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Rating: T

Characters: Leo, Piper, Jason, Coach Hedge, Ect.

Summary: Basicly after the war and Leo realizes how much they underestimate him. So he decides to show him he's not just a silly son of Heaphestus, but will he go to far?

disclaimer: I don't own anything PJO or HoO related.


As Leo drifted asleep he had a feeling his life wouldn't be the same.

He had this feeling that if he fell asleep his somewhat perfect life would be gone. Simply vanish and he'd have to work hard to get it back. If he could.

So little did Leo know how right he was, because when he finally closed his eyes Hera started her carefully thought plan. Leo's memories were soon gone. The time he met Piper, the time he realized how much he liked her, and the day they finally got together. It was no suprise, everyone else at the school had expected it. "Hey, it's the loser couple!" They had said, even though at the time Leo and Piper were not a couple, but now all that was simply a faded memory.

In exchange for Leo's memories Leo went into a world where he didn't get the girl. Where he was just second best because his best friend was the superhero. Where he was always the third wheel, because the girl he liked was dating his best friend. Where he's just looked at as a repair boy who makes useless machines.

Well he'd show them. Leo knew that one day- if atleast for one simple day- they would remember his name. He wondered if she would even remember, the way they used to hang around all the time and just mess around.

He wondered, but knew it couldn't be true because unlike him, her memories were still gone.

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