los héroes del olimpo Mark of Athena! My version

VanessaJackson posted on Jun 02, 2012 at 09:54AM
Hey guys! This is my first fan fiction EVER!!!!
I've read all of The Percy Jackson series and I've read all of The Heroes Olympus books that have been released so far and I am absolutely in LOVE!
I've decided to write my version of The Mark of Athena because I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO BE RELEASED!
I'm not sure how many times I'll be able to update seeing as I'm in high school and get A LOT of homework, but I'll try! Hope you guys enjoy!!!
For those who don't like the Percabeth romance or any romance for that matter then I suggest NOT reading this, haha!
Leave any questions, comments and especially opinions! Thanks so much!!!
Oh and by the way, A/N Means AUTHOR'S NOTE!

The Mark of Athena.


Annabeth looked over the side of the Argo II. All she was thinking about was that Percy was down there. He was so close! She hadn’t seen him in, what 8 months? She was also scared, "what if Percy doesn’t remember me?" she thought. She pushed the awful thought out of her mind and concentrated on more important matters. As the ship got lower she could see the Roman Camp. She got this terrible feeling that everything was about to go wrong but, it was too late to turn back. The ship was too close and the Romans had spotted them. A/N (This chapter was extremely short. It’s just a bit of an introduction)


As the boarding plank was lowered down everyone started to walk out. Jason was leading as he was a familiar Roman face. As he emerged there was cheering. Piper nudged her, “Ready?” she asked. “I think so.” Piper winked at Annabeth and walked off the boat after Leo and Jason. Annabeth was reluctant to walk out, she was afraid. The feeling she had gotten on the boat, which had sent a shiver down her spine, made her very nervous but, then she remembered that Percy was here! Annabeth quickly walked out of the boat and looked around. Where was he? She looked around frantically then suddenly, she spotted him. “PERCY!” she ran forward to the shaggy black haired boy. Percy gave her that little half smile that she loved so much. “Hey Wise Girl” he said. Annabeth punched him, in the stomach, hard. Percy doubled over in pain. When he recovered she started yelling. “Why didn’t you call me? You called your mom and Paul and you contacted Tyson and not me?! I was so worried! 8 months, 8 months Percy! You could’ve been dead!” She could feel the tears coming. Percy wrapped his arms around her “Annabeth, I tried to contact you, I did! I knew mom and Paul would be the most worried and I only got one chance at a phone. As for Iris Messaging, I couldn’t get a hold of camp or you. But it doesn’t matter anymore! You’re here now, we’re together”. Annabeth looked up into his twinkling sea green eyes, “I missed you Seaweed Brain.” She whispered. “I missed you too.” And with that, Percy leaned down and kissed her. Annabeth thought it was the best kiss yet. It made up for all those sleepless nights and the missed meals. They heard someone clear their throat. The two looked up; it was one of the Roman legionnaires. Annabeth realised that everyone had watched her and Percy’s little uh, scene. She felt her face getting hot. A girl with black hair and coal black eyes stepped forward, Annabeth recognised her from Circe’s Island. “I am Reyna, daughter of Bellona and Praetor of the Twelfth Legion. Welcome to Camp Jupiter”.

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