar that shook the trees. Percy and I did the sensible thing. We ran.

*********Hope you guys like it, extremeriordans here and giving me the death stare. :D
Please comment!!! I love getting feedback, even if it isn't always good. Makes me feel like Im becoming a better writer.
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Well, I kinda already have like the next five chapters planned out. I just actually have to post them.
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I said I had them planned out. Not written in chapter form. Anyways, thanks for your patience. You guys are awesome!!!! Next chapter coming right up:

Of course we couldn’t just run away from the lion. That would have been too easy. For demigods, life is never that easy. We sprinted about twenty yards before we had to confront him again.

“Cover me!” Percy screamed, “I have an idea!” It was usually me that had the excellent idea to defeat the monster, but I knew Percy had his moments of brilliance.

“Hey you overgrown feline!” I screamed, just to get its attention. Both the lion and Percy looked at me like I was crazy. I knew it wasn’t the best insult in the world, but hey, it worked. I yelled defiantly again, and signalled to Percy to keep doing whatever his idea was. He closed his eyes and started to concentrate. The lion charged at me, but I dodged and went behind it. It kept going like that, with the lion pouncing and me scrambling out of the way. I didn’t know how long I could keep it up, but just when I was starting to get tired, the lion started gagging like he was coughing up a hairball. I just stared while Percy took a rock and threw it in the lion’s mouth. He and I threw a couple more until, we knew the mouth wouldn’t close. Then we finished the job with the sword. I was breathing hard, which I found was surprising. I was out of shape, but we couldn’t stay here, it was too dangerous.

We both made our way to the more populated part of town, and just when I knew we were in the heart of the city, I said, “Percy stop.”

He turned around, but I could tell he wanted to keep moving, to get out of here. His eyebrows rose in surprise, and he replied, “Annabeth, we need to get to the middle of town, maybe hail a cab or something. I’m sure it’s just a few more miles, we might even be able to get directions.”

“Percy,” I gently said, “we’re in the midwest. In a suburb. The closest place we could get a cab is, well I don’t really know, just we would need a cab to get anywhere where we could get a can. A cab isn’t exactly an option, and besides, I don’t think either of us has any money.” Percy’s face got a little red.

“Right. Um... so what do we do?” he asked.

“Blackjack?” I remembered a pure black pegasi (no I’m not being racist, he really is the actual color black). Percy smiled, and gave a loud whistle, which would be normal in New York, where Percy is from, but there people looked at us like we’re crazy. I swear they were thinking, 'darn teenagers!' I didn't care though, because at that moment, Blackjack landed on the sidewalk with a graceful swoop. I don’t know what people saw, but they gaped at us. Percy and Blackjack seemed to have a brief conversation (Percy can talk to horses -but more on that later), but eventually, we got on and were soaring towards Camp Half Blood. I look at the city we just left, and realized it looked peaceful, and in better times, it wouldn’t be a bad place to go back to. I think of Emma and John, who, though they didn’t seem to really love me, they weren’t necessarily bad people. It was a lot like it was with my real dad, at first I hated him (I actually ran away from home) but later I realized that he wasn’t so bad. Funny, you only realize what you had until you leave it. There I was actually living a somewhat normal life, but all I did was wish I had anything else.

I was almost tempted to hit my head on something, lose my memories again, but as we flew over Lake Michigan, I looked at Percy and I realize as nice as that all is, I would rather have him. Maybe that was why I felt like I was missing something. I realize as hard as any god or goddess tries, they can’t really take us away from each other. We always end up together, and that’s the one thing I never want to change. I wrapped my arms around him as we ascend into the clouds. I was just about to fall asleep when Blackjack suddenly decided to stop flapping his wings, and we started to fall.

Percy looked at me with real fear in his eyes, and said one word that makes me want to curse, “eidolons!”

******Hey, for my next chapter, I have a question. See, I was thinking of adding a new character, one that didn't come from any Rick Riordan's books. I remember always hating it when other people did that, so I thought I would ask all of you if you think its a good idea.
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I dont think u should because ur story is about trying to find the 7 not bring new people to camp on the other hand great post
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that was amazing!!! i think u could have a new minor character, maybe one who helps them.find the rest of the seven. nothing major though.
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.........O..........M...........G......You are fantastic!!! This is awesome! Please post more!!!!!
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Hi, I'm back. Sorry, I've just been really busy lately. Not to mention a severe writers block. But anyways, here's the next chapter (Sorry, it's kinda short compared to my other ones):

Eidolons are these stupid spirits that decide they want to possess people, animals, or even machines. Then they try to kill you. We had already gotten off on the wrong foot with them, and even though they had sworn never to possess us they would often possess other people or things and try to destroy us. For example, possessing our pegasus and making us fall to our deaths. Unfortunately we had already flown past Lake Michigan, so we couldn’t jump into the water either. I swore under my breath and held on tightly to Percy. We were nearing the roofs of buildings, when all of a sudden, Blackjack slowed down. I saw the wild menace in his eyes and guessed that he was trying to fight against the eidolon. It was probably not possible for Blackjack to win, but I was proud that he was at least trying. As we neared the ground, Percy struggled to steer Blackjack, but it was something he’d never actually had to put effort in. Usually he just spoke to Blackjack.

“We’re going to have to jump off!” I yelled over the wind.

“No! I have to keep trying! Otherwise Blackjack might hurt himself! You jump off!” Percy yelled back. I bit back a curse. Of course he wouldn’t be able to leave his pegasus. It was his fatal flaw. “Annabeth!,” he called out, “go!” I looked back from Percy to Blackjack. Finally I just grabbed Percy’s hand a let myself fall off, pulling him behind me. Years of training took over and landed on my feet, running to get rid of the extra momentum. Percy, who was still shocked that I had pulled him, landed on his back and rolled over, groaning.

“Sorry,” I said. “I couldn’t let you go down with Blackjack. Who knows where he would have dragged you.”

“It’s fine,” Percy said. I looked toward where Blackjack had gone. I could see a dark speck flying farther and farther away. I blinked back tears.

"Come on, Annabeth, think" I muttered to myself. Looking around, I couldn’t think of anything. Percy stood up.

“Do you still have the bracelet?” he asked. I nodded, and held out my wrist. He pulled the lightning bolt charm off of it. The symbol of Zeus. As I watched, it dissolved in Percy’s hands. Suddenly he pulled me into his arms, and we were both flying.
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Hey, just a random sketch. I can't draw for my life, but I thought I might as well post it anyways.
 Hey, just a misceláneo sketch. I can't draw for my life, but I thought I might as well post it anyways.
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