los héroes del olimpo #1 Make a Demigod

ZeroSpark posted on Mar 28, 2012 at 12:24AM
This is a forum where you can create your demigod. To Create a Demigod use this stuff:

Immortal Parent:
Mortal Parent:
A story:
Anything else we need to know:

Ok so I'll be making a forum for the quests only one quest at a time. No killing.

ZeroSpark as Zac Blue Son of Zeus
horse22133454 as Bree Daughter of Zeus
Nemesis as Zanine as Daughter of Apollo
yellowandpurple as Alicia Daughter of Aphrodite
pjlover447 as Kristina and Daughter of Hecate
universalpowa as Callisto and Daughter of Aphrodite
Jasonfan44 as Thomas and Son of Poseidon
itsjustamonster as Alissa and Daughter of Hades
Alvin2442 as Alvin and Son of Poseidon
Nicolicious as Cara and Daughter of Thanatos
Post-Now675 as Trey and Son of Hermes
SomeRandomFan as Daniel Richards and Son of Hades
Zelda4Efas as Nikita and Daughter of Nike
Killer24 as Kane and Son of Hecate
BitemeIVampire as Eragona and Daughter of Zeus
pink-bookworm as Gloria and Daughter of Apollo
PercyNinja23 as Joe and Son of Poseidon
Crash14 as Jake and Son of Poseidon
Athenaswisdom as Juliette Daughter of Athena
VladGal365 as Lisa and Daughter of Ouranous
BellaAndBubba as Isabel or (Bella) and Daughter of Hades
torrent as Dalton and Son of Poseidon
jojo12313 as John and Son of Hades
Jasonsgottagun as Ryan and Son of Thanatos
JosephineSilver as Joseshphine and Daughter of Demeter
Im_rock4ever as Julia
ChampionChaos as Spencer
Josephina_12 as Kira Daughter of Athena
JasmineValdez as Jasmine Daughter of Poseidon
1999jacko as Zane son of Poseidon

Yes I did use bitemevampires thing.
If someone is messing with you I promise to review the comment and I promise to do my best to remove them or kick them off all reports will be read and taken into consideration.
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hace más de un año ZeroSpark said…
"Hi i'm Zac Blue."
hace más de un año horse22133454 said…
big smile
Immortal Parent:Zeus
Mortal Parent:Mia
Abilities:fly, shoot lightning and thunder, and make thunder and lightning
Weapons:bow, sword, and dagger that is a bracelet that I always have with me
Appearance:tan, tall, blue eyes, long brown hair
Personality:friendly when on good side, but scary to get on bad side
Friends:anyone that isn't annoying
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hace más de un año ZeroSpark said…
"Hay so wanna go on a quest now that i know a little bit about you?"
hace más de un año Nemisis said…
Really sneeky, you cant lie to her, she can unlock things by just touching it
twin daggers that are curved, and turn into a medallion that she keeps on her necklace
pale,tall, curly brown hair, orange-brown eyes with lots of flecks, freckles
kind of hostile at first but once you get to know her really nice if a bit ... scary ( que evil laughter)
likes books
dislikes. authority figures
fears shed never admit it but shes terrified of the dark ... and dogs that are bigger than cats
friends anyone who doesn't annoy her ... and aime that do
boyfriend : no idea
nickname : Nina
story : grew up in several foster homes, sense she was abandoned at birth, always ended up in a different one after a while because she misbehaved .... a lot .
extremely aggressive, oh shes 14
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hace más de un año yellowandpurple said…
big smile
Charm speaking
Bow and arrow
Tan, dark brown hair, and brown eyes
Nice, and friendly
Likes gossiping, and talking
Dislikes know it all's, and Drew
Fears Ares cabin
Friends with everyone that's nice back to her.
Boyfriend, nope!
hace más de un año ZeroSpark said…
"Hay Guys."
hace más de un año pjlover447 said…
casting spells
a dagger that may be used as a wand
Tan, shoulder length, black, reddish hair, brown eyes, and is tall.
likes: reading, writing, drawing, and daydreaming
dislikes: bossy people
fears: crowed, places where she is the center of attention; she is very shy.
friends: not many, but is nice to every one.
nicknames: Kris
hace más de un año universalpowa said…
Name: Callisto Aprega
Parent: Aphrodite
Mortal Parent: Gavin
Age: 17
Abilities: Can mimic any sound she hears- which then gives her the advantage of charmspeaking people that sound like other charmspeakers. Pretty cool, right? Plus she can sense ties- so she can tell who is crushing on who, and who is dating who. Neat!
Weapons: A twin set of amethyst knives- wicked sharp
Appearance: Long blonde hair, and eyes that change according to what she happens to be wearing
Personality: Hey, she may be a daughter of Aphrodite, but she doesn't gossip as much as her siblings. So she's pretty chill. And very stubborn.
Likes: Good hair days
Dislikes: Bad hair days- and boys wearing too much cologne
Fears/phobias: Anuptaphobia- the fear of staying single (very funny haha) & Claustrophobia- Fear of confined spaces.
Friends: HAAHAHAHHAAHAHA-! This was a trick question I hope? Too many to list- basically, she's buddies with everyone. Even if you don't want her too be. She's pretty stubborn that EVERYONE has to be her friend.
Boyfriend: ^ See phobia
Nickname: Callie
Extra Info: Her name 'Callisto' means "the most beautiful" in ancient greek. Ironic? Totally. :3
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hace más de un año Jasonfan44 said…
Name- Thomas
Immortal parent- Poseidon
Mortal Parent: Mayla
Abilities: Anything that a son of Poseidon can do.
Weapons: A sword that transforms into an iPod and a shield that is installed into my shirt.
Appearance: Turquoise eyes, black hair that stands up, a white tee, blue Nikes, black shorts, NY Yankees cap, Tan skin.
Personality: Fun,loyal,brave,fast, has an award winning smile
Likes: Water,swimming, having fun
Dislikes: Flying
Fears/phobias: N/A
Friends: Mostly everybody
Girlfriend:Nope is 13
A story: He has ran away when he was 10 and has regretted it.
Nicknames: Tom, Tommy, Thomás.
Anything else we need to know: Never get him angry. Has a pegasus named Arnav(means Ocean in Sanskrit).
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hace más de un año ZeroSpark said…
"Hay guys!"
hace más de un año Jasonfan44 said…
"Hey Zac, How them skies?"
hace más de un año horse22133454 said…
Walks out of cabin "Hi"
hace más de un año ZeroSpark said…
"Its pretty awesome dude." " So do you guys want to go practice some before we go on our first quest?"
hace más de un año horse22133454 said…
"sure why not" starts walking to sword arena
hace más de un año ZeroSpark said…
Walks with and asks if she has made any friends yet?
hace más de un año horse22133454 said…
"I don't know"
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hace más de un año Jasonfan44 said…
I go to the arena I press the button on my iPod and it turns into a sword. I slash and hack at the dummy.
hace más de un año ZeroSpark said…
"Oh me either." Shoots dummy with arrow.
hace más de un año horse22133454 said…
pulls out sword once in arena then slashes at dummies
hace más de un año killer24 said…
hay can i join
hace más de un año universalpowa said…
*is too tired to train*
:3 meh ill train tomorrow. xD
hace más de un año itsjustamonster said…
Name: Allisa Z. Pinril
Immortal Parent: Hades
Mortal Parent: Tellitha Pinril
Abilitys: Raising the dead, Sensing when people die, talking to ghosts, shadow travling
Weapons: Perfers Stygian iron tipped arrows with bow but I also have a foot long Stygian iron knife hidden in my left combat boot
Appearence: Long cherry red hair with a black streak on the side that touches my waist when not in a ponytail or braid; Dark brown eyes with small flecks of blue; around five feet; pale skin; usaully wears alot of a black concert t-shirts, black and neon green striped sleeves, black skull belt, black jeans, Black combat boats with green laces
Personality: Favorite color is green, A little bit shy and parnoid, Really good at art, Sometimes very mysterious
Likes: The dark, Silence, Close unbetraying friends, Screemo/Metal/Dubstep music, Killing monsters of course, Shadow Travling who wouldn't!?!
Dislikes: Most colors in the rainbow unless with alot of black,Romance music, Things that are to bright or happy, Bullies, Braggers
Fears/Phobias: Batophobia-Fear of heights,Phobophobia-Fear of self phobias and fears, Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia-Fear of big words
Friends: Hometown friends: Garrald C., Emmacil S., Talis P., Zea G., Camp Friends: Travis and Connor Stoll, Michell and Lucy from aphrodite cabin and Colvis (he's easy to pick on..)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None...sadly or not so sadly
A Story: When I was younger i was living with my older step brother Talis because my mother died in a car acciedent. I became close friends with Gerrald, Emmacil, Retege and Zea. But my friends and brother died or went missing from when some of my summoned skelatal warroirs attacked them by accident. And then the Satyr found me...
Nicknames: Lisa, Zea (middle name) or Pinie (butchered last name)
Other Information:Age 14, Birthday October, 31st Hometown York, Maine
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hace más de un año Jasonfan44 said…
I stop slashing and pour water over my head and I my strength is filled again.
hace más de un año ZeroSpark said…
killer you can join but rhgbdhfbg cant
hace más de un año universalpowa said…
^ its not fair to discriminate D:

*looks in mirror*

hace más de un año horse22133454 said…
puts sword away then sits on a bench
hace más de un año Jasonfan44 said…
^ Trust me it is the best thing to do.

I stop training. I walk around camp half-blood. I see Connor and Travis sneaking out of the Aphrodite cabin. Then I heard a ton of screams in the Aphrodite cabin and I had to laugh.
hace más de un año Alvin2442 said…
Name:Alvin Hamilton
Immortal Parent:Poseidon
Mortal Parent:Briana Hamilton
Weapons:Universe my sword made up of all particles 5ft long painfully sharp The Twins my daggers just like my sword excrrpt are 4ft long Suoon my bow made up of Apollo and Artemis power and Ocean my trident made like my sword and daggers except is 8ft long
Appearance:African American and has a tanned skin Dark Sea Blue/Green Jet Black Hair with perfect teeth,body,hair in a messy way,and etc.
Dislikes:People who hurt my firends
A story:Tell you later
Anything else we need to know:
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hace más de un año Alvin2442 said…
I hear bunch of screams from Aprodite's Cabin i use my iron good sight and see Conner and Travis sneak out Aprodite's cabin
hace más de un año horse22133454 said…
walks towards Aphrodite cabin hearing them screaming seeing Conner and Travis running and I start to laugh
hace más de un año Alvin2442 said…
Rubs Pelnus then jumps us and charges towards Aprodite's Cabin while laughing
hace más de un año universalpowa said…
*gets out knife*

*runs to kill them*
**BRB- Callie has gone off to kill two hermes twins for messing with her hair**
hace más de un año Alvin2442 said…
clciks my tattoo and The Twins apper in my hands which i put my leg infront of Callie and put The Twins up stopping her
hace más de un año horse22133454 said…
"Aw you ruined all the fun Alvin anyways the twins are sons of Hermes so they can outrun her most likely"
hace más de un año Alvin2442 said…
"Anyway i got something she can use to get them"holds up winged sandals before they apper on her feet"Ma'At"the wings sporut out and fly her towards The Stolls
hace más de un año universalpowa said…

*holds up stoll brother*
-stoll brothers- have mercy!!!!
*evil epic revenge*
;D :P
hace más de un año horse22133454 said…
starts to crack up at Stolls
hace más de un año universalpowa said…
*is dressing up the Stoll brother*
me- ^-^ hehe
stoll brothers-...
me- you guys look so cute in poofy dresses! :D
stoll brother-fml D:
me- REVENGEE!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDD

*ties up the brothers with sexy leopard duct tape*
*tosses them in closet*
have fun boys! :D lollll xDDD
hace más de un año ZeroSpark said…
"Hi Guys."
hace más de un año horse22133454 said…
hace más de un año Nicolicious said…
Right can i join
Dead died when i was 7
Shadow travel,create skeletons,kill anyone by looking at them(jks)
Two short swords called daybreak and midnight
Shoulder length brown hair with red streaks, tanned athletic
Funny, smart feels lonely sometimes
Likes everyone
Is afraid of Cats
Im pretty sure Alvin
if anyone wants to be my bf
When i was 7 my mum who was an Australian SAS died in Iraq then i was chased to camp halfblood with another camper cept he got killed before he got through
People call me Car for fun or a car name/brand
I have a pet richback(dog) called Skull and i have a Pegasus called Cruise if you dont mind

hace más de un año post-now675 said…
can i join?
hace más de un año universalpowa said…
^ sure!

Mehh i broke up w/my boyfriend
*phobia kicks in*
hace más de un año horse22133454 said…
that was only for a few seconds
hace más de un año Jasonfan44 said…
"Callie you date a guy for what, a month and then you break up with the poor sucker? Heartless, no offense."
hace más de un año ZeroSpark said…
all of you can join
hace más de un año horse22133454 said…
"Well thats harsh Tom" starts to smile
hace más de un año SomeRandomFan said…
is it too late to join?
Name:Daniel Richards
Immortal Parent:Hades
Mortal Parent:Maria Richards
Abilities:Shadow travel,can summon anything dead and he can control
shadows so he can control people but it makes him really tired so he doesn't tend to use it much.
Weapons:A screwdriver that can turn into a flaming,stygian iron sword(and the screwdriver is sonic!!!)
Appearance:Warm brown eyes,brown hair,perfect white teeth,good build
and tall.
Likes:nice people,reading and PIE!!!
Dislikes:mean people.
Fears/phobias: Acrophobia
A story: will tell later.
Nicknames: Dan
Anything else we need to know: Nothing
Tell me if I can join.
hace más de un año Jasonfan44 said…
"Truth hurts right?"
hace más de un año universalpowa said…
"Tom, why are you so mean!" D:
if you keep saying stuff like that, your gonna end up with the stolls. O_O
MEh, i have to find someone now. xDDD