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la elección de los fans: Ulquiorra
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demondude2500 dicho …
I'm actually thinking of creating my own espada character o maybe a fraccion depending how strong I see myself publicado hace más de un año
Sasunaru120 dicho …
I amor all the Espada they are all so awesome even if I am a big fan of naruto I think the Espada are stronger than Akatsuki.I like all Espada except the one who made Kaien Shiba a monster and because of that Rukia killed him,IF I FOUND HIM IN REAL LIFE NOT COSPLAY BUT REAL HE WILL PAY FOR MAKING KAIEN SHIBA A MONSTER.If kain shiba will not have die the anime will have been más interesting but because of that stupid Espada who kill him. publicado hace más de un año
Sasunaru120 comentó…
but its the story I cannot do anything hace más de un año
TailsDollFriend comentó…
I guess I'd have to agree that the Espada are stronger than us Akatsuki... But that's okay 'cause I like the Espada as well. And this summer, I shall be cosplaying as Nnoitora Gilga, the membrillo, fiesta de quince Espada un. (nuV) hace más de un año
suukifox dicho …
ulquiorra is my all time favorite!!! X3 publicado hace más de un año
suukifox comentó…
and the other espadas are also cool hace más de un año
claric3 comentó…
ikr. He is awsome!! hace más de un año
Sasunaru120 comentó…
me too hace más de un año