People have been asking me to write what the story is all about and I'll give it a try. I can't reveal too much yet. I've already registered my story at the Writer's Guild Europe, it's not about being scared of it being stolen - it's just because I don't want to give away too much and spoil the fun of reading.

But here goes nothing:

What if your destiny was written and there was no way to change it? Would tu go on and accept it? o would tu try and fight the inevitable? 3977 years after the Great Change in 2012 AD twelve people are forced to travel the world together and prepare it for the war that is near. They have bound their lives to stopping a man who wants to take over the planet. Most of them think they are doing the right thing - protecting their earth from doom. Until they figure out the line between right and wrong is very, very thin.

Book 1 will be dedicated to the history of this earth. It'll explain why some people in 3977 AGC can control elements. "Book 1: Ager" will reveal what "the golden heart" is and what soul mates are. And most importantly you'll be introduced to the heroes. Read of friendships forming and a romance so wonderful yet heartbreakingly real and anything but perfect. My approach to escritura a romantic relationship is very different. I try to reach the deepest emotions of my readers instead of focusing on superficial feelings. I hope you'll be taken in por it!

Thank tu for lectura =)