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I figured some people might want spoilers since they didn't read the book yet, so I came up with this!

Characters: Camp Half-Blood
Camp Jupiter
The 7 of the Prophecy


 I figured some people might want spoilers since they didn't read the book yet, so I came up with this

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hace más de un año Wisdoms_Child said…
I guess I'll start.


We were about to attack the Greek camp, called Camp Half-Blood, when a flash of light blinded us. When the light was gone, all the Romans were sitting in a room with a ping pong table and strange-looking people around us. They looked as if they were about to go into battle.
"Who are you?" I asked hesitantly.
A girl that looked like a wrestler looked at us with curiosity, then yelled,"Chiron! You better see this!"
"Chiron? As in the one that leads Camp Half-Blood?" Octavian asked, getting his dagger ready.
Just then, a centaur trotted up to us and looked at us. Everyone stood in silence with their weapons ready.
The centaur smiled and said,"Yes, I am. And you are?"
Then, Octavian yelled,"ATTACK! IT'S THE GREEKS!"
Before anyone can do anything, several screams filled the room.
"AHHH!!!!" yelled a boy's voice.
"AHHH!!!!" screamed a girl.
Everyone stared at the six people that fell from the sky. They landed right beside the ping pong table, with a blonde boy at the bottom, followed with a girl with choppy brown hair, that was followed with another boy who screamed something about chicken nuggets, finally, two people, one boy and girl fell from the sky, holding hands.
"Leo?" asked a girl with camo pants, a tank top that showed her muscles, and a red bandanna.
"Leo?" I repeated. "The fired at Camp Jupiter?"
By now, everyone that fell was standing, and Camp Half-Blood was staring at me like some kind of maniac.
"Um, Yes to Nyssa, and no to you, Reyna," the boy that looked like an elf replied.
"Jason, Piper, Leo! So nice to see you again!" said Chiron happily.
"Hi, Chiron," Jason replied.
They then seemed to realize that Camp Jupiter was there too, with our weapons pointed at them.
"Hey, Reyna. Why are you guys here?" asked Jason awkwardly.
Before I could say anything, Octavian yelled out,"As you can see, the gods are giving us a chance to ruin the Greeks! ATTACK!"
Octavian and a few of his followers began to run at the Greeks, but before they were 1 inch close to them, another bright light flashed.
A familiar boy with jet black hair and green eyes was in front of Octavian, along with the girl named Annabeth.
The two immediately got out their weapons and unarmed Octavian and his followers' weapons.
"Why are you attacking my camp?" Percy growled at Octavian.
"Your camp is the one that attacked my camp first! Now, back off you filthy son of Neptune," Octavian growled back.
Percy's eyes burned with anger.
"First of all, I'm a son of Poseidon, not Neptune. Second, Leo was possessed by eidolon, so he didn't intentionally fire at your camp. Back off," Percy replied angrily.
I heard someone sigh. It was Annabeth. She then took her dagger back out, and hilt the hilts of Octavian and Percy's sword so they flew away. Then Annabeth grabbed a sword on the ping pong table and pointed that at Percy's neck, and her dagger at Octavian's neck.
"Shut up. Both of you. Now's not the time," said Annabeth fiercely.
"Who do you think you are?" Octavian yelled at her.
Annabeth calmly put her dagger deeper into his skin.
"I'm Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena," she answered Octavian's question. She then looked at Percy and said,"Percy, we're suppose to be in Tartarus, not Camp Half-Blood. Don't you think there's something fishy about that?"
Everyone gasped.
"T-Tartarus? But how?" Octavian stuttered.
Just then, a thick book dropped from the sky and onto the middle of the ping pong table. The buff girl that looks like a wrestler lifted the book up and read,"The Mark of Athena."
"The Mark of Athena. That has to be Annabeth!" a guy with a bow and arrow on his back said.
Annabeth put down her weapons from Octavian and Percy's neck and said,"Hand me the book, Clarisse."
The girl named Clarisse threw her the book, which Annabeth caught without a problem. She flipped open the book and read something written on the inside:
Dear demi-gods,
we give you this book, so that the campers of the Roman and Greek camp can understand better what was happening to the seven of the prophecy. This begins after Jason, Piper, Leo, Annabeth, and Coach Hedge were about to enter the Roman territory. We have frozen time, so when you finish reading this book, you will all be back to where you demi-gods were before you arrived here. Read well.
-The Fates

I heard Percy groan. "So after this, Annabeth and I go back to free falling into Tartarus?"
"I guess so," a quiet voice said.
We all looked over at the boy who said that. It was Nico de Angelo, the son of Pluto.
"Nico, my boy! How have you been? You disappeared on us!" Chiron asked.
"I've been fine. Just got trapped by Gaea and thrown into a jar. No big deal," Nico answered, his voice dripping with sarcasm.
"Chiron, did you forget about me already? I thought I was your favorite hero!" Percy said, pouting.
Chiron pulled him into a hug and said,"Of course not, my dear boy. We have been frantically looking for you."
"Enough with this hugging," Clarisse said, bored. "I wanna find out if Prissy's became more of a coward than he was before."
"You know, Clarisse, you still haven't got back at me for the whole toilet situation, and you would be rotting in a cyclop's cave if not for me, so shut up," Percy replied to her.
"Let's just read, okay? The quicker the better," I mumbled.
"Exactly, so who wants to read?" asked the boy with the bow and arrow.
"Since you asked, Will, you should!" said Leo grabbing to book from Annabeth and chucking it to the boy called Will.
Will caught it, and grumbled,"That's so not fair."
Laughing Leo said,"Whatever, man. Just read."
The boy reluctantly opened to the first page and read,"Chapter one: Annabeth"
"Oh, boy," Annabeth groaned. "This will be so much fun."
Sorry that this chapter is so bad. It's late, and my mind's all jumbled up. Who wants to post next?
hace más de un año corrected said…
also are u the only author or will u have co authors
and 2 other things: DONT ABANDON and try to finish before the house of hades comes out plz or else everyone will stop reading
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Well anyone can post on this. The people that help write this and I will try to finish this before HoH. I most likely will not abandon this bcuz other people will be helping too.
Last thing: if you know anyone who has the book and wants to help write, please tell them about this forum!!
Thanks for reading, and please spread the word!
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"Before she saw the exploding statue"
"exploding statue?" asked Lacy.

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